Tuesday, September 10, 2013

That Girl With Blood Red Eyes

"Your daughter's beauty will mesmerize the whole world", the old astrologer had told her mother when she was carrying her. Her mother smiled, touching her belly. The man continued, "She would be born with a beautiful face, a milky white face, but.."
"But..but what?"

"But the moment she will open her eyes, people will be scared to death. She is cursed. Her eyes, as red as blood shall make her cursed." 

Her mother's eyes were blazing with fury. She abused the mad man and walked away, but for the next one month, his words could not let her sleep. Everyday, she convinced herself that he was a mad man, yet, his words made her cry. Exactly one month after the day that still haunted her, her baby daughter was born. Her baby was sleeping, when she took her into her hands for the first time, she felt beautiful, she felt blessed. Then the baby cried, she heard her voice for the first time. And then, she fainted out of fear. Her worst nightmare had come true. She had a baby daughter, with eyes as red as blood. 

She was born with an exceptional beauty- beauty that scared anyone and everyone. Any man who saw her once would fall for her beauty, any man could be intoxicated, but any man who looked into her eyes would run away.

She was taken to hospitals and all eye treatments resulted in only one thing- more and more blood falling from her eyes. Her parents stopped making any more attempts and it was accepted that she was born with a curse- a curse that scared people to death, whenever she laughed, whenever she cried, whenever she opened her eyes.

She was forced to live in isolation in her room, for people believed that she was born with a curse. She was known as the girl with blood red eyes. Nobody knew that the reason why she cried, nobody cared. She always carried a red rose, she always wore red clothes, she grew up playing with red chillies. She never had any friends. The only things she cheered in her life were these three things.

She cried and shouted whenever someone came to see her. She continued to live with her blood red eyes, red roses and red chillies. She had stopped crying, she had started laughing. She had got used to people being afraid of her. She used to show her red roses to her mother before going to sleep. She used to smile at her and all she saw was tears in her mother's eyes. 

Few years later, her mother was pregnant again. And this time, it was another daughter, a daughter who was a normal baby, who was not cursed. She was locked into her room right after her sister was born. She was not allowed to see her, touch her. She cried and cried, she wanted to show her red roses to her mother. She did not open the door to her. 

One fine day, she ran out of the window and went to see her mother. She started playing with her sister. The moment her family saw her, she was beaten brutally and she was locked again. 
Next morning, when her mother woke up, she saw a red rose in the new born baby's tiny hands. Her heart skipped a beat. The baby's face was covered with a blanket. With trembling hands, she removed it and saw something worse than the biggest shocker of her life. Her eyes were enucleated and removed, all she saw was blood falling. 

That girl with blood red eyes had finally proved that she was born with a curse- but what was the curse about, her blood red eyes or the curse of being called cursed? She never realized this, she simply ran away! 


This story is an outcome of a horribly scary nightmare! And this is for the first time that I am writing something for a competition, I know its crazy!

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Anonymous said...
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Pankaj Kapoor said...


Pankti Mehta said...

Wow...great story :)

Pooja said...

This is scary..hell scary!

Swati Murti said...

pretty scary!! but, great story. would have loved an elaborated version of it :)

MAPHEAD said...

I love your writing style! Good Luck with the competition!

James Vaugh said...

really nice....

Sucre Seeta said...
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The Sentinel said...

The girl with the blood red eyes would find solace and safety with me. How beautiful a gift. Something so unique. Something shared by no one.

Sonia said...

@ Everyone

Thank you very much for your comments ! :)

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