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Third semester has been the most interesting, the most special semester so far. It was definitely full of ups n downs, but I really dont want to classify it as good or bad. This blog is just a small description of whatever I learnt, felt, realised n enjoyed in this sem.I hope most of you would be able to relate to it.Here it goes..

ACCEPT LIFE AS IT COMES :Experience is a hard teacher, it gives the test first n the lesson later.The very first day of the semester started with a shock.. Second sem's result was out n i had a very good overall percentage with a back.. Thanks a tonne to Rohan Anand,Neha Mehra, Virangana, Anmol, Shreya n all my family members..who had supported me n encouraged me then..Many of us keep on analysin things.. Why did this happen.. How could this happen..In fact I also had that bad habit of classifyin things as good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative... I used to keep thinking n thinking without coming to a conclusion ..In Bade Bhaiya's words " Differentiate karte ja rahe ho, karte ja rahe ho, integrate karna hi bhool jate ho".... well I really don know whether it was because of reading a few good books or watchin WUS, or simply thinking of Bade Bhaiya's classes,but I finally realised that changes must be accepted ..Now I really don advise my friends to look at the positive aspect of everythin, instead things must be accepted the way they are.Accept that you have a back n you've to reappear, accept that the person whom you like doesnt like you the same way or is already committed to someone else... Just accept changes, get rid of the Hows,Whys n Ifs n move ahead..Move ahead with hope n faith.. Have faith that your hard work will eventually pay, hope that time would heal everything. Finally one of my favourite lines among Bade Bhaiya's words of wisdom..."Best reaction is no reaction."One should always remember that.

LOVE YOUR FRIENDS TRULY : It was after coming to college that I realised the importance of friendship..n it was in this semester that I felt that I am a very lucky person.. I like almost everythin n people around me love me the same way too.. With this blog, I'm dedicating some messages to some special friends...

My School Friends Megha, Menaka, Pranati, Aakriti, Kshipra, Eshan, Abhishek, Anubha,Heena : Would never be able to forget you all..Meg :You are one of the very few people who know me n understand me well.. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend n always be the way you are.Menaka: Tujhse zyada pange koi nahi le sakta mujhse.. Keep up the good work..Paro : please come back to Delhi soon, I miss u..Eshan : You say that I am your mentor,guide n best freind.I have another advice for you.Never underestimate yourself.

Now The IGITians.. Well I had never even imagined that I would be so happy in a girls' college. All the girls here are really cool, intelligent n above all great friends..The one n only thing that I dislike is the confusion of names... You see,there are 6 Nehas,2 Ankitas, 2 Preetis,2 Priyankas in MAE itself n the so many other Nehas,Ankitas n Swatis in the other branches...God! Anyways, MAE 08 simply rocks...
Neha Aggarwal n Radhika : Thanks for being such patient listeners to all my bakwaas philosophies,wierd lectures , stories n experiences n stupid arbit stuff :D Richa, Prerna, Neha Mehra : Had great fun hanging out,chilling out n gossiping with you, feels great to be ur friend..Litsi : Dekh tere liye alag se special wala message hai.. Yar I really enjoyed talkin n gossiin with you in metro..M gonna miss u badly once the green line starts.. Isha,Tanya,Shreya,Viru,Apeksha,Madhuri,Sunaina : The sincere n studious people .. It was all because of you that I studied properly in this semester..,Nimisha n Ayushi : Your Pjs are ultimate... Ayushi you are a champ, n Nimisha u r a perfect all rounder.. Sonal n Sakshi : Keep laughing the same way n make others laugh too.. Apoorvi, Priyanka, Pallavi : Your time management is excellent.. Keep it up.. Shweta n Tanya : though the vivas sucked in this sem , enjoyed performing practicals with you..Swati, Divya, Aro, Uma : We miss u. Neha Goel n Richa : Welcome back. Hats off to you for your patience. In spite of the tortures by the #%%&&@ admin ppl, u performed so well in this sem, hats off!! Sanauwer: the 'sonhi kudi' of our class.. hair stylist ban ja yar...:P all the hostel people, Sanauwer, Viru, Sunaina, Babita, Ritika, Preeti, Shipra, Priyanka,Meenu,Sarika : On behalf of all the day scholars, thanks a bunch for your help everytime :) Prashasti: just one thing to say- Einstein, Einstein, Einstein, Einstein ... he he he Kriti: You are the one n only person I am sayin sorry to.. I promise I'll try n be a patient listener in future..Cheers!
The people I met at VMC -Shanshank,Ankur,Snehil,Sugandha,Akanksha,Somya,Abhishek, Kaushik,Ashima,Shelly,Deepshikha,Mridu,Ankur Khurana, Nikunj,Sanchee,Namita,Rohan... all of you simply rock..have learnt alot from most of you.. there is something special, something different about the VM ppl that cant be described in words...there cannot be a better group of students than REG-2, n of course there cannot be better teachers than the ones at VMC,I still miss all those classes ..

