Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Itti si Hansi.. Itti si Khushi

"Itti si hasi, itti si khushi, itta sa tukda chaand ka"
If I say that I'm crazy about this song, it would be an understatement.. I could not let the lyrics off my mind for a month..The reason why I love the song so much is that it reminds me of those small joys of life, those little things that make us smile, that remain unnoticed by us, most of the time, that make us feel that we really don't need big reasons to feel that life is beautiful, all we need is happy moments with small yet great sources of happiness!

Who doesn't feel happy when India wins a match? CWC 2011 wasn't less than a festival for the whole country and the celebration continued for weeks!
Think of those moments when you think of some good old moments and start smiling, when you are with your friends and even the simplest of conversations make you laugh out loud! Don't you feel happy when someone does something just to give you a sweet surprise, just to make you feel special?
For a crazy music lover like me, sometimes, even a song is more than enough to make me happy, to get me high! I keep singing, whistling n humming all the time, and I always have a broad smile on my face, whenever a song is on my mind.
First rain showers of the season..playing with a baby and watching him or her smile at you, holding your finger..receiving naughty, romantic texts from someone and blushing..finding money in pockets of an old shirt or getting free gift vouchers..receiving compliments or listening to simple words of appreciation or praise from people around you, unexpectedly!

I can go on and on with this random list..As the song goes, "dabe dabe paon se, aaye haule haule zindagi", you never know when life would come up with something or someone who makes you smile, you just need to cherish all those moments, the presence of all those people! And, therefore, I respect all festivals and special occasions, birthdays and anniversaries!

Almost all of us must have received "This Diwali, spread happiness" messages from our friends today.. All of us must have exchanged gifts, sweets, chocolates, what not! No other festival comes up with such extravagant expenditure like Diwali does..But, while we spend thousands buying sweets and dry fruits that actually go wasted, while we spend money for crackers that give us nothing more than noise and pollution, there are kids who beg for some food outside the same temples where we go to light candles and diyas..While we decorate our houses, while we get dressed in the best of our traditional clothes, there are rag pickers who wear torn clothes and search for food in garbage..

They say, the best source of happiness is to see a smiling face and know that you are the reason behind the smile! Why don't we celebrate this Diwali trying to give "Itti si hansi.. itti si khushi" to all these kids! While we keep spending money for crackers and sweets and clothes every year, why can't we buy toys and chocolates for kids? Trust me, nothing else can be a better way to celebrate the festival..

From the past half an hour, this blog post was a source of happiness for me! And, I have decided that when I'll go out to a gurudwara or a temple to light candles, I would definitely buy sweets and chocolates for kids there!
For the best way to find "itti si hansi.. itti si khushi" for yourself, is to give the same to someone who really needs it!

A very happy Diwali to all readers! Stay safe, stay happy!

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Friday, October 12, 2012

From 'Hello Dilli' to 'Kasakai Pune'

After a long long break, it feels really great to be back to blogging.. The past 50 odd days of my life were all about a new phase, a phase of life away from home, away from internet and blogs, exploring new places, new people, new languages..I can go on writing about it all, describing a plethora of emotions, but this blog particularly talks of the city where my second home is, the city that brought a new phase, a drastic change into my life, Pune, Pune (Pimpri Chinchwad) to be precise!

You know you are living in Pune when:
  • Every other area of the city has a hopelessly weird name.. Chinchwad, Pimpri, Nigdi, Chikhli, Talwade, Kondhwa, Wakad etc to name a few.. Trust me when I say this, some of them actually sound like swear words.. “Bhosri” tops the list.. Imagine speaking this out, “Bhosri mein jane ka hai”.. For one moment, you would actually feel that you are abusing someone!
  • Wherever you go, you’ll find manufacturing firms, plants, IT sector companies, ABC companies, XYZ companies.. In short, this place is a hub for all engineers and MBAs.. You will find young people all around and this is what makes this city so lively!
  • On every fucking road, after every 100 odd meters, you will find a hoarding/board that says, 1BHK, 2BHK flats for rent..You will find the same advertisement during commercial breaks of all radio shows..
  • The most lovable thing about this city is the incredible weather..Your day would start with the sun shining bright, you’ll find clouds and clouds in the afternoon and you’ll be blessed with “halki halki barish and tez hawa” in the evening..You might keep on walking and you would not get tired at all..You would feel like going out for a long drive, singing out loud, you would discover how weather can affect your mood.. Now that the rainy season is over, I really miss those early September days.. nevertheless, even the October heat is better than the extreme temperatures at Delhi..
  • Even outlets like McDonalds and Dominos have their signboards in Hindi/Marathi..You'll find funny Marathi signboards on roads that say, "vaahan hallu chala, kaam chalu aahe" (Go slow. Work in progress) but the irony is that only chaat walas and pani puri walas have their list of items written in English, with abbreviations on top of that..Yes, every pani puri wala's long list of snacks has an abbreviated term called S.P.D.P. included in it, which stands for Sev Puri Dahi Puri..
  • Almost half the girls of the city walk with their hair, their face totally covered with a Dupatta..I took a week to understand the logic behind this.. Unfortunately, air pollution is a major problem in the city, and apparently, the most noticeable consequence of the same is hair fall.. Girls are forced to adopt the daakoo style.. Sigh! 
  • Even if you are a hard core Delhite, even if you do not know how to speak in Marathi, you develop a tendency to talk in the Marathi-ish tone..Phrases like 'barabar hai', 'aane ka hai', 'jaane ka hai' become a part and parcel of your vocabulary..
  •  If you take a direct auto from one place to another, you’ll have to spend 200 bucks, while if you change 3 shared autos for the same distance, it will cost only 15 odd rupees..The same shared autos would never agree to take you to the place directly even if you offer them more than 100 rupees..
  • When you come to Pune from a place like Delhi, all of a sudden, you taste freedom that you could never even imagine.. No matter what you wear, no matter at what time you go out, you would always feel safe, nobody would even stare or look at you, leave alone eve teasing.. For this very reason, I not only love this city, I actually respect its people.. Sometimes, I feel like settling into this city forever..Jai Maharashtra!!

Pune has been an awesome place so far and no matter how much I like Pune as a city, whenever I have to travel in shared autos and six seaters, I miss Delhi Metro badly.. I miss metro stations, I miss Cannaught Place, Kashmere Gate, I miss the way I used to read novels, observe people in metro trains.. 
When I say, "My name is Sonia and I am from Delhi", people can never attach any religion, any language, any caste or community to my identity, and this happens to be the best part of being a Delhite! I miss that feeling when people attach religions/communities/languages to different places..
Whenever I have to eat tasteless food at office, I badly miss Delhi’s unbeatable awesome food and above all I miss mom ke hath ka khana.. I miss Delhi’s style..I miss my college, I miss my home! 

Dilli Meri jaan, I will be back soon! 

This is a new chapter, a new life for me..


Guys do check out this link here..

Every city is special, and the house where we live in is even more special.. I am in love with my new house in Pune..It is my second home..On that note, do check out this video from housing.com


Next blog soon! 

