Sunday, November 14, 2010

Life In A Metro- Part 2

Based on the women only coach in the Delhi Metro, dedicated to all Delhites... (Dilli Meri Jaan)

For all the readers outside Delhi and outside India, the Delhi Metro had started with the women only coach from 2nd October, 2010.. The first coach is reserved for girls, ladies and kids now..
This post, just like the post, Life In A Metro, is based on my own experiences and observations...Check out the different categories of people and their reactions, one by one...I hope you all would be able to relate..

1.The Aunties : They are overwhelmed with joy and words cannot describe their happiness and pride.. After all, now they have platforms with 'Women Only' written on a pink background, and crowd control barriers to keep the men out of the area meant for them...Now, even if a man enters the ladies coach by mistake, they actually start shouting, "Bhai Saab, ye hamari metro hai, aap jaiye yahaan se varna...." , half of these aunties have started talking to men like Underworld Dons and half of them talk as if they are the guards of DMRC..
Now they can openly carry on their 'really loud' talks about TV soaps, about their families and above all their favorite topic, 'ye aaj kal ki ladkiyaan' .. It has been 3 years since I have been travelling in the Delhi Metro, and I am still not able to understand why Aunties stare at college girls (much more than young guys )... Given that the ultimate bimbos have started travelling in the same coach, Aunties are actually enjoying staring and commenting on their skimpy outfits, which reminds me that I should start with the next category..

2.The Bimbos : Well, contrary to what I had expected, the bimbos are really glad too, and it is not just because of the factors like less crowd, comfort n all...Given that there are no guys around to check them out and they are still happier, I realized something about them..Perhaps, women enjoy other women getting jealous of them much more than other men admiring their beauty...
They get a chance to flaunt their hairstyles, their accessories, make up kits and on top of that, at times, they treat the first coach like a mini beauty parlor, using lipsticks, cosmetics and a hell lot of other things from their handbags..They are as loud as the aunties and often talk to their boyfriends about real personal stuff, as if they wish to flaunt their personal lives too...

3.The Guys : Firstly, this category is really unhappy, infuriated and frustrated ever since this special coach for girls started... Secondly, sometimes I feel that this category must be renamed as 'The Despos' ... Alright, the reasons for their anger are obvious,their coach is more crowded, they cannot look at the 'eye candies', the aunties scold them badly even if they try to enter the ladies coach and then, the list goes on... I heard a guy talking to his friends, he was saying,
'pehle yellow line me jate the to DU ki sari hot girls hoti thi, ab wo sab ladies coach me chali jati hain, jo apne boyfriends k saath hoti hain unhe hum check out nahi kar sakte, saala sara mazaa kharab kar diya metro ka..' This is exactly what he had said and I was not at all surprised for obvious reasons..
And now, an advice for all couples and uncles, avoid the second coach, it is the one with maximum people for all guys love to stand there, looking towards the first coach, full of all kinda girls.. This is like a compensation for all those despos..

4.The Couples : Awww, poor couples, sometimes I feel pity for them...They have to stand more crowd.. There is no comfort, no privacy at all left for them.. They have got rid of the aunties though..Well, the couples were once the talk of the town for their PDAs (Public Displays of Affection), and now, no one talks about them at all...

5.The Uncles : Sad and angry once again.. You can always hear them saying, 'Ek to pura coach reserve ho chuka hai auraton k liye, phir bhi wo ladies seat k liye bolti hain, arre wo apni coach me jayen, hum kyun de unhe seat.. ' and then, they have actually started asking girls to get up from their seats and go to the coach reserved for them, and then they say to each other, with a smile on their face, 'Aur kya, pehle ye auratein bhi to humein hamari seat se uthne ko bolti thi, ab hum kyun na bolein, haq banta hai hamara bhi..'

6. The Infants :Well, I spend almost 2 hours in the Delhi Metro or at the Metro stations almost daily, it has been three years, and to my surprise, I had never even noticed these kids before..So, here comes the new category, the infants, travelling along with their mothers in the women only coach.. Once upon a time, they used to look really cute and girls used to go awwwwwwww looking at them.. Now, they keep on crying, screaming and crying and crying all the time.. Kids who are in the age group of 3 to 6, play games like 'Pakdam Pakdai' inside the metro...They don't let you study, they don't let you listen to music..Describing them in one word, 'Ufff !'

7. College Girls :All of them were happy initially, for the fact that they got rid of the f***ing crowd in the Blue line and Yellow line.. But then, with the aunties gossiping loudly, with all girls chatting on their phone continuously,with all babies crying, with everyone talking about something or the other, they came to two conclusions.. 1. Avoid the women only coach in Green line and Red line (in the afternoon) for there is no crowd.. 2. Say no to the first coach during exams, you won't get a chance to study..
Apart from this, college girls have got a new topic to talk about.. They can talk for hours and hours about the so-called good and bad points of the women only coach.. and then, they get a chance to discuss about girlie stuff, saying, 'Yar tujhe pata hai, aaj maine metro me naye style ki chappals dekhi n ek bandi ne kya handbag carry kar rakha tha yaar.. ' , ' Yar aaj kal ye dress kitni common ho gayi hai, ladies coach me pata nahi kitni ladkiyan dikhti hain is dress me'.. In short, when girls have nothing to study and they are travelling alone just with their headphones and novels, they get a great chance to analyse the latest stuff..

With this, the blog comes to an end, some more things to say...

1. I never had an intention to make fun of the women-only coach, its just that it was worth writing a blog.. In spite of all the technical problems, in spite of all these people who disturb you at times, Delhi Metro rocks !! I cannot imagine this city without it..
2. This is NOT at all a work of fiction, imagination or exaggeration..
3. There are n number of lines in Hindi, sometimes translating into English spoils all the fun and the style of writing..
4. (For IGIT girls) In case if you feel that this blog is incomplete, please write about whatever you feel is missing in the comment box..

Enjoyed writing this post after back to back romantic blogs....

