Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Return of HUM TUM

On popular demand by all readers, here goes a post based on a conversation..
Goes without saying, this blog post is a work of fiction and imagination, any resemblance with any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental..

This blog is about the characters Siddharth aka Sid and Shonali aka Sho, from the blog post HUM TUM ,though its not really a sequel, you can read HUM TUM for the introduction to the characters !!
Somehow, I love the names Sid n Shonali for reasons unknown to me..

Finally, lets start with the conversation !!

Hello !! Hi Sho !

Hi Sid !
Guess what ! I got a scheme for free std night calls today !
Okay ! Cool.. By the way, Sid, you know you're such a miser ! You keep looking for schemes, coupons and discounts all the time..
Huh ! Can't you ever stop criticizing me?!
I'm your best friend.. I have every right to keep freaking you out !
Shut up !
Hey ! I just forgot to tell you..
GM had called.. We talked for around two hours.. It was awesome Sid..and then..
Sho, I hope you know that George Michael was a gay!
Are you mad or what? George Michael? GM stands for Geet Malhotra.. and this is for the hundredth time that I'm telling you about him.. Huh !!
hundredth time.. If you actually count, the number must be greater than thousand.. People with same initials have same characteristics.. Geet Malhotra or George Michael.. They are all gays!
Are you drunk?
I'm serious! He's way too girlie..sissy for that matter.. no manly traits in him..His name itself is so girlie.. Kareena had that name in Jab We Met..
What's in a name..And what do you mean by manly traits? He's tall.. He's...
I'm taller than him
So what? Will you stop this bullshit right now? Why do you hate him so much?
I don't hate him.. I'm just bored of talks about him.. Don't you have anything else to talk about? GM, GM is a guitarist, GM says this, GM does that ! I mean, alright, he might be a nice guy, good looking, great singer, whatever.. I don't like him..
But why do you hate him?
I don't hate him Shona.. I just don't like the way you like his cheesy talks.. He doesn't mean them..I mean, whatever it is..make sure you don't fall for him, else you'll get hurt..I mean, don't make him special..Don't be dependent on him..
Hmmm, I understand Sid, but its me Sid..n don't worry, all is well..really..You tell, you wanted to say something, what is it?
When did I say that?
You don't have to say things to me.. I can predict them.. Now, say it !!
Okay ! Then you must be knowing what its about?
Must be bout Vrinda..
Ya, you know, I am more than just friends with her these days..
Tell me something I don't know.. This is damn obvious..I swear I knew it right from the time you started mentioning her name..
Hmmm..why do you know everything beforehand?

Shonali was feeling really proud.. and she was smiling..She just said..
Well..I just get to know things somehow..n I'm really happy for you're happy.. but Sid, are you bothered about something, I can see that.. what is it?
No.. I'm not !
Are you sure?
Okay Miss Know-it-all ! Vrinda keeps talking about other guys all the time..
So? You're jealous of them all..
Dunno..Ya.. kinda...ermm..maybe..
Well.. Siddy.. you know what, you're hopeless..Girls can make you feel jealous so easily..You are always jealous of other guys! People love you for who you are Sid, they won't let you go !
I know that, but I mean.. You're not getting the point..
Listen.. I know you must have forgotten this.. but you had once said.. "Blessed are the ones who can love and trust, insecurity is for losers"
Really, when did I say this?
You have a hopeless memory !!
Yeah.. I'm an asshole..
Shonali simply couldn't stop laughing.. Both of them did not speak much for some time.. He started talking again..

Stop laughing ! It was my thought.. n it was awesome ! So what if I forgot I had said so..
There is something called trust Sid.. When you know that the other person is always there for you, you never feel insecure, you never feel afraid..Life came up with so many changes for you, at times, things were awesome, at times they were pathetic too..but you were always there, with me, as a friend..n I knew you would be there.. Just like you say, "Shona, you're always chilled out..I never have to worry about you", I've always been the same.. Ms. Know-it-all for you, only because, you trust me n you share everything ! I mean, I'm just a friend, but you have faith in me..if you say she's more than just a friend, you gotta trust her too !!

Sid was listening to her and smiling.. Shonali was a true friend indeed, but he didn't know how to react.. He was simply wondering bout the way she always manages to speak so much, and whatever she says, somehow, makes sense..

I dunno what to say Shona..
I know.. You are hopeless !
Hopeless is your favorite adjective or what? I'm not insecure, idiot !! Why would I be? Its like, you know.. we had an argument recently.. it was my fault.. I hate it when she doesn't talk to me.. n it was clearly my stupidity..