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

अनजाने सफ़र का नया मोड़

जानी पहचानी सी है फिर भी अनजानी सी,
रोज़ाना लिखती है इक नयी कहानी सी..
कहने को हमारी है ये ज़िन्दगी,
मगर इसपे हमारा इख्तियार कहाँ..
कहते हैं एक सफ़र  है ज़िन्दगी,
किसे मालूम इसका नया मोड़  है कहाँ ..

चलता है यूँ कारवाँ  ज़िन्दगी का,
मुसाफिर ही न जाने कि मंज़िल है कहाँ..
कहीं बंद किवाड़े, कहीं रास्ते मिलते हैं,
बहता है यूँ बहर ज़िन्दगी का,
कश्ती ही न जाने कि साहिल है कहाँ..
कभी तूफ़ान आते हैं, कभी किनारे मिलते हैं..

न मालूम है आने वाले पल का वाक़िया,
न जाने इस नए सफ़र में होना है क्या..
बे एतबारी है, मगर ख़ुशी की  है इक उम्मीद सी,
जोश है, जूनून है, तो थोड़ी उदासी भी है ख़ुशामदीद सी..

फ़लसफ़ा ज़िन्दगी का यूँ तय किया हमने,
कि बे ऐतबारी में भी सुकून की उम्मीद करते हैं हम,
कि अनजाने सफ़र में भी मंज़िल को टटोलते हैं हम..
जहाँ चाहे ले जाये ज़िन्दगी का सफ़र,
चलते चलते उसके हर रास्ते को माशीयत समझ,
इस सफ़र का हर नया मोड़ तस्लीम करते हैं हम..

I had written this poem while I was waiting for some answers, trying to deal with uncertainty, for its funny how the unknown, the uncertain is often the reason behind so many human emotions- Curiosity, anxiety, excitement, worry, fear, insecurity and in most of the cases a combination of all these !
Now that I'm posting this poem, ..I feel that while a new journey is about to begin, you should go with the flow, let your heart guide you, let your faith support you, let the fear of uncertainty turn into excitement and zeal..
Uncertainty (be aetbaari ) in life does exist even now, but so does the patience to wait and the hope, the belief that whatever will happen, would be for the better !!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Still Blaming Your Life n Luck??

Before I commence with the post, let me share a quote..

"Happy moments, praise God.. Difficult moments, seek God.. Quiet moments, worship God.. Painful moments, trust God..Every Moment, Thank God.."
This is a very popular quote, with around 300k likes on facebook..You all might say that you like it, but then, ask yourself, why do we blame our life and luck for every small thing that goes wrong? Even if you are an atheist, even if you think that the entire concept of the existence of God is pointless and illogical, simply ask yourself,  "Am I not lucky? Why shouldn't I thank goodness, thank my stars for being happy? And if you do not believe in destiny or luck, if you believe in karma, why do you conclude that your life isn't good when things don't go your way?"

I had written a 55 fiction blog with the same title once, and a discussion about "people with mental and physical disabilities" made me feel that I am not only lucky, I am blessed, blessed with life and liveliness, and here is a list of reasons why I feel so :
  • While I can enjoy the luxury of sitting in an air-conditioned room and writing a blog, there are many kids who would never be able to read or write, not because they are underprivileged, but because they cannot even sit or talk or listen, because they were born with an incurable physical deformity..
  • While I admire nature and its beauty, while I enjoy looking at the moon, the sky, the rains, there are hundreds of blind men and women, who cannot experience the same..
  • While we all talk of women and their rights, there are some mentally challenged girls who are molested, raped by their own relatives and unfortunately, in cases where they become pregnant, they are blamed and disowned by the families..They are thrown into mental hospitals and shelter homes so that they can survive somehow and those inhuman criminals who abused them continue to live freely..
  • While we crib about breakups, lost friendships and misunderstandings, there are many kids who need artificial limbs to survive, people who look really ugly or unusual because of horrible, rare diseases and as far as the mentally sick kids are concerned, they are actually treated as a threat, as a danger, people feel afraid of them..Observe how their mothers cry looking at their faces, and you'll realize, being a normal kid is being lucky in itself..
  • While I write blogs/read novels/watch movies about life and philosophy, there are hundreds for whom, surviving itself is a struggle..hundreds who are going through a lifeless life, in such a critical state that their own family members pray for their death..Imagining what they go through, scares the hell out of me..
And when you read this blog, please don't feel pity for all these people..People with physical or mental disabilities need your love, care, affection and support..You need not sympathize, but you ought to empathize..The next time you see a pregnant teenager, for God's sake do not call her a slut, she could be a rape victim..The next time you see a child with a disability, instead of feeling pity for him, feeling scared or sad, go and play with him, or simply give him/her a hug!
I have decided that I will celebrate every special occasion of my life, every festival distributing sweets and toys to kids in orphanages and asylums.. Mind you, this is not social service, this is for my own contentment..Believe me when I say this, the biggest source of happiness is to know that you are the reason behind someone's smiles..

Now, the main purpose of writing this blog is to make myself and others realize that no matter how tough situations may be, at every point of time, we ought to know that self-pity is absolutely useless and cursing our life or luck solves no purpose other than making us weaker..Here goes a second list, a list of people who can always inspire you :

  • Nick Vujicic, the famous preacher and motivational speaker who was born with no legs and no arms wrote a book called "Life Without Limits".. He is an inspiration for millions today, I actually wanted to write a complete blog about him..these words by him, say it all, “I believe in a God who can do all things, but if He chooses not to give me arms and legs, I know it's for the better. And I may not understand it, but all I need to know is that He's going to carry me through, that there is a purpose for it.”
  • Sudha Chandran, Natalia Patryka, Helen Keller, Stephen Hawking.. these names do not need any introduction, even they had an obstacle of a deformity, a disability..yet they achieved what people with perfect health aren't able to..
  • A blind girl works at my dad's office..She is a great singer, so lively, so bubbly, so sanguine that its almost unbelievable for everyone..All of us meet such people, you may feel pity for the hardships they face, you may feel inspired by their spirit, choice is yours !!
And to sum up, this is what the year 2012 has taught me, sharing an old status update here :

Above sadness and happiness, there exists a virtue of goodness, governed by acceptance and patience..People walk away because whenever someone leaves, someone else is about to arrive..You feel hurt so that you can learn to let go, people do not put in efforts to get you back so that you can experience that your life is equally beautiful without them..You fail to crack an exam because someone else had worked harder than you, and if you had actually struggled, you would get more than what you expect,in some way or the other,unexpectedly..Your family members face serious health problems so that you can realize the importance of faith in God..No matter what you go through, you are definitely doing better than many others, and therefore, there must be no space for self-pity in your life..After every tough phase, you would see how perfectly and beautifully life moves on.. And there's one n only one style that's perfect, that style is to smile, to smile and be thankful to God, to your parents, to everyone who ever made you smile, to smile and live every moment to the fullest, to smile and celebrate life!

Cheers !!