KASHMERE GATE CAMPUS IS SIMPLY AWESOME : Its not only about the metro connectivity.. there's much more to this USS n IGIT campus.. You get to interact with people from so many courses (law, chemical engineering, bio tech, mass comm, architecture, MBA n what not )... It was all because of the guys from these colleges that I didnt even realise that I am studying in a girls college ... The Anti Fee Hike Strike in September worked, thanks to the USS guys.. It was in this semester that I realised that all law guys are not silly chain smokers.. some of them are really intelligent, experts at GDs.. All USITians arent just geeks or despos, some of them are really cool... I like everything here.. Handa Cafeteria,the labs, Girls Common Room, sitting on the wall opposite mech block.. looking at the monkeys climbing the trees with their kids on their back, sitting in the park or simply roaming around.. M glad that the campus colleges arent shifting to Dwarka in the 4th sem..

PROUD TO BE A MECHANICAL ENGINEER: And the award for the most hectic semester so far goes to , the third sem undoubtedly..attended so many classes, got so many books issued from the library, n for the first time ,learnt to hide books too :D. Our daily routine was something like - breakfast at 12, lunch at 6 pm n no dinner at all.. n in the month of november we were loaded with md sheets, vivas n assignments.. though I missed maths in this sem, I enjoyed all our core subjects, thermodynamics in particular,, fluid mech was the easiest..may god bless R.K Bansal for writing such a good book..though the viva was really bad, I thoroughly enjoyed Machine Design.. Yes, MAE isnt easy.. particularly coz of the @@###%% univ ppl...but its really cool, ultimately interesting..Well, I used to hate those people who used to say that MAE isnt suitable for girls, now I feel like killing them, really!!

FRESHERS 2009 : This was the best day of the entire semester. First of all kudos to Surbhi,Apeksha,Ankita and Sushumna for organising it.It was for the first time that I had anchored an event.Comparing is fun.. Though I wasnt as good as Elisha Chauhan (she is just perfect) but people liked me. I felt really happy when not only my classmates but also some juniors n some guys from other colleges said that i was really good.Finally I discovered something that I am good at, am confident about n I enjoy doing.Mehra,Litsi, Radhika, Priyanka, Tanya Your performance was really good, had enjoyed your practice sessions even more.. N then,the fachchas were much better than my expectations.

KAMINAPAN: This has got nothing to do with the movie Kaminey.I still havent watched it. Its just that one always comes across some very selfish, mean, haughty , gire hue ###@@$$ people. You cannot survive if you are a naive, gullible n very sweet types Daddy's good girl..Moral :" Har insan k andar kaminapan hota hai, apne andar k kaminey ko jagao.. kyunki pagalpanti k sath sath kaminapanti bhi zaruri hai"

At the end, just one more thing... always remember Love Aaj Kal ka dialogue "Shayad bhagwan shagwan naam ka item waqai me hai jo ultimately sab kuch set kar deta hai." I learnt to thank God for all those smiles instead of complainin bout the tears.. Life is really really Sexy... Enjoy!!

Next blog - " Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji"...... Coming Soon..

Sonia Bhatia

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