Hmmm..You know Sid..I irritate you, unknowingly hurt you so many times, all because of my stupidities..but you do understand that I care, that I don't mean to, I mean, you know I can't see you being sad.. I'm just crazy n you know that.. so you forgive me n ignore my stupidities each time.. Gradually, even Vrinda would realize how crazy you are !
Yeah ! Thanks Sho !
n I'm sorry.. I take you for granted.. Both of us do!
You know something.. You think way too much Sho.. Its okay.. I avoid thinking about things that I don't like..We take each other for granted on one hand, but we care for each other at the same time..You are next to my Mom when it comes to being concerned.. Shonali Aunty!!
Shut up Sid !
n yeah.. its not taking for granted.. its faith ! You forgot your own words..
Hmmm.. yeah ! You're right..send this song to Vrinda, "bekaraar kar ke hume yun na jaiye.. aapko hamari kasam laut aaiye!"
She doesn't like old songs..
Hmmm.. never mind ! Siddy my doggy.. I know she'll understand.. You're a gem of a person.. Anyone at all who really knows you, must be knowing that !
What do you mean?? Siddy my doggy? Huh !
I always wanted a pet dog.. Mom doesn't allow me to have pets.. I just thought of this nick name.. Wish your name was Jignesh or something.. Jiggy my doggy sounds better.. Siddy doesn't rhyme ! Change your name..
Shonali !! Shut Up !! I'm not talking to you !
What bout Siddy my puggy? Pugs are the cutest dogs !
Huh.. you know.. you're talking like a bimbo right now !
Bimbo.. Aarghhh.. That was insulting ! I hate you..

.......... And Sid n Sho started fighting like kids again... Few people are blessed with such friends..No matter how idiotic, no matter how crazy, no matter how irritating, they have their own place in your life..for they can't stand their sadness, for they always care for you beyond words..for they are your "BEST FRIENDS" .. for you know, they will always be there !!

Friendship is the only relationship that exists with no expectations, no demands, no insecurities, and this very fact, lets you be who you are when you are with a real friend !

Though this is a work of pure fiction, in case if you have a selfless and awesome buddy like Shonali or Sid.. m sure you'll be able to relate to the blog.. If at all you know who those people are, never let them go !!
No matter what, a relationship can't survive without faith.. Have faith.. Blessed are the people who can love and trust.. Insecurity is for losers !

Forgive !! Forget !! Love people for who they are !!
for they need you.. and the greatest need in the world is the need to be needed..


Sonia, aka the author of this blog, is said to be a really intelligent and sensible person, but people who know her know how crazy she is..She believes she has every right to be straightforward and say whatever she feels is true, when she's talking to people closest to her.. and unknowingly, she often hurts such people..Luckily,they do understand her, for the best thing about her is, perhaps, the fact that she portrays herself whatever she is !!
Off late, she had crossed all limits of being dumb and had taken closest of her friends for granted.. This blog is dedicated to all those friends of hers.. They know who they are !!

Cheers !!
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Anonymous said...

An awesome piece of writing.. When i was reading this blog I was just started to remember the moments when i used to talk with my friend and had fight with her like this.. n then her long list of suggestions.. Incredible Writing!!!!

Riya said...

Hats off..luvd it..hilarious, specially wen Sid is jealous of d guy n calls him a gay..rofl..n at the end,my doggy..lmao..
Sid is hopeless,Sho is crazy,but they r lucky to hav each other..wish such ppl existed in real lyf too :-(Hats off..luvd it..hilarious, specially wen Sid is jealous of d guy n calls him a gay..rofl..n at the end,my doggy..lmao..
Sid is hopeless,Sho is crazy,but they r lucky to hav each other..wish such ppl existed in real lyf too :-(

Ajay said...

Hi Sonia,

This is Ajay..hope you remember me.. As always, I loved ur blog.. Sid n Sho.. amazing

and I'm sure your friends will forgive you.. they are very lucky to have you in their life..

jyoti said...

so stupid-ly cute di !
i wish they become lovers . LOL

write moRRRE :D


Anonymous said...

Wow !!
Sid is just soooooo cuteeeeeeeee !!
<3 <3 <3
n Sho is such a sweet girl..

great blog girl.. I loved it..

aditi rastogi said...

sonia- u know what, i could live thru ur blog the good old days of lil lil fights wid my best fren:D

nina said...

hmmm i can understand every line of it :-P

Sonia said...

@ anonymous
Thanks ! Glad that you were able to relate :)
@ Riya
Thank you so much ! :)
Hope everyone finds such ppl in reality.. amen :)
@ Ajay
Thank you so much :) :)

Sonia said...

@ anonymous
Thanks !

@ Rastogi
YO !!
:D :D :D

@ Nina
everyone can... seedhi saadhi bhasha hai :P
aisa kya hai jo na samajh me aaye :P

Sonia said...

@ jyoti

dekh tere liye alag se comment !!
They aren't lovers !!! Kuch bhi mat imagine kar!
Story ke baki characters bhool gayi kya.. GM n Vrinda :P :P
HUM TUM n its sequels are all about FRIENDSHIP!!
A girl n a guy can be best friends.. remember?
N thanks a lot.. Its stupid-ly cute :D :D

The Solitary Writer said...

This was indeed too cute... :D made me smile. Keep up the good work Sonia.


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Wow..really nice one. Thank you for sharing. I like it.

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Jenelia said...

I really like Hum Tum.
i like your post.

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DPrincess Purple said...

too good !! :)

Love TJ said...

i think Shona the girl is your persona... and somewhere there is a stupid silly girl inside you, who sometimes comes out of you.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
raunak.only4u said...

I found it too cheesy... but luved it.

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