P.S. Do check out this link here.
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Sensual Songs & Musical Seductions

Ever wondered what can be mesmerizing, surreal, soft, sweet, soothing, sensuous, erotic, crazy, loud, sexy, classy, emotionally arousing at the same time? There's one and only one answer- music !!
And when I say I can't live without it, I really mean it ! My day starts with a song daily (I love to call it 'Song of the Day').. I can keep on talking about my favorite songs for hours!!
And as far as genres are concerned, right from old Hindi songs to romantic English tracks..right from appreciating nature's beauty via awesome lyrics like "Kaisi hai ye rut" to dancing madly to the beats of foot tapping Punjabi songs..right from sad songs to the ones that get you high..I enjoy everything..but I personally believe that nothing can be more alluring than seductive songs for they appeal to your senses in a way that can't be described in words and I really love most of the songs of the genre..Here goes a list of the top 8 Hindi seductive songs!! Hope you enjoy it !!

#8 Aur Ho - Rockstar

Click here to download 
While I'm writing this blog, I'm listening to the song simultaneously, and falling in love with Mohit Chauhan's magical voice all over again..Check out the lyrics here..
"Ras hasrat ka nichod doon.. kass baahon me aa todh doon" This song describes longing and craving for someone at its best..The bebasi, the burning desire, the passion, the sighs make it a real seductive track..Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri add to the sensuality of the video..Hats off to every artist who was involved in making this song.. In one word, it really is "surreal"

#7 Aa ja piya tohe pyar doon 
Listen to the original track by Lata Mangeshkar here  and this is the link to the lyrics 
"jal chuke hain badan kai piya isi aag me, thake hue in hathon ko de de mere hathon me" 
Perhaps real satisfaction and pleasure lies in giving the same to someone and this is what makes this song so unique and so beautiful, so sensuous yet so pure..The theme of the song isn't 'you are all mine', it is, 'I'm all yours'..More than seduction, it talks of love, care and affection..The original video stars Rajesh Khanna and Asha Parekh but I wasn't able to upload it, and I didn't want to share any remix..

#6 Bedardi Raja 
 Listen to the song here .. I'm not sharing the video for I don't really like it..
Undoubtedly, the best part of the song is the wonderful desi lyrics and Sona Mohapatra's unique voice adds on to the flavor! "Rom rom daude re bijli, marode kalai jab tu, marode kalai" 
Her voice, her expression and her style completely lived up to the feel of the song and the seductiveness of the lyrics! "Bedardi raja, jara paas toh aa ja" Amazing track!

#5 Aao Na, gale lagao na 

Asha Bhosle's voice is absolutely superb, no wonder people call her an Enchantress..
"Tumne jo agan lagayi hai, wo chhoo ke dekho na, kahan kahan.. Dekho, seene me kaisi hulchul machi hai, o saajna" 
This is what you call a flawless song with perfect lyrics..The theme itself is so seductive, with great music by PanchamDa..Helen looks totally sexy in the video

#4 Jaadu hai, nasha hai 

Click here to download and listen 
I am in love with Shreya Ghoshal's voice, I am in love with lyrics, I am in love with the song!
Bipasha Basu looks really hot in the video, and the line "Dekhti hain jiss tarah se, teri nazrein mujhe.. main khud ko chhupaun kahaan" says it all..
I can't find words to describe how sensuous, how exhilarating this song is! Goes without saying, it is magical and intoxicating, jaadu hai, nasha hai !

#3 Tip Tip Barsa Pani 

You may forget the song, you may forget the lyrics, but you can never forget the video, the rain dance and Raveena Tondon's sari !!  She looks super hot in the wet yellow sari.. Her dance, her sexy attire and the lyrics, "teri yaad aayi toh jal utha mera bheega badan".. Seriously, as far as this song is concerned, pani ne waqai me aag laga di.. The music gets you high and the video gets you higher! Enjoy the song, check out the lyrics here 

#2 Raat Akeli Hai, Bujh Gaye Diye 

People may call Asha Bhosle 'The Enchantress'.. I call her 'The Queen of Sensuous & Seductive Songs'
Her voice is mesmerizing, intoxicating, captivating and what not! It gets you high, it really does..I start singing this song, I try n feel it, try n enjoy it, and I actually start acting as if I'm drunk !! That's the impact of the song! "Tum aaj mere liye ruk jao, rut bhi hai fursat bhi hai..Tumhe na ho na sahi, mujhe tumse mohabbat hai, mohabbat ki ijazat hai, toh chup kyun rahiye, jo bhi chahe kahiye" 
I can never forget these lines, for this song is a timeless classic !

#1 Roop Tera Mastana, Pyar Mera Deewana 

No matter what, this song is unbeatable, it was/is/will be the most seductive song in the history of Indian music! I swear I can write a complete blog about it.. First of all, Kishore Kumar's voice is matchless, he sang it so beautifully that right after the song starts, you begin to enjoy the feeling.. Secondly, S D Burman's music is like a treat to your senses..The lyrics is completely seductive..Check it out here..Everything about the video is awesome, the fire, the rain, the expressions, the mood, the chemistry!!
Sharmila Tagore looks sexy, and of course, no other actor could have performed it better than Rajesh Khanna! Some songs are unforgettable for all generations, this song is one of them!
Click here to download and listen 

Three out of eight songs were picturised on Rajesh Khanna..And its very unfortunate that Roop Tera Mastana's hero is no more! He was not only the first superstar of Bollywood, he was a charismatic personality, the king of romance, the heartthrob.. He gave us so many movies full of life, so many unforgettable songs, so many wonderful performances..This blog would have been incomplete without this tribute..May his soul rest in peace! But as they say, the show must go on, we continue to listen to his songs, watch his movies and smile!! 

Many songs fall in the same category. The list would always remain incomplete. Some other sensual songs that I really like are Bheege Honth Tere, Zara Zara Mehekte hai, Baahon mein chale aao, baahon ke darmiyaan, lag ja gale and many more!! Please suggest similar songs, feel free to post any kinda comments!

A sincere and humble request.. please do not attach words like cheap, vulgar, offensive to the words seductive and sensuous..Music, in itself, is so pure that it should never be associated with such adjectives.. It makes you happy, it heals you! Sensuality and seductiveness is just another genre, I really like it and therefore, I wrote this post about my favorite songs from the category! Enjoy the music! Cheers!!


A Crazy Music Lover !! 
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

बेबाक दिल की तमन्ना है

हुई  मुद्दत  कि  इज़्तिराब  में  जी  रहे  थे  हम,
तस्व्वुर  में  सुकून-ओ-सबात  देखते  थे  हम,
बेचैन  दिल  की  तमन्ना  है,
तसव्वुफ़  में  ज़िन्दगी  गुज़ार  दे  दिल..

कहते  हैं  तकदीर  से  बनती  है  ज़िन्दगी,
कभी  अब्र  से  अश्क  बरसाती  है,
जो  कभी  तकदीर  बदले  तो
इत्मीनान  की  इनायत  देती  है  ज़िन्दगी..

दिल  ने  कहा  खुद  पे  यकीन  कर  लो,
दिल  ने  कहा  माशीयत  को  कुबूल  कर  लो,
ज़िन्दगी  मुस्कुराना  सिखा  देगी,
ज़ख्म-ए-ग़म  देने  से  पहले..
बेख़ौफ़  दिल  की  तमन्ना  है,
क़िस्मत  से  लड़  गुज़रे  दिल..