Keep reading!
Sonia Bhatia
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

That Beautifully Weird Thing Called Love - Part II

This is a sequel to the last post, although it talks about an absolutely different aspect of that beautiful yet weird thing called love...all new readers should read the previous post first..
Arnav was waiting for the most unforgettable moment of his life, at the farewell party for the 2008 batch at FMS.. All his classmates were enjoying themselves, talking to each other, exchanging parting gifts, but he was standing all alone, still waiting for Sneha, and thinking about what he would say, how he would say it..He had recalled the dream at least a hundred times, the way she had said, 'Of course I love you too dumbo !'.. Somehow he felt that she had been much better than him so far, that she liked him, admired him and loved him much more than what he deserved..He wanted to tell her everything..tell her about the way he himself didnt realize how much he loved her, tell her that he could not imagine his life without her now..
He was waiting for her, but Sneha was nowhere to be seen..He kept on calling her, but she did not even pick up his phone calls..He called at her home, she had left long back.. Now he was getting nervous, restless and worried at the same time.. Someone like Sneha could never be late for a farewell party...
Finally, after two hours, she arrived at the party, wearing a black sari, exactly similar to his dream..Arnav simply could not wait to talk to her...
"Hey, you look beautiful in black.."
"Thanks Arnav.. "
"But where were you.. and you were not even picking up my calls.."
Words could not express Sneha's excitement and happiness at that moment..As always, out of excitement, she did not even listen to Arnav and started talking...
"Arnav, I need to tell you something... You know, I met Kartik today.. He had called me yesterday..I mean, it was like...."
This was like a huge shock to Arnav.. Kartik was a guy she had a crush on when she was a first year student at her engineering college and she had put an official end to their friendship because of the fact that he was a self-obsessed, inconsiderate guy who always took her for granted..How could he be back after five years..and how the hell could Sneha be happy about it..Arnav wanted to ask all these questions, but all he could say was..
"Sneha, I don't get this..You had told me that you had stopped talking to him because he was not worthy of your respect, that he never deserved being your friend...So..."
"Yes..I had been selfish then...I never tried to understand what he had gone through..Even though he had been rude, he had ignored me badly.. I could have given him another chance.. You can't imagine how much I had missed him, I tried to convince myself that I have moved on..I tried to forgive him, but somehow I could not even forgive myself.. "
"Sneha, for God's sake, why do you need to forgive yourself.. Remember you had once told me, 'You can be happy with a person you don't love but you can never be happy with a person you don't respect'.."
" You know, I had never lost my respect for him..Whatever I said was out of anger and frustration, I always expected a lot from him and never tried to understand him..I feel guilty for the same.. Five years back, I let him go...I let him go because it was required..but now I feel that I have to be there for him... Err, maybe you won't get it,Arnav.. probably because you have never gone through such a phase, you've never been in love.."
"You need to be practical... Think about it, what if he repeats the same,and you say I don't understand you because I have never been in love?"
" Listen, Arnav, I am sorry, I know I shouldn't have said that.. but you know, you cannot imagine what he means to me, so what if he brought some tears into my life, so what if I had to spend a phase of my life being really sad..His presence, the fact that I met him, those memories.. everything makes me happy...You know what, two people who are meant to be together,meet towards the end no matter what..We misunderstood each other, we fought, we broke up,but eventually, we realized that destiny...."
" How can you be so concerned for a guy who never cared about you, Sneha?"
" You don't love people if they love you too..True love is unconditional..Love cannot be selfish, Arnav...There is no reciprocation, no retaliation in it..."
Arnav did not get how to react, he did not know what to say.. He simply wanted to forget the whole conversation, to forget what Sneha said and to take his own words back.. He wanted to escape and get rid of it.. All of a sudden, a classmate called them for a group photograph, Arnav was least interested, but he did not have any other option.. Sneha started talking to other friends and classmates around..Arnav decided to go away, to leave that place.. It was one of the most unforgettable days of his life indeed, but not at all similar to what he had expected...
He couldn't stop thinking about it... the way Sneha had said, 'probably you won't get it because you've never been in love'..the way he wished to express himself at least once...the way he imagined what Sneha would have decided if he had told her all this last year...Things could be different then... And then,would he get to talk to her that often..He could not sleep that night...

A page from Arnav's diary, that was full of pages about Sneha,her talks,days spent with her... Arnav wrote :
" Life comes up with weird phases... Till now, it used to revolve around Sneha... From now on, Sneha's life would revolve around someone else...I really don't know how to describe how it feels..I did call her ..I wanted to apologize for what I had said, but then I decided against it.. I told Sneha that I was happy for her, that I had complete faith in her decisions and I hoped that she would be happy forever...She was about to cry...She told me she would always miss me..Once again, I could not express myself...
Am I happy or am I sad? Probably it does not matter at the moment..I don't know how I could not notice her eyes, her smile, her happiness.. as if everything was telling me how much she loved Kartik...they were destined to be together for sure...
Sneha is right...We don't love people because they love us too.. It is the only feeling that goes on without any reciprocation..Sometimes, love is not about being happy with someone, sometimes its all about watching her go away from you and being happier for her happiness...
I thought that it would be difficult to move on, but today, something made me realize that there is no such thing called moving on.. She will always be a part of my life, even if I'm not in her life... Yes, I feel her presence even when she is not around me..She will always be there for me, through her unforgettable talks, through her philosophies...How can I ever forget whatever she has done for me...
I just realized what she had said, so what if love brings a few tears into your life, it gives you a reason to smile for a lifetime..It asks you no questions, it has no reasons, but it gives you endless support...
That support, that care, those life lessons, that friendship and that beautifully weird feeling called love, it was all a part of my destiny.. Thanks to a crazy girl called Sneha, unknowingly, she had taught me what friendship means, what true love is and above all how to live life !!

Two years later...
Arnav was a successful popular author now... His first novel was a work of fiction and of course was a huge hit...
His second novel was titled 'That Beautifully Weird Thing Called Love'... The very first page said, dedicated to my best friend Sneha, who made me believe I would be a great author one day..


1. I was really happy to see that great response for Part-1.. I don't know how you all would react, but this is what I wanted to express through fiction, love is beautiful... be in love with it !!
2. On popular demand, Life In A Metro - Part 2, regarding the women only Coach... coming soon..
3. This stupid message is exclusively for Shanks....Mujhe pata hai tu kahega, kahani poori filmi hai, par kahani filmy tab hoti jab Sneha apni shaadi k mandap se uth ke bhaag k Arnav ke book k release pe pahunch jati ;)
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Friday, October 22, 2010

That Beautifully Weird Thing Called Love - Part I

Arnav was sitting on his bed, looking at some old photographs, day dreaming and thinking simultaneously about the two beautiful years at his college, life with his friends, with Sneha, his new job and the new phase....

For the past two years, while he was doing his MBA, he himself didn't realize how everything used to revolve around this crazy girl called Sneha..She was his classmate,his best friend,his advisor,the girl who used to entertain him, irritate him, encourage him, support him, understand him and above all was there for him all the time..Everything just flashed before his eyes..those days when they used to hang out together, those combined studies before exams, those random conversations with her for hours and hours..the awesome surprise she had given to him on his birthday,the way she knew him so well that she could predict every damn thing about him..

And tomorrow is their farewell party..He will be going to Bangalore and Sneha would be right here in Delhi..He always knew that once they pass out of college, things will be different.. They would get to meet just once or twice in a year and they would be busy in their own jobs, their own lives.. He always believed that, people come n go, and life goes on..

But somehow he could not stand that restlessness, that fear, the fact that Sneha might go away from him.. He started talking to himself all of a sudden " Why cant I be as expressive as Sneha is..sometimes she sends ten back to back text messages to me just to say sorry and writes blogs and notes just to say thanks..Why is it that I am never able to express what I feel..Whatever I have achieved today, my first novel that I am about to complete, the awards that I have won, its all because of the fact that she made me believe I could do it..She helped me out in moving out of difficult phases.She made me realize that true friendship is rarer than true love and I was lucky to be with someone like her..I wish I could tell her..tell her how much her presence in my life means to me.. I want her to be happy, to see her cute smile, to make her laugh...I might have not realized this before, I still do not know what this weird feeling is, but I simply cannot imagine being without her and I gotta say this... I need to express myself now.."
He got up, looked for his cell phone and he called up Sneha..God knows why she was not picking up his calls..He was completely restless now..thinking about what he would say to her, how would she react..Finally, after hours and hours of day dreaming, he slept off...
And he saw himself going for the Farewell party the very next day...
He saw Sneha wearing a black sari... She was looking gorgeous..She was over-excited as always.. chatting continuously n not giving him a chance to speak..Finally he gathered that courage and said..

"Sneha, I wanna say something to you"
"I need to say something as well.. I, I will miss you..Will miss you badly..I mean, you were always there.. to listen to me, to make me smile, to make me laugh at your stupid jokes..You have been an awesome friend.. Sometimes I feel my college life had been so great only because of you, Arnav..Thanks for being there.. You know, its like......"
"Sneha, listen...I wanna say something very important.. dare you say a word and I'll kill you.. Let me complete what I have to say.."
"Alright, alright Arnav Basu.. continue, I promise I wont say a word"
"You know, its really difficult for me to say this,I have a hundred things to say, but I will try to be straightforward..As you say, its the best way to express your feelings..I might have taken you for granted at times, I might have taken a hell lot of time to realize this but..I am addicted to you Sneha, addicted to your talks, your smile, your weird philosophies,your childlike innocence,the way you take care of my health when I am ill, everything about you, your very presence in my life..I cant describe in words how much you matter to me ,Sneha, I donno how you would react or what you would say, I cant give any reasons or explanations to this...all I know is that I love you.."
" took bloody two years to say this.. of course I love you too dumbo... and I can have a bet that no other guy would have proposed to a girl this way, 'dare you say a word and I'll kill you'.. You are crazy!.. I mean, guys propose to girls like... "
"Yes, I am crazy about the craziest girl alive... Cant believe this is and I together, life is beautiful.."
Now they were walking around, talking continuously, Arnav couldnt stop noticing her cute smile and the way she was blushing..He asked her,
"You were always jealous of all those girls I used to flirt with, right"
"Naah, those bimbos, those dumb girls.. Why would I be jealous of them at all.. "
"Oh really, by the way, you know you look irresistible in black.."
"Shut up"
"When a girl says 'shut up', it actually means 'I love you'..."

And Arnav woke up with that sick alarm tone.... Fuck! It was just a dream... but the most beautiful dream ever, taking it as an omen, he decided he would definitely say whatever he had in his mind, today itself...
Would Arnav be able to express himeslf? How would Sneha react? Would that dream be true?
What will happen?
Check out the sequel that talks about unconditional love, that talks about the way destiny plays a role in our lives, the way two people who are destined to be together meet towards the entirely different aspect of this beautifully weird thing called love...

Coming soon...
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Sunday, September 5, 2010


The best lines by Khaled Hosseini after 'For you, a thousand times over'... Zendagi Migzara.. so true!!

Its funny how everyday we follow almost the same routine,we think about similar stuff, we use words like 'monotony' n 'boredom' to describe our daily lives, we want some adventure, some fun n above all, some changes.. yet when we look back after a few years, everything is different..Sometimes I feel that life is actually a series of transformations..every other phase in your life comes up with something new, with a transformation in you, in your circumstances.. People come n go, things change, we move on through both good n bad phases n life goes on..With this, I should start with this blog..


Two years back, just two years back............

She used to be a Daddy's good girl after passing out from school... Now she feels she is ready to face the whole world, having realized its impossible to survive being a naive, innocent person...
She used to wonder why people talk so much about terms like personal life, unofficial breakups, love hate relationships n all, because they never made any sense to her.. Now she can actually write both fiction n non-fiction blogs about the same, she is bored of advising n number of people and as a matter of fact, some of them actually call her 'Love Guru'...
It took her two days to understand the route from her home to college.. Now, she often hangs out with her friends and has explored places in both Delhi and Noida her parents haven't even heard about..
She was completely tomboyish, used to think that kaajal and maskara are synonymous words, and never had a clue about words like danglers,crimping,tic-tacs,and used to wonder why girls spend money on weird accessories.. She still hates to be girlie, but she has started thinking a bit about her looks,she likes to experiment with her hairstyle once in a while ,she loves it when people around her say she looks good..
She was an ideal student at school, sincere and hardworking... Now, she initiates mass bunks, studies for minors just a week before, thinks of new ideas for farrebaazi..

.......... And she is the writer of this blog, a girl who was, is and will always be crazy.. Right now, while writing this random blog, she knows that every person of her age must be able to relate to this..She is thinking of the way how she is just the same and yet, so very diferent..the way she faced weird situations that she could have never even imagined two years back.. the way she has learnt to accept, to forgive and to move on.. and the way she realized that life goes on... and above all the way she realized the beauty of the lines " Shayad bhagwan shagwan naam ka item waqai me hai jo ultimately sab kuch set kar deta hai.. " ( This line actually summarizes all her experiences)


The next two years.....

Being a third year engineering student, I always see confused faces around me.. Almost every other person talks only and only about future plans, entrances, career options, jobs, placements and everything related to his future..
Sick and bored of hearing the lines " Kahaan phas gaye yaar.. pata nahi kya hoga hamara..."
It was just a month back when even I was kinda worried ,and a close friend said..." Look, you haven't lost your decision making ability..Dont think so much about your career or your future..Dont worry.. Just explore all options...Some day, something great will strike to you, once you take a decision, start working, be focussed and trust me, you'll rock !"
We all have this tendency to think a lot about future..we become addicted to it in a way, we keep on thinking about it all the time.. We day dream, we over think, we over analyse and ultimately the result of useless analysis and useless thinking is- more confusion, more anxiety, more worries, more tension.......

At the end, no matter what, in spite of all the hardships, in spite of all the terrible tough phases, life will move on, as the Afghans say, zendagi migzara..
Part 3
The Present
Ultimately..Koi na jaane apna future kya hoga...then why the hell do we need to think of it.... All I know is that, two years later, my life would be different, with new people, new faces, new places.. As of now, I am already into a new phase, really excited and enthusiastic, ready to work upon things and devote time to myself.....thats it
I am listening to my heart, I feel that,wherever I'll go, whatever I'll do, I'll give it my best shot..
P.S. This is a random blog, written without any planning, in simple words.... This is just an attempt to express what I feel.... and finally its dedicated to all those people who dont enjoy their lives being worried about the future... Live in your present.. Love yourself.. Love people around you.. Love your life!!!
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Monday, June 28, 2010


Honour killing..perhaps the most ironical phrase of the english language and the most shameful, brutal, heinous crime possible...

A girl was burnt alive for being in a relationship with a boy from a different caste..
A 19 year old girl and her boyfriend were bludgeoned with hammer and elecrocuted to death by her family in Delhi...
A young boy was killed for marrying a girl who belonged to the same gotra,his battered body was actually displayed in the village...
A 15 year old schoolboy and his girlfriend were killed in Greater Noida, by their own family members after they refused to end their affair...
Yes, honour-killing cases are rampant in most of the states of India, not only in India but also in other countries for that matter..
For the sake of the so-called 'izzat' in the society and to save the honour of the family,caste or religion, young men and women have been murdered by their own relatives and most shockingly, by their own parents in many of the cases..

I,being an agnostic,being completely against the caste system, find it incomprehensibly difficult to describe how shocked I was when I read those n number of cases.. How can a father kill his own daughter just for his family's reputation in the society? For me, the word called 'religion' does not exist,but it is considered to be above the life of an innocent human being for some people..A research paper by a Chandigarh based lawyer states that every year,over a 1000 people are killed in India in the name of honour.. And, on top of that,for every case that gets recorded, several others go unreported..


In villages, the main factors responsible are probably ignorance, superstitions and stereotyped views,their mentality and above all the Khap.. 
But if you think the main cause of honour killings is lack of education or the dictatorship of the khap, may be wrong..As a matter of fact, there have been many cases in areas like Delhi where the murderers were educated people from well-to-do families and the victims were, of course, their own children and family members..
If you think that caste-ism and orthodox attitude is responsible, you maybe wrong again..
Now, talking about the ultimate reason, well, obviously, a normal human being would never go to the extent of committing a crime as heinous as brutally killing someone close to him.. One of the most interesting aspect of the subject called psychology- crime and psychology- is probably the answer to this..
Every criminal commits the crime either for revenge or hatred or greed or insecurity..A thief or a robber kills for the greed of money, a rapist kills for lust, for sex.. All first degree murders are premeditated, i.e. they are planned, either for revenge or simply for hatred..
Now, when this feeling (of greed or revenge or hatred or insecurity or lust) overpowers an individual, it overtakes his conscience and he does not realize that its morally,socially, legally wrong and inhumane.. 
In case of honour killings, the main reason is perhaps insecurity- the fear of losing the so-called respect, reputation in the society.. the fear of not being able to follow the parampara (tradition).. its when this insecurity or this lust for honour and reputation overpowers him, he goes to the extent of taking away the life of his own son or daughter...


No matter what the reason is, such an act can never be justified.. It is something that needs to be stopped at any cost, one of the worst social evils existing in India..

Union Minister for Law and Justice, M Veerappa Moily had recently said that they would be coming up with a stricter provision in the law to stop honour killings.. But are amendments in laws enough? Will stricter laws be able to stop, or for that matter, control the rising rate of the number of honour killings?
All the people living in cities and metropolitans are bound to be aware of the fact that murder or manslaughter is a crime, it is against the law and they are bound to be punished for the same..In spite of this, there have been many cases in places like Delhi, Noida etc. 
Moreover, in certain villages, the gram-panchayat had announced to hang boys and girls until death for marrying a person from the same gotra.. In rural areas of Haryana and a few other states, people actually believe that only whores choose their own partners.. Although killing women for dowry, killing innocent people in the name of tradition, in the name of honour, is not considered to be a crime in the same region, but a death sentence is announced for marrying a person from a different caste or from the same gotra..

Now the question arises, even if amendments are made in the laws, even if stricter laws are made, would this put an end to this brutal killing?
Well, as long as these stone-hearted fanatics have their orthodox views on, as long as they feel that young girls are like a 'burden' to the family, as long as izzat and parampara would remain more important than the lives of their daughters and sons, no laws, no amendments would be able to stop this.. And where would the common people go, when even policemen in these areas support the rules by Khap panchayats? Aren't laws baseless and purposeless in a country where the law makers just comment and promise a stricter action and policemen support the same law breakers in the name of tradition and honour? 

First of all, a strict action must be taken against all those panchayats  who actually announce the murders of young men and women.. There must be a police force against the same, with a duty to arrest the people responsible for killing.. Even a five year old kid must be knowing that these murders are illegal according to the law, then why don't the Khap panchayats come to an end?  How the hell do they have the right to announce death sentence to a couple just for marrying in the same gotra? 

In villages, people actually grow up hearing such cases.. They actually believe that this is right.. Call it lack of education, call it lack of awareness, call it ignorance, call it the dictatorship of the khap for power.. But, something needs to be done about it, merely educating the people is not a solution.. Moreover, no matter what you do, you cannot convince the elders of these villages..They must be behind the bars, instead of having the authority to announce death sentences for the youth of the nation.. 

Secondly, the Indian society is certainly responsible for this fanaticism, this psychology.. Indians, in general, give a hell lot of importance to religions, caste and above all their honour and reputation..As always, I would like to state the way I feel that the existence of religions, and the inter-religion, inter-caste hatred is responsible for most of the social evils..
Its high time that people should realize that castes and religions should not be taken as ways to discriminate, that adult boys and girls have the right to marry the person of their choice, irrespective of the community or religion, that society, tradition, reputation, honour cannot be above the lives of innocent girls and boys..
At the end, nothing at all can be above humanity or human rights..

All I could do was to write this blog as a concerned citizen.. Its a request to all the readers.. the next time you read a news pertaining to honour killing, dont just say, "Bahut bura hua, kitni sharmnaak baat hai".. You need to take an action, you need to create awareness, you need to rise above things like castes, religions, communities etc. You need to do something in this direction, for the society, for the country you are a part of, for the sake of the lives of those fellow Indians who are being killed in the name of honour..

This is all I had to say, all kinda comments are welcome..

Sonia Bhatia
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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Shonali n Sid were two great friends...She was a Delhi girl n Sid was a student at IIT Kanpur..They were in touch and used to talk frequently even though they were not in the same city.Finally they were about to see each other after a long time..Shonali was waiting for Sid at the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station,excited to meet him..
She just saw him coming out of the Yellow Line...

Hey Sid!!!
Hey! Hi Sho!!

fed up of that crowd at the platform, they sat on a bench n started talking..

God! You wont ever stop calling me Sho,you know I hate that name...
Alright,Shonali Ji.. by the way, you have lost weight...lookin good
Naah,no way,I think I've gained quite a lot of weight...I'm like..such a fatso..
So do you expect me to say,"Sho,you look awesome,incredibly slim" and repeat that sentence n number of times...Whats wrong with you girls..Why dont you just accept that you have lost weight...Why do you have to argue unnecessarily..
Ok,Ok...Ya,you have seen me after so many colour suits you alot..You used to look like a complete nerd,you look much better now..
So...ermmm what...

Both of them were actually wondering how its so very easy to talk for hours n hours through gtalk,sms n phone calls and why does it become difficult to keep a conversation alive when you are talking face to face..

Shona, m starving yaar..lets go to CCD!
Ya..You know what, Shona sounds much better than Sho..
Hmmm, I know that Sho!
Sid!!! you are... you are

This time,Sid just smiled...They were there at Cafe Coffee Day now...'

Sho, I jus forgot,you hate coffee, dont you?
Ya, i hate coffee.. I'll have something else..When are your friends coming..You guys are going to watch a movie, right?
Yup.. Raajneeti at PVR Plaza... What bout your friends..Lemme guess..You must be going to Janpath or Kamla Nagar or some kinda mall..I cant understand why girls love shopping..
Shut up Sid, shopping is fun..n ya, m waiting to watch Raajneeti too.. As always,Ranbir Kapoor is looking awesome..he looks cute in every other movie,this time he is looking really smart too.. n for a change, even Katrina is looking fine...
What do you mean... she always looks beautiful... everytime..

For about 15 minutes, they kept on talking about Raajneeti, Katrina Kaif, latest music,latest movies n endless stuff...then all of a sudden, Shonali said..

Sid,whats up with that girl in your college..Did you talk to her again?
Shonali, what the hell made you think of her...You keep saying that I go out of the topic while talking,that all guys go out of the topic.. tell me, when we were talking about movies n all, why the hell did you start talking about her all of a...
Look, I'm really really really sorry Sid, I just asked coz.. I mean..
Its ok Sho, I can were concerned about me..I told you, I can see things cant be the way I want them to be n m really disturbed about it..She takes me for granted, as if I dont exist..
Sid, its better if you move on.. really..I mean, remember I had gone through a similar phase once..about 10 months ago..You had told me to accept n move on ..thanks for the way you had supported me then n sorry for asking this stupid question now..
No need to thank me Sho..I always tell you bout everything because no one else understands me the way you do..I can share every damn thing related to my life with you..You are a true friend,Shona..Its great to talk to you..I have never seen a girl like you..
Siddharth Sharma..Listen.. To hell with her now.. really, you are a perfect guy..She was unlucky she lost a great guy like you...n m not saying so coz you are a close friend, m saying so because I know this..
Finally, there exists a girl who thinks I am perfect.. thank you Sho..
Shut up Sid...(This time, she blushed n smiled as if she didn't actually mean what she if she wanted Sid to speak even more n tease her even more...)

N then,Sid started talking bout something else...

How is your younger brother doing.. Is he still making those sketches n playing cards of those Japanese cartoons..Naruto n all...
He is as irritating as ever..Keeps disturbing me all the time...n he has finally sold those cards to his friend for a thousand bucks..
Stop talking bout that idiot now..
Yaar, I just received a message from a friend, I guess we'll have to leave now..
Ya, even my friends must be waiting for me...We should leave now...

While they were coming out of the Cafe Coffee Day..Shonali started talking again..

Sid,it was nice to see you after a long time...
Yeah, it was good to see you Shona!
I just noticed something bout you..You call me Shona whenever you are emotional..
Ermm.. really..You think I am an emotional guy?
Of course..n dont you dare challenge my observation..

So they were standing near the F-Block of the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station.. Shonali just said "Goodbye, Sid".. ...... n then, Sid just hugged her, n noticed the way most of the people at the Dwarka platform of the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station were staring at them, God knows why..

So Shonali enjoyed every bit of the day, meeting Sid, hanging out with her friends..Before going to sleep, she recalled everything..She started thinking about that conversation.. She could recall it word-to-word.. She enjoyed thinking about the way Sid had said, "I have never seen a girl like you.." n then, she herself did not realize when she started imagining about something else .."Why were all those people staring at us at the Metro Station.. All friends hug each other, whats the big deal.. Anyways, is Sid really a perfect guy, well, he is a perfect friend for sure.. but then, he is such an idiot, he's absolutely hopeless, pathetically stupid..Why am I thinking about it.. Is it like, I have a crush on him or something..Naah, no way, for God's sake.. Me n Sid together.. as a couple.. Not possible..... Oh crap, what the hell am I thinking..Well, Sid and I, best buddies, everything is just so beautiful..He understands me well and then, I am what I am when I am with him..Had he been my boyfriend,I guess, probably things would not have been as beautiful as they are..So, I am lucky enough to have a friend like Sid..We'll always be friends..always and forever..God knows why I had started thinking like a silly bimbo..

Shonali, almost laughing at herself now, was still not able to sleep, laughing at all her friends who used to think that Sid and Shonali are Made For Each Other types..thinking that its just so great to have a friend who will always be there for you..thinking bout so many things.. and realizing that friendship is the loveliest relationship you can think of..and feeling that life is just so sexy n she could not stop smiling.....

Next Blog Soon
Sonia Bhatia

This story has got nothing to do with the blog post, Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji..Goes without saying, this was a work of pure fiction.. And all kinda comments are welcome..

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Nostalgia Relived - MY FOURTH SEMESTER

A semester- a five months long period of time that comes up with ups n downs,some unforgettable experiences,some beautiful memories, some new friends n above all a lot of life lessons!! Describing fourth sem in one word is not at all difficult-It was simply 'Weird'....The best way to retrospect n share is to here goes my blog post on the fourth sem...the weirdest semester so far!!

Phase I DISCOVERED MY WEIRD SIDE: Well at times you actually know what is wrong n what is right,you know what you are supposed to do, but you are not able to do so.. You become upset for no reason, you start giving a great deal of importance to certain things that happen to be completely insignificant..The same happened to me during the Phase 1..Well,there were
three people who were there as great friends all the time..My cousin Nina, who knows me better than anyone else in the whole world, my classmate and friend Neha Aggarwal, who is the sweetest girl I have ever met in life.. n then my friend Shashank,well,I can actually write a comedy blog describing typical hilarious,crazy n stupid things bout him n I could write an article on how understanding,sweet n sensible he is..In short, he is as good as I am..Well, these three people have been my ultimate friends, guides and saviours not only in the phase 1 but throughout the semester..More than anything else, I am sure they must be fed up of my 'Thanks a lot' messages..

Phase II HAPPY DAYS WERE BACK:Hmmm, 4th sem had just started, things were pretty boring..I couldnt enjoy the subjects..We had C++ programming in 3 subjects God knows why,an utterly useless subject called NA and a boring CSE subject called LAN n Networking.. So I was kinda missing the core mech feeling...Auditions for Anugoonj 2010,our annual cultfest,were pathetically hopeless..Anyways we got this news that IGIT had won a cash prize of rs 1 lakh at BAJA 2010..It was a great achievement, congratulations to the BAJA team members...N then we got this great news that Euphoria would be coming for Anugoonj...4th Feb was one of the most awesome days of the entire semester.. I still remember the way Palash Sen was jumping n singing simultaneously with an incredible energy..For the first time,Kashmere Gate campus looked so beautiful that it was almost unbelievable... Above all, I enjoyed a lot wit my friends..It was just awesome.. Then we celebrated Radhika's birthday after 2 days.. We had attended hardly any classes during Phase II, thanks to the pathetic Anugoonj auditions, the fact that most of the lectures were not worth attending n a new trend called D*****n or H******i started by one n only Priyanka Bhadani (well, only IGIT MAE 08 students would get that!!)

PHASE III MINOR 1, FINALLY BACK TO STUDIES :Hmmm, the one n only thing that always happens is that when a semester starts,you promise yourself that I would definitely study this time, but you always end up wasting time..I guess I really dont need to repeat that I had not studied anything at all till 6th Feb, n we had the minors.. It was a week of sleepless nights..

PHASE IV XEBEC 2010: Well..this is worth writing a series of blogs!!Before coming to college,I used to think that organising n coordinating events is easy enough,its your participation that counts..It was in the fourth sem that I realised I was so wrong..Organising a fest..well it is actually difficult to describe how difficult it is!! I had to work along with the fachchas for publicity..There were some 'perfect nerds' among the first years who actually had 100% attendance even in an even semester which is more like 'Semester of Fests' in all engineering colleges..While talking to them, I actually discovered my own rude side, I had to like scold them all everytime, I had to be harsh..Finally, I have just one message for all those girls.. "Get a life, you losers "...but then, there were these people among the first years who helped me out alot..Kaveri,DJ,Rashi,Mohini,Shankey,Akanksha..I used to love the way Kaveri n Mohini used to send messages "Sonia Di, Ye kaam ho gaya hai, koi aur kaam ho to bata dena"... Right now, I am actually missing the way Disha Di used to tell us bout her 4th sem,the way Garima Di used to handle all those fachchas n she used to scold people around (I used to enjoy observing her)..n the way Tanvee Di had that sweet smile on all the time..Yes, I still remember every damn thing related to Xebec..our first poster,NIS,those events,the cycle rally..the fun..the one n only thing that I myself cant recall is the number of free message coupons,night talk coupons and Recharge Coupons I had purchased during Phase III

Something that I like the most about tech fests is that you get to interact with your juniors n seniors simultaneously, you feel proud to be an MAE student, you feel great when almost everyone in the campus knows you well.. you have a few fights n arguments (quite a lot of them actually),but at the end of the day, you all feel happy when your fest is a success,n you yourself get to learn alot!!! Now talking bout the actual action for the three days..

THE DAY 1 : I had to coordinate an event, it was designing on pro e, the event was pretty good, but I couldnt take part in some other events :( .. Everything went on smoothly..the green talks were good, the seminars were good again..but I was fed up of the Xebec vs Impulse thing, n then the USCT idiots started interfering in our announcements..It was shocking to see the way they behaved..Xebec actually taught me that there are certain people who will always be going for
politics, unfair means, anything at all while targetting for being better than the others... If you really want to succede,aim for self improvement!

THE DAY 2: It was way way better than day 1.. I was there at the campus at 8 o clock.. the dumbest thing on my part was that I wore 2" heels on the day when we were supposed to do so much of work..I took part in many events..Each and every event was really amazing, day 2 came up with a hell lot of fun..Nothing else can be more interesting than cryptography..code breaking
rocks..but I felt like killing USCT guys,I was late for crypto just because of a GD that was cancelled later on.. both Sanshlation n the USIT fest( m really not able to recall the name) were very poorly organised,Xebec n Impulse were much better..(IGIT rocks!)

The tech events were great on DAY 2,Robotics...simply awesome..n then we finally had the Treasure Hunt, I wasnt officially a part of the team,but I really wanted to be a part of the fun...those clues,those riddles,those puzzles n the ultimate tasks n challenges...I felt as if we were all Roadies..for the first n last time in life,I ran carrying a 2" heel,had blisters n cuts on my feet,Neha was injured...I enjoyed the way Richa fought with the USIT guys,Priyanka encouraged all of us,n not to forget Tanya's ultimate energy n enthusiasm..I learnt that you tend to enjoy things better when you take part just for fun and not for a certi or a cash prize..

THE DAY 3: NIS was conducted really well..Another great event..Day 3 had real technical events, I enjoyed a lot! I really wanted to take part in an event called 'Green Junkyard', but all my friends were busy, I finally took part with two guys called Manu and Sugeet, they were perfect strangers to me..but we did a great job as a team n won the first prize..Manu
actually made a perfect conveyer belt out of complete chunk within just 10 minutes..I enjoyed every bit of it.. the way Sugeet suggested n number of names for our team, the way the coordinators were fed up of them.. those high fives..the way everyone thought I knew these people well although I had met them just half an hour back..n then I realized that Sugeet is as crazy as I am, crazier than me for that matter..A guy who is fond of writing, extremely intelligent, much more talkative than me with an amazing style of talking, an agnostic, a foodie..I was like shocked to notice so many similarities with a person..Junkyard was the most enjoyable part of the fest for me..One more thing, would love to be the Non-Tech head for Xebec 2011..

PHASE V: GOD! THAT WEEK: Right after Xebec was over,we had the practicals..Well practicals at this university dont really impart any practical knowledge to you, they are just for the sake of scoring marks n flaunting your cheating skills..We were fed up of completing those files n assignments and on top of that our college authorities had decided to take up internal
viva twice for no reason..On top of that, my classmates used to think that I am better than everyone else during vivas..I know that most of my classmates are more intelligent than me, its just that I love vivas..Most of them keep thinking about the marks they'll score,n I simply enjoy Vivas..
It was during this week that our third sem result was out,most of us had a pretty good result..I was more than just happy, finally hard work paid off.. We hugged each other,some people were actually jumping..It was perhaps the best day of the whole semester..
N then, this week came up with the BAJA 2011 debate, cycle... no no car.. official BAJA interviews.. no its Srijna's team.. no no its something else altogether.. It was something that spoiled the atmosphere of our class badly... I have just one opinion... " I dont have a right to say decide was right n who was wrong,I dont care about what others think n say but I truly respect Srijna's efforts,her fighting spirit,her determination, for I could have never done whatever she is doing.."

PHASE VI: BACK TO MY CRAZINESS : This was the best phase...Almost everyone had realised that classes were worthless in this sem,the topper of our class, Isha, had started initiating mass bunks. I used to be a permanent first bencher in 3rd sem,but I was actually a last bencher as well as late comer throughout this sem.. I used to either sleep or read novels in the MM class..Something that I still cant believe is that I did a few girlie things too..he he..n then,I clicked pics of the campus animals,I love those cute puppies n monkeys..I learned to cook..I did a lot of things that I avoid doing otherwise..Well,everyone knows that I really love this Kash Gate Campus,in spite of the fact that the infrastructure sucks.. I love this place because of the people here..Yes, it feels great when you get along well with everyone around, I enjoy the way my juniors like Kaveri,Prerna,Nikita,Anshika, Mohini,Shankey talk to me n ask for advices.. I wouldnt have got addicted to bunking classes n roaming around the campus without that Chahal-Pahal..I wouldnt have enjoyed dancing in the GCR,having junk food at Handa without my friends..the way the USIT n USCT guys fight with you, the way you get to learn a lot when you go for GDs along with the MBA n Law guys..You get a chance to interact with people from every kinda field..Two years are over, n I still dont feel that I am studying in a girls college..Everyone wants USS n IGIT to be together, m really very happy USS people are not going to Dwarka in the next sem :-)

PHASE VII: EXAMS,GUILT,SOME TOUGH TIMES,GUILT N EXAMS AGAIN: Throughout this semester, I behaved like an immature and irresponsible person, I gave importance to some insignificant things, I ignored some great people and bothered a lot about those who used to take me for granted.. The second minors were over.. n I was occupied with the feeling of guilt( nothing can be worse than it).. I felt guilty for not being a sincere student, for not being a good daughter, for not living up to my own expectations, for taking certain things lightly and casually.. Thanks to Radhika, for the way she always inspires me to study hard.. She is not only a sincere student but also a sincere human being..
It was when the final practicals were about to start I took a tough decision, a difficult step but absolutely correct on my part..I left some things behind n moved on..I was back to myself n I knew that I would have to work really hard to cover up for everything...
Then we had those external practicals..As always, I loved the vivas.. Would love to quote Surbhi's words.. 'Bhatia, tune kabhi socha hai agar bluetooth jaisi technology na hoti to hum practicals me pass kaise hote yar'...
The week before the majors..Being in IP University, you get used to that routine of exams daily..but I had to prepare for that hatable subject called ES along with the rest of the subjects..Things were not that easy..Neha was suffering from typhoid, yet she was confident enough, her attitude motivated me a lot.. Finally the majors started.. Just like everything else, the exams were weird too.. out of syllabus, patterns changed, what not.. but I found all that funny (I myself dont know why..)

  • The most lovable friends are those who love you the way you are and are always there for you..There are some people who take you for granted no matter how much you care for them, all those so called friends who dont respect you, are simply not worth you..
  • Your good friends might be those who admire you, but your best friends are the ones who say, "Tu pagal hai, tera kuch nahi ho sakta junglee", thanks to Lattu, for the way she used to scold me for taking my tomboyish nature as an excuse for being lazy.. Thanks to Prerna, for the lovely lecture when I felt guilty for no reason.. and to Rads to give me constant reminders to study properly..
  • I was tired of hearing, "Sonia, you must be a writer, you could be a great RJ, not able to understand why you chose engineering as a profession"... Well, here goes the story.. I had this craze for astrophysics and maths when I was at school, I always wanted to be an engineer..At the same time,I love writing,I love expressing myself, but then I am just a beginner and I write just for fun.. I love my branch, MAE rocks, its just that I am fed up of the system here..I started thinking that the fact that I am interested in way too many things simultaneously, the way my mind is equally inclined towards both technical and non technical things.. is not good for me, but I was wrong, I was underestimating myself,now I am confident that whatever I go for in future, I'll be good at it, n come what may, I wont ever stop writing blogs, singing and talking like an RJ, n doing all such crazy things..
  • People of my age give a hell lot of importance to their crushes and so called relationships, well of course you cant control your feelings for the person you like,there is nothing wrong in loving a person truly and doing anything at all just to see him/her smile.. But often, we forget the golden rule, 'No one,absolutely no one, is above your happiness'..You cant force someone to care for you just because you care for him,but yes, you can always expect the person to respect you..Accept it and move on, move on without any expectations, without any regrets..How can you regret anything that ever made you smile..Leave that phase behind and cherish those beautiful moments..
  • Truth is stranger than fiction..You face certain weird and tough phases, when you have to accept things the way they are..Life might have something else in store for you and it will offer it to you in its own unpredictable ways..Sometimes, its better not to try,it actually becomes important to let certain things go, to leave them behind..
  • Human mind has that tendency to over think, introspect and day dream way too much, but its a fact the best of the things come to you when you least expect them, my next blog "Unexpected Expectations"... Coming soon.
  1. A note on Facebook, Award Ceremony 2010, coming soon..
  2. ONLY FOR MY CLASSMTES.. totally illegal,irrelevant and inappropriate for outsiders... Well,I am planning to gift a FOOTBALL to Litsi, an APPLE i-pod to Neha, a FAIRYtale book to Sakshi, a Line FOLLOWER robot to Apoorvi, a STRIPES shirt to Richa and Radhika..and then, I admit, I enjoyed every bit of D****** and H******* in this sem..

This blog is dedicated to the two most lovable people in the whole world, My Parents.. a promise to myself, one day I will definitely make them feel proud..

Next Blog Soon
Sonia Bhatia
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life Is Better Than Your Dreams

It was a beautiful Monday morning..
rather it was just another boring Monday morning..
but something beautiful was about to happen..
something special was about to happen..

It was just an intuition..
maybe an expectation..
purely my imagination...
or just a hallucination..

I really dont know..
perhaps the only thing I know..
is that..
I just let it flow..
coz I wanted it to flow..

I saw 'someone'..
Someone sitting next to me,
Someone simply looking at me..
Someone smiling at me..

I heard the same person,
talking to me continuously..
talking about random stuff foolishly..
he was sayin what I wanted him to say..
n those silly talks kinda made my day..

I looked amazing coz I smiled..
I looked cute when I laughed..
I looked even prettier when I smiled at him,
I looked happier when I looked at him,

We started walking,walking together..
Walking on the beach,hand in hand..
Talking to each other,laughing together,
looking at our footsteps on the wet sand..

All of a sudden..
The Monday morning came to an end..
Though it never even had a beginning..
Probably I didn't even realize
n hence I jus smiled..

I just got to know it wasn't true..
but I smiled..
I smiled at myself..
I reminded myself..
Reminded that it might never be true..
still I smiled..

I had enjoyed it totally..
had loved it completely..
I was awake..
yet I was dreaming..
for heaven's sake..
I asked myself..
what was i doing?

Day dreaming.. a weird habit,
well..actually not even a habit..
its something that just happens..
just like love,
its something that just happens..

Its not only about fantasies n ambitions..
not only about hopes n aspirations..
bout retrospection n introspection..
Its much more..way beyond one can even imagine..

I am happy even when I know it isnt true..
I am not sad even when I know it would never be true..
While I day dream,
I really dont hope all that I imagine is real..
I actually believe that its undoubtedly real..
I just happen to enjoy the feeling..
the experience of the beautiful monday morning..
the joy of looking at someone n smiling..

30 minutes pass...
or 45 minutes pass..
n then, I realize m back to the real world..
m neither disappointed not sad..
neither a weirdo nor mad,
I am just a day dreamer..
like everyone else,
even I am a day dreamer..

Its something that makes me smile..
n makes me realize..
happiness is not about what you want..
n getting the same back..
happiness is something within you,
somewhere within you..

You can waste your time waiting for such Monday mornings..
Or you can enjoy living each moment,being happy each morning..
Choice is yours..

The beauty of life is that..
It just goes on..
It goes on come what may..
You accept it as it comes to you..
N everyday will be a beautiful day..
Life Is better than your dreams..
Life is beautiful..
Yes, It really is..

[ Latest quote by me, " The Kelvin Plank Statement of Second Law of thermodynamics is not applicable in real life, because the 'energy' required to forgive n accept, does an awesome work for you.."

The fourth semester is really really weird, I feel like writing a blog , after every fifteen days, describing whatever I had experienced.. 4 phases of the 4th sem are over, the 5th one is going on..The blog on the fourth sem will be the longest post on this blog ever..

One more thing, all readers are requested not to take this as a romantic poem, the last three stanzas are the most important ones..

Sonia Bhatia
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Zarre Zarre Ki Ye Iltija Hai

Kyun kaagaz ke tukde ki lakeeron ki,
zameen se zameen ko juda karti sarhadon ki,
insaan ki zindagi se zyada ahmiyat hai..
Kyun aadmi ke banaye mazhabon ki,
vatan se zyada ahmiyat hai..

Kyun ek maasoom se,
uska bachpan chheena ja raha hai,
Kyun ek baap k kaandhe pe,
usi ke bete ka janaaja ja raha hai..

Har zarre ka noor wahi hai,
sari kaaynaat ka khuda wahi hai..
kyun usi khuda k bandon k beech hai ye nafrat..
Ki allah ki bakshi inaayat,
Aakhir hai to sirf insaniyat..

Aaj har dil se aa rahi ye sada hai,
zarre zarre ki ye iltija hai..
bas yehi guzarish hai,
aur yehi khwahish hai...
ki charon taraf ho sukoon,ho khushiyan..
Na koi aatank,na nafrat,na hinsa..
Zarre zarre ki yahi,
bas yahi,iltija hai..

[Dedicated to all those who desire peace and finally an end to war n terrorism....... to all those who believe that humanity is above every religion. ]

An agnostic theist demanding peace for the whole world......

Sonia Bhatia

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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Well this has got nothing to do with the lifestyles of the