किसी  शायर  की  शायरी  में,
किसी  मुसन्निफ़  की  हिकायत  में,
दिल  को  तलाश  है,
दिल  से  इत्तेफाक़  हो  मज़मून  उस  मक्तूब  का,
बेनज़ीर  दिल  की  तमन्ना  है,
दिल  की  दास्ताँ  को  बयान  कर  दे  दिल..

बेकसी  का  मुअम्मा  हल  करने  चला  था  क़ाफ़िर,
खुदा  की  वज़्म  में  जाना  कुव्वत-ए-यकीन  क्या  है,
बेबाक  दिल  की  तमन्ना  है,
दिल  ये  जाने  कि  तसव्वुफ़  में  कैसा  होता  है  हाल-ए-दिल..

This poem talks about "Tasavvuf" ..  Tasavvuf is the path of Sufi-ism, that is based on Ishq-e-haqiqi (love of God)
The line.. "tere ishq me bhi jo bhi doob gaya, use duniya ki lehron se darna kya" describes sufi-ism completely..

It is difficult to explain the exact meaning of the word, for different people interpret it in different ways..This is my interpretation..
Tasavvuf is known as the inner, spiritual dimension of Sufi-ism, where 'ibadat' and 'ishq' mean the same.. when you feel connected to God and explore eternal happiness.. When you are in love with the divine, the supreme, you do not fear anything, you get rid of all apprehensions, all worries, forever..
I, being an agnostic, believe that spirituality must not be linked with any particular religion, tasavvuf is a path that enables one to discover the essence of his/her being and I really wish to know more about it..

This poem was an attempt to express how I wish to explore Tasavvuf !
All kinda comments about the poem, tasavvuf, about sufism are most welcome!
Cheers !!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beauty is Confidence.. Confidence is Beauty


Ananya and Kinshuk were sitting on the ground with folded legs, pulling up the grass, looking at the sky, day dreaming, looking at each other, smiling.. Sometimes, silence mesmerizes you, for memories captivate your thoughts..
And, Kinshuk said..

"Anu, you know, that was the place where I saw you for the first time, the coffee shop.."
"Yeah, and I also remember the conversation we had, word-by-word.. It was hilarious.. The first thing that I had noticed about you was your sense of humor"
"I know! I know! All girls are mad about my sense of humor! Nothing new!"
"Shut up!"
"Hey Anu! I can have a bet that you've no clue about the first thing that I had noticed about you! "
"Oh..Really! What was it? Lemme guess! Must be my simplicity!"
"Well, I admire your simplicity..I feel that its something that defines you..But that's not the right answer to my question.."
"What was it Kinshi? Tell me now! At least give me a hint!"
"Ohk..It is something that everyone must have noticed about you, just like your simplicity!"
"You were right! I'm not getting what you're talking about! What was it? I wanna know..I'm curious now"
" When I saw you for the first time, I noticed that there was something amazing about your face, and that was your confidence..the confidence that I see whenever I look into your eyes, that makes you look so beautiful, that makes everything perfect for you, for me, for us..that drives me crazy about this crazy girl called Ananya Verma! "
"You render me speechless, Kinshuk Sarkar.. I dunno what to say!"

And the two pairs of eyes met again.. The silence was much more enthralling now..

Ananya could not stop thinking about those words..People around her always admired her confidence..She was not only invincibly sanguine, but also a girl who preached about self-love and self-belief, a girl who was an inspiration for those who do not love themselves..But then, she kept asking herself, "Is it Kinshi's love for me that makes him feel so or is it actually my confidence that makes me look beautiful? What exactly makes a girl, a woman, beautiful?"

With the last line of the fictitious conversation, commences the real blog.. What exactly makes a girl, a woman beautiful?

If you talk of a body with perfect curves, a flawless figure, the word is not beautiful, the word is hot or sexy.. If you talk of a sweet smile, chubby cheeks, the word is not beautiful, the word is bubbly or cute..
If you talk of great dressing sense with perfect accessories, the word is smart or stylish..
If you talk of make up and hair styling, the word is pretty..
However, all these women might be beautiful, but these aren't answers to the question, what exactly makes a girl, a woman beautiful? 

When a girl child asks endless cute questions from her father, its her innocence that makes her beautiful..
When a girl says to her best friend, "Don't worry, I'll take care of everything..Smile now!".. its her care that makes her beautiful..
When a girl falls in love, its the ecstasy and magic of love that makes her beautiful..
When a woman gives birth to a baby and takes him in her hands for the first time, it makes her feel that her child completes her, and perhaps, this feeling makes her beautiful..
When a woman makes sacrifices and compromises for her family, and even then, she smiles, its her selflessness that makes her beautiful..
Its her courage, her benevolence, her tolerance, her strength that makes her beautiful..

If you ask me to define beauty.. I really cannot do that, for beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.. but I do know that, in some way or the other, every girl is beautiful, every woman is adorable..

Part- III 

This blog is not about physical appearance vs inner beauty..The reason why I'm writing this post is that some women have actually lost their confidence, the eternal beauty, for they desperately wish to be "physically appealing"..
Yes, I feel pity for those girls who suffer from an inferiority complex, who envy the ones who look better than them.. At the same time, I feel that the ones who live with vanity and narcissism are merely arrogant fools, for physical appeal is always short-lived, unlike self-confidence.. No matter how great you look, if you feel disappointed when you receive less facebook comments and likes on your pictures, if your confidence level is dependent on the number of compliments you receive, if you like to dress up like what others expect, rather than the way you like to see yourself, I pity you ! Above all, I pity girls who have lost their confidence after a guy dumped them for a so-called hot chick, for beauty is not about what he thinks or he likes, its about what you feel about yourself.. 

You may go to a parlor for make up, you may go to a gym for weight loss, you may feel great when you receive compliments, you may try endless beauty products and beauty treatments, you may have a complete makeover, but nothing at all can inculcate the confidence in you, the way you yourself can.. And confidence is something that adds on to your beauty like nothing else does..

Confidence is the first postulate of what we call style..You cannot be a stylish person if you follow what others do, a style statement is something that uniquely identifies you!
With your head held up high, with perfect optimism and self-belief in your mind and heart, being confident about who you are, what you are and what you can do, is the secret to eternal beauty..Yes, there is no beauty that is attractive without confidence..
When you feel confident, you are not only more beautiful, but also you radiate the beauty, you make the whole world around you beautiful.. You mesmerize, you influence, you shine, you rule!

So, always smile and make the whole world smile with you!
Cheers !!!

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Monday, April 23, 2012


[ This is my version of the "Date a Guy Who.. " series ! Famous blog posts from the series include "Date a Guy who Writes", "Date a Guy Who Reads" and "Date a Guy Who Loves Music"...]

Unlike reading and writing, observing is not a hobby..It is an observer's natural ability, a part and parcel of his basic instincts..Observation, in philosophical terms, is not at all similar to introspection or retrospection.. It is a timeless and dynamic process of continuous learning, that always helps one to live in the present..A real observer beholds things that others cannot even notice, perceives things that others cannot even imagine..And, therefore, observers among both men and women are rare.. Goes without saying, you're lucky if you find one..So, lets start with the blog, based on an observer's random observations! 


Date a guy who not only tells you how beautiful you are, but tells you what exactly what makes you beautiful.. Yes, he would notice something new about you everyday..He would tell you about things that distinguish you from all other girls around you, things about you that you might have never noticed yourself !
He would love you for who you are and not for how you look! Right from your simplicity to your confidence, right from your intelligence to your madness, he would admire everything about you..Right from your weird traits to your idiotic mood swings, he would not only observe it all, but also understand you, understand things about you that no one else does..

He observes, he listens, he learns, he explores, he visualizes, he wants to know more ! This makes him a sensible person and trust me when I say this, you might have met a lot of intelligent guys, but sensible guys are rare ! He would notice the pain in your eyes when the whole world believes that your fake smile means that you're happy..Share your problems with him, speak your heart out, he would listen with an incredible patience, and always come up with a solution..

Never lie to him, because you simply cannot afford to do that ! But the best way to irritate him is to pretend that you're hiding something.. No matter how sensible or how intelligent he is, curiosity is his biggest weakness! Tell him that someone else knows you better than what he does, tell him that there is a secret that you cannot share with him, and he would go crazy out of curiosity, out of envy..Yes, he envies all those guys (and even girls) who know things about you that he does not, who talk to you more than what he does..Try to play pranks with him and he would pretend that he knows nothing, while he knows everything.. Yes, observers actually pretend their ignorance just to see that smile on your face, and this is, perhaps, the cutest thing about them!

Date a guy who observes because he flirts in a really unique style! He won't ever use the cliched filmy dialogues and fake promises to impress you..But if you look at yourself through his eyes, you would be flattered, for whatever he says, he says out of his own observations, and therefore, he means it!
He won't write typical romantic poems on your birthday, but he would write long notes that exclusively talk about you and every small thing about you that he finds funny, that he finds cute, that he finds awesome! His sense of humor is also an outcome of his brilliant observation skills and wits, he would make you laugh, he would come up with cute nicknames almost daily..
He does not believe in fairy tale romance, but he happens to be a romantic guy..His style of romance is, however, really different..Get naughty with him and he would get naughtier, act like a kid and he would pamper you.. Irrespective of your mood, he would always get to know what you want, for observation is timeless, and he always has the urge to know you, to know what you feel and what you desire..

He loves surprises.. He likes intelligent girls.. He loves intellectual conversations..His behavior might seem to be idiosyncratic at times, but you would start enjoying his idiotic side as well.. Listen to him, talk about anything and everything under the sun, share your views about things that interest him.. He would easily forgive you even if you are at your worst, but you should never doubt him! He expects you to have faith in him and nothing would hurt him more than seeing doubt in your eyes.. There is no place for over-possessiveness, suspicions and insecurities in your life for you are dating an observer, for you are blessed to have him and he deserves to be trusted !

Date a guy who observes because you deserve it ! You deserve someone who knows you and understands you well..You deserve someone who loves you the way you are..You deserve someone who means what he says.. You deserve a guy who knows the worst of the things about you, but genuinely admires you, and above all, date a guy who observes because, "Love is, when someone gradually takes you to who you are, rather than what he wants you to be"
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Sunday, April 8, 2012


[ This post is a medium to vehemently protest against something that happens to be totally outrageous and unfair.. You may call me a feminist and I don't care if you use adjectives like blatant, blunt or offensive to describe this blog, for even if some people realize what I wish to convey, I will be really satisfied as a writer, and more importantly, as a girl..]

A tenth standard student gang-raped in Noida

While there was a wave of rage throughout NCR, while UP Women's Panel issued notice against Noida police for revealing the victim's identity, the case also became a subject of gossip and meaningless criticism, and, surprisingly, the criticism was not against the rapists, it was against the victim !
Yes, I myself heard people around me say, "This was bound to happen..Such girls deserve this" ..I find it incomprehensibly difficult to describe my reaction to these absurd statements.. She deserved it ?? She deserved it just because she went out for a birthday party with five guys at night, and she was supposedly drunk when they raped her? How the hell could people forget that she had been brutally assaulted, that she has lost her dignity, her freedom to live peacefully, her happiness, forever !!
We live in a society where people love to blame the victim !! No one noticed that she was raped because someone raped her, but everyone did notice that she went out with men at night and she was drunk !

This is what cops in India have to say about rape cases.. Atrocious, shameful and unbelievable statements (Courtesy : Today's TOI, City Page)
" Ye ladkiyan peeti hain aur aapke saath sex bhi karti hain, jis din koi thok dega, rape ho jayega" (These girls drink and also have sex with you. The day somebody uses force, it becomes rape)
Aasaan nahi hota uske liye. Beizzati se sabhi darti hain. Asliyat me yahan wahi aati hain jo dhandhe me lipt hoti hain" ( Its never easy for the victim to report rape. Everyone is scared of humiliation. In reality, the ones who complain are only those who have turned rape into a business)
Will these cops come up with the same statements if the same thing happens to their daughters? How can they be so insensitive?

This blog is not only about the Noida rape case's victim, this blog is about every girl who is blamed for being a victim..
She went out for an evening walk, two men on bike came, hit her on her back and ran away even before she realized what had happened.. She went back home, she was scared, she told her mother..She was expecting her mother to abuse those eve teasers, but she scolded her own daughter.. and she was BLAMED for wearing a sleeveless top and a skirt, and asked not to wear the same again..This is, perhaps, the story of every Indian girl.. Yes, she is the VICTIM.. She is a victim of circumstances, she is a victim of the Indian society and Indian culture..she is a victim of the eve teasers..She feels scared for she knows that her city is unsafe for women..She feels violated when someone tries to hit her or touch her..She feels humiliated when men stare at her and her assets..She feels disgusted when her family tells her that its unsafe to go out to market alone at night..

When? When will you stop blaming her? When will you stop blaming all those women who get raped, who are living a lifeless life, full of humiliation, devoid of dignity, devoid of happiness?
Does a woman deserve to be raped just because she drinks? People say that its justified if guys drink, girls should not drink because its morally, ethically wrong.. Why are morals and ethics different for girls and guys?
They say that women wearing skimpy and transparent outfits, flaunt their bodies, and this is bound to attract and provoke any man at all.. But does that give them the right to rape her, to assault her, to spoil her life?
They talk of the so-called Indian culture.. Its against the Indian culture to wear skimpy clothes, its against the Indian culture to drink..If at all the Indian culture says that a woman who drinks is a "sex object" and men have the right to rape her, if at all the Indian culture says that someone who wears a mini skirt is a slut, I feel ashamed of it..I find it ridiculous as well as sick..How the hell can people justify those mother-f***ers and criminals who rape women? Isn't that against culture, against humanity? Perhaps this is the first postulate of the male dominant society in India, one always blames women for anything at all that goes wrong..

For God's sake, stop !! Stop blaming her ! Stop blaming her for wearing sleeveless tops and mini skirts if eve teasers comment on her, for she is the victim ! Stop blaming her when you watch her MMS clips, for someone else had morphed her pictures, and she is the victim.. Stop blaming her for wearing skimpy clothes, because no matter what she wears, she will always be a "sex object" for the rapists..I had watched a prostitute's interview on television, and this is what she had to say about rape cases in India , "Had there been no prostitutes, the number of rape cases would start increasing at an alarming rate"..This says it all..
She is sexually abused, harassed, blackmailed..She feels scared, she does not have the right to be free.. She is suffering and she is the victim.. Yet, men and women, cops and rapists, society and culture, everyone blames her!

This blog comes as an appeal.. If you really understand and agree,protest, protest and fight against anyone who blames her, anyone who blames the victim.. If you feel that what I wish to convey is right, please share this ! And remember, merely sharing of such pictures and blogs won't solve the purpose, we have to bring a change.. A change in the society, a change that happens to be the need of the hour..And the first step towards this change would be,to change your own mentality, the next time you hear about a rape victim, please do not think of reasons to blame her, do remember that, blaming a victim can never be justified !
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

There is a Way to be Good Again

[ Caution : This is not one of those funny and interesting posts that I write just for the heck of it.. Sometimes, you have to write because you are in dire need of a source to vent out, to seek answers to your questions..]

[Caution : This is not one of those interesting and funny posts that I write just for the heck of it.. Sometimes, you have to write because you are in dire need of a source to vent out your feelings..]

The Syndrome of Guilt
The Syndrome of Guilt
Among all feelings and emotions that exist in this world, that humans can imagine, feel and experience, the worst is, undoubtedly, the awful feeling of guilt..One may or may not realize it, but something that makes it the most hopeless feeling is the fact that getting rid of remorse is harder than getting rid of any other negative feeling..You can conquer and face your fears, you can go for stress busters when you're depressed..Every emotion can be dealt with, but, guilt claws its way out rather easily..This is because of two reasons :

Firstly, all human beings love to play the "Blame Game"..It almost becomes a habit..When someone hurts you and makes you cry,you can blame that jerk..When you're tragedy-stricken, you can blame your luck..When things go wrong in a relationship, you can blame your partner..When you fall ill, you may blame your poor immunity..When you witness something unfair, you blame the society, you blame the government..But when you know that you had been wrong, when you have to face the consequences of what you have done, you despise yourself and the Blame Game doesn't help you at all..
Secondly, as they say, time heals almost everything..Ever wondered why they include the word 'almost' in the sentence, it is simply because even time can not help you in certain cases..Regret is one of those cases..The intensity, the depth and the impact of all other feelings can reduce with time, but guilt haunts you and tortures you the same way, again and again..
And you continue to live with the albatross hanging around your neck..

Forgiving Yourself ?!
To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you" - Lewis Smith
I really really like this quote..I like the overall concept of forgiveness..'Forgive, Forget and be Free', it is a cliche, isn't it? But then, I've felt and realized that this holds true..
But,why do we all talk of forgiving others all the time, when it is so very difficult to forgive ourselves?

Talking about myself, I have forgiven people who had hurt me..There were some people who never cared to apologize..I never understand the reason why they do not suffer from the anxiety and despair that is associated with guilt, but, I either forgave them or somehow ignored it all..As of now, I do not have any grudges against any person, living or dead..But, when I ask myself, "Have you forgiven yourself? Can you forgive yourself or can you simply forget it all and let the guilt go?"..I really don't find an exact answer to the questions..

While I'm writing this blog, my mind is flooded with endless arbitrary thoughts..I would try and put them into concrete words..Yes, I had made mistakes, but life is beyond regrets..I had been stupid, but who isn't? The only thing that affects me the most is that I have made the same mistakes more than just once, even while I knew what I ought to do, I did not..
I would have written more about the plethora of emotions, and suddenly, rather luckily, I found this quote..
And that, I believe, is what true redemption is, when guilt leads to good. - Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner

The word regret itself talks about something that had been, something that you did or did not do in your past..The keyword is past, for whats done cannot be undone..Guilt becomes torturous only and only because we let it be, we do not even think of apologizing to ourselves, leave alone forgiving..If at all we think of ways to repent, guilt might lead to good..And I re-read the title again, a quote from the same novel and the very purpose of writing this fucking long blog.. There is a way to be good again..

I, hereby, forgive myself, taking an oath that I will repent..and this very act marks the beginning of the phase of fervour and enthusiasm..that was, perhaps, lost for a long time..As the Afghans say Zendagi Migzara (Life Goes On), and the phase of guilt comes to an end, and life moves on with a ray of hope, a hope that there is a way to be good again, that guilt will definitely lead to something good, something better than what the past had been..Amen!
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dude, GET A LIFE !!

Its Valentines Day, love is in the air.. People who are in a relationship are happy because they get a chance to celebrate, gift shop owners are happy because they can sell bouquets worth 500 bucks for 5000..But there are some people (read : some guys) who are frustrated and devastated, who feel dejected, gloomy and melancholic.. I dedicate this post to the same very same psychos.. Re-read the title, Dude, GET A LIFE !!

Before I start writing, here is a list of reasons why I'm writing about them :

1. All sick and desperate guys are posting hopelessly boring status updates on facebook, that talk of their frustration, that talk of the fact that they're single..
2. I've been receiving irritating messages by donkeys (Donkeys, according to my blog, GUYS cLASSified), .. Most of them asked the typical questions, "When are you free?", "When can we meet?", "Do you have a boyfriend?" But, one of them actually asked, "Valentines day pe single ladkiyan bhi peeti hain kya..hum log toh devdas ban hi chuke hain..".I mean, how should one react to such sick statements for God's sake!
3. Most of the male students from co-ed engineering colleges keep cribbing about the pathetic sex ratio in their colleges..Some of them also claim that this promotes homosexuality.. Well, they can expect empathy, yes, I can empathize..but why the hell should we sympathize? Recently, I read a blog by a student from IIT Kharagpur, which was written as an appeal to boycott Valentines day, just because it happens to be the reason behind the uncontrollable and incurable depression among students ! People might find it funny, I myself feel that he is a great writer, but the very idea behind his post is the root cause of the way I'm writing this post right now..

Had these guys been like normal and sensible human beings, 14th February would have been just another Tuesday for me, and I would have never written a complete blog about the same..Well, I ask myself, why should I give a shit to the tharkis and the despos? Its simply because, I feel pity.. I pity every other person who cares for them being a friend..

As I say, people, nowadays, have forgotten the meaning of love, forgotten the meaning of relationships, leave alone love..Both guys and girls want a relationship in their life, just for the sake of being committed.. Some guys want a girl in their life, just because they wish to say, "Yes, I have a girlfriend too".. Guys who are blessed to have true girls with them, prefer to be with the so-called better girls (read : hotter and more popular girls), so that they can experience the joy of getting a hunk's title, so that they can make other guys feel envious of them..

Before you start assuming things about me and start forming opinions, let me make things clear.. No, I do NOT hate men..No, I do NOT even hate the desperate guys..Its just that I want some male members of the society to realize that their desperation might just be the initial phase of becoming a frustrated psycho..Period.

If you say that you wish to experience the magic, the beauty, the feeling of being in love, if you wish to experience how awesome it feels when a girl is all yours,..Yes, I can empathize.. But, if you think that guys who hang out with hotter chicks are studs, if you think that your life is fucked up because you don't have a girlfriend.. if you suffer from an "inferiority complex" because you're single..Dude, GET A LIFE !

You might say that a girl can never relate to what a guy goes through, simply because, she cannot realize that a guy's image is dependent on what his relationship status is, on how hot or how cool his girl is.. She cannot realize that each guy is surrounded by similar guys and there is something called peer pressure.. She cannot realize what a guy's life is, because she never faces the hardships involved in 'being a guy'..You might say that, we cannot help it, its testosterone..
All I have to say is that, sensible guys do exist too.. If you think that the above lines hold true, let me tell you, you aren't one of them..

If you're lonely, and you wish to find a person to get rid of the loneliness, and when your search for that person who can 'fill the emptiness' is over, you call it love..No, its not love in the first place..Desperation, frustration, craving for a relationship can never make you feel what true love is..Love will happen when it has to happen to you..
Happiness is a state of mind..So is sadness..The smallest of the things can make you happy, right from a century by your favorite cricketer to watching a nice movie.. But happiness, surely, does not depend upon your relationship status..One feels depressed when one is hurt or betrayed, for we are human beings..But, love and relationships are all about destiny..When destiny has it in store for you, you will be blessed with someone who loves you, someone who truly wishes for your happiness, someone who puts in efforts for your smile..You ought to live your life the way it comes to you..

For all those who still think that their life is screwed up, because they're single, for all those who still can't understand that being single is a hundred times better than being with a wrong person..Once again, I repeat, I know a small blog can never inculcate conscience in a loser.. Dude, GET A LIFE !

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

मुस्कुरा के जी ले तू..

न  मंज़िल  की  तलाश  कर,
न  मोड़  का  खौफ  रख,
दिल  तो  तेरा  आवारा  है
आवारा  ही  रहेगा..
बेपरवाह  बेफिक्र  मुसाफिर,
रस्ते  गलियों  पे  चल  दे  तू..

सफ़र  में  जो  न  बन  सके  हमसफ़र  तेरे,
उनकी  यादों  के  साथ,
सफ़र  अपना  मुक़म्मल  कर  ले  तू..
कि  आखिर  जिंदगानी  है  इक  कारवाँ
मुसाफिर  आते  हैं , मुसाफिर  जाते  हैं..
जो  न  रहे  जुज़्व-ए-ज़िन्दगी,
उनकी  ग़म-ए-जुदाई  में  तन्हाई  क्या..
मदहोशी  में  खुद  को  भुला  कर,
इक  बार  नशे  में  बह  जा  तू,

मिल  के  बिछड़ना  तो  है  दुनिया  का  दस्तूर,
हर  रूह  है  बेचैन , हर  शख्स  है  मजबूर,
एक  बार  कर  ले  जो  तू,
मजबूरियों  को  मंज़ूर,
एक  राहत  तेरे  दर  पे  दस्तक  देगी  तो  ज़रूर..

अहबाब  न  रहे  जो  तेरे  हयात  में,
तू  खुद  ही  खुद  का  हबीब  है,
महफ़िल  में  ख़ुशी  न  मिली,
तो  खल्वत  का  सुकून  ही  सही,
खुशियाँ  तेरी  मुख़्तसर  ही  सही,
मुस्कुरा  के  जी  ले  तू..

हर  खता  को  बक्श  दे,
बाशुक्रिया  हर  इनायत  को  कुबूल  कर,
पूरी  कायनात  तेरे  सदके  में  सर  झुकाएगी,
एक  बार  ये  ज़हमत  कर  ले  तू..
हर  शिकवे  को  भुला  कर,
मुस्कुरा  के  जी  ले  तू..
खुदा की  रहमत  होगी  तुझपे  जो,
इक  बार  इबादत  कर  ले  तू..

[This is just a random poem.. I had written it while travelling once.. I just re-read it today, and somehow, it made me smile.. sharing it with a hope that it would make all readers smile too !
I love Urdu !! ]

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

GUYS cLASSified !!

[This blog post comes as a random post, for I was bored of posting about life lessons and relationships.. I always wanted to write about my own classification of guys.. Each category is named after an animal.. You may or may not like it, I wrote this blog just for the heck of it.. But then, at the same time, I wish to convey a message too.. Its a humble request to all readers, please read it with an open mind..
Hope you enjoy the classification.. Cheers !! ]

The Puppies :
First of all, I apologize to all dog lovers for comparing the ultimately cute puppies to these guys.. Puppies, to begin with, are guys who run after hot chicks..Well,its pretty obvious that all guys like hotter girls..but then, puppies are a special category for they actually chase them wagging their tails..Even after realizing and accepting that the girl is a bitch and does not give a damn to them, they would give her infinite chances in the name of their so-called love, they would continue to make attempts to manipulate her and 'conquer' her mind (even if she happens to be a mindless creature), hoping that they still have a chance..hoping that everything will fall into place one day..They are ready to lose their dignity, in fact, I believe that, they do not possess that dignity in the first place, leave alone losing it..And the irony is that, all puppies think that they're manly and must be proud of 'being a man'..Out of frustration, they start assuming that all girls are bitches, and start avoiding true friends and well wishers...Frankly, I don't give a shit to the puppies anymore, for I know that my words can't inculcate self-respect in them..

The Mice : A mouse is a guy who would make you feel special, would tell you that he needs you and he would promise you that he won't ever let you go.. As a matter of fact, when he says that he needs you, he really means it for he does need you for "emotional support".. And in spite of his endless promises to be there with you forever, you are never special to him, for he makes the same promises to every other girl who is a source of some happiness to him..Yes, mice can't face hardships of their life on their own..They are emotionally weak, mentally unstable, psychos and weirdos who seek support and sympathy from all girls who are way stronger than them..They have a tendency to escape..They go into isolation whenever anything at all goes wrong..They won't pick calls, they won't share their problems, they would simply make you feel perplexed and perturbed..They start assuming that their life is a waste..They do not love themselves..Out of guilt, they often say that they don't deserve you, and trust me when I say this, they're right when they say so..No matter how much you try, you would end up realizing that your efforts to encourage and motivate them were all in vain.. simply because, mice are born "losers" !!

The Monkeys : When you're fed up of being 'used' by the mice, being taken for granted by the puppies,the monkeys come to the rescue...Monkeys are popular for their amazing sense of humor and witty talks..People might consider them to be jobless guys who are born to entertain the whole world with their meaningless PJs, but I respect them for making me laugh, I respect them for their intelligence, I respect them for they value their dignity unlike the puppies..Monkeys are the most sensible and strongest guys around.. They have a practical and optimistic approach towards life..When a monkey says something to praise a girl,he doesn't say so in an attempt to flirt, he actually means it! Monkeys have a great style of talking..They are awesome orators..They can always make you laugh no matter how sad you are.. They keep their promises..To cut the long story short, monkeys are your truest friends..

The Tigers : The most interesting category, and of course, the most attractive category too !! Tigers are the irresistible heartthrobs, apparently perfect and incredibly popular guys.. They include the real hot models, the amazing guitarists, the good looking football players, the sexy dancers, the guys who have a voice to die for, and so on.. Apart from their god gifted talent and looks, they also possess a perfect style of talking and an invincible ability to flirt..The biggest reason why girls find the tigers attractive is not the fact that they're good looking, talented or stylish, its just that, they don't run after girls !
Unfortunately, there are three sub categories of the tigers too..These three subcategories initially make you feel as if you're on top of the world and then walk away from your life later.. Firstly, the over ambitious tigers : All tigers are ambitious, they wish to be famous, they wish to earn loads n loads of money..They are ultimate workaholics.. They always claim that they are busy..They would never devote time to you..They would choose to spend their valuable time taking rest, but they won't attend your calls, won't reply to your messages, simply because, they have a tendency to become self-obsessed psychos out of their over ambitiousness..
Second, the Casanovas : They would charm you, they would flirt with you, they would make you feel as if you're the love of their life, and then, one fine day, they would walk away and another name would be added on to the long list of women in their life !
Third, the Haughty Tigers : No matter how cool or popular a guy is, a girl can never stand someone who makes her feel that she is inferior to him.. Some tigers are arrogant beyond words..So much so, that they become totally unbearable..

The Donkeys : Every girl has a list of guys who are "blocked" from her facebook chat, and every guy from the list of blocked guys, is a donkey by default..Donkeys are the most irritating guys, who ask for your phone number right after they meet you, who ask you to go out with them even when they barely know you..Somehow, they are never able to realize that girls don't wish to talk to them, but they keep on trying to initiate conversations in their typical style..and they have just three questions to ask from you.. One, do you have a boyfriend? Two, Can I have your number? Three, You're rarely online..You know I was missing you, so wassup?

The Tortoises : Remember, slow and steady wins the race ! A tortoise is a guy who can make his way to a girl's heart slowly and steadily.. Tortoises have patience to know and understand who a girl really is.. They are shy and the very same reason makes them cute.. They respect women, they respect their family and unlike the puppies, they value their dignity the most.. Tortoises are ambitious guys who work hard to achieve their goals in their professional lives.. When a tortoise falls in love, he would always be true and loyal to his girl, come what may!
The only problem with these guys is that, they often hesitate to talk for they're shy.. They can't really express themselves, and unfortunately, at times, girls simply don't notice them!

The Chimpanzees : They are popularly known as 'geeks' or 'nerds'... They're those super genius kids who are born to crack the toughest of the entrance exams.. They have a unique lifestyle of their own.. They love coding and making programs.. They love to spend time with their books and mathematics problems.. I like their "I don't care about what people think of me" attitude quite a lot ! In certain cases, sadly, chimpanzees, tend to realize that something is missing in their life.. This happens when they achieve great success in their professional lives and they end up realizing that they're living in emptiness, emptiness in terms of their personal lives.. In some cases, they start running after women around them, they spend money, they are used and finally, they become what puppies are !! Sigh !

The Stray Dogs : The puppies, according to my post aren't really cute and lovable.. Similarly, the stray dogs here aren't pathetically bad too.. Confused? Well, you might have noticed that girls always go weak in the knees when they talk to sophisticated and decent men God knows why ! I feel that a guy who can't abuse does not deserve to be called a man.. I love it when a guy fights for his girl.. I really don't like sophisticated and chivalrous men and I respect aggressive and rebellious guys.. So, the stray dogs are basically guys who wish to stay who they really are, who admire simplicity, who aren't fake, who respect themselves (unlike the puppies and the mice), who are always ignored by bimbos and nincompoops who are mad about fake style and status..

The Jackals: Insecurity, jealousy and possessiveness define the jackals.. They envy the guys who act as monkeys (best friends) for their girlfriends and they envy the guys who act as tigers (crushes) for their best friends among girls even more..They can't stand someone else being closer to girls who are close to them.. They are insecure simply because they don't have faith, they can never trust and because of this attitude, they try n keep restrictions, they make rules, they snatch your freedom from you, they don't let you be.. Any relationship at all can't survive with insecurities and without trust.. Jackals and their over possessiveness can be disastrous at times..

The Crocodiles : 'Liar' is the word ! Right from their family background to the number of girls who proposed to them, right from their academic achievements to their popularity.. Everything that crocodiles talk of is absolutely fake !! A crocodile can fake his emotions.. he can go up to the extent of saying that a girl is dating him, even if she doesn't even know that he actually exists ! Crocodiles are sick and all girls are sensible enough to know that they ought to stay away from them..

The Wolves : Wolves are the criminals who can actually scare you.. Their eyes, their expressions and the way they stare at women around them, and everything about them is hateable.. They feel that every woman is a slut, and the only feeling that they can ever relate to, is that of lust.. I wish I could abuse them all but I don't wish to do that publicly... Lets just put an end to the description here itself !

The classification comes to an end, but before I put an end to the post, I wish to say a few important things..

A message dedicated to all those guys who say that all men are insecure and possessive, all men are emotionally weaker, but we're not to be blamed, its testosterone.. Get a life !! And at least stop blaming hormones for God's sake!

The Return of HUM TUM happens to be the most popular post on this blog.. Guys commented on the same saying that they loved reading it, but people still fail to realize the meaning of friendship.. When a girl admires you as a best friend, she would believe in you more than what you believe in yourself.. She would respect you in spite of knowing the worst of the things about you.. She would take care of your health, she would put in efforts to make you happier, she would ignore your stupidities and hopelessness, she would forgive you with an effortless ease and all she would expect from you is some respect, absolutely nothing beyond that ! If you have a friend like my blog's character Sho, you're blessed with a selfless friend, the day you start disrespecting her, misunderstanding her, the day you break her trust, she might choose to value her dignity and you might end up losing her ! You have absolutely no right to blame her for walking away, for a true friend would never decide to leave you unless she's actually hurt..

All puppies and mice, come up with absurd statements like , "all women are bitches" right after they have a breakup..Even if they're blessed with the truest friends among girls, they are frustrated, they post sad facebook status updates blaming women for their so-called heartbreak and sorrowful personal life..They start devoting more time towards their career, hoping that it would divert their mind, but, they can't be happy in their personal lives unless they stop running after girls who don't value them and start loving and respecting themselves..

I don't mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it. - Marilyn Monroe

I have seen many guys who've hurt me, who've made me cry.. I've been with mice and jackals, I've lived with with puppies and frustrated psychos..Perhaps, every girl faces some losers in her life..But we never say that all men are dogs ! We're always strong enough to face situations, to move on, to remember the beautiful moments n be happy about the same!

People come n go.. Life moves on.. If you feel that you've been disrespected and taken for granted, accept that God doesn't want you to be hurt anymore and move on.. If you feel you had been wrong, stop shedding tears out of guilt, apologize, forget your ego and get your old friend back into your life.. Come what may, never curse your life n luck and never blame all girls around you for the one who ditched you..
The next time you hear someone saying, "all girls are bitches", you can definitely conclude that the guy is a frustrated loser..
Hope you were able to relate to the blog !

A girl-next-door who is definitely NOT A BITCH !!

The title of this blog was suggested by a nice friend, Vikas Singh, sincere thanks to him..
This post would have been really incomplete without my friend Surbhi Makkar's help.. She is a really intelligent girl and an amazing writer.. I hope she starts writing blogs soon ! Widget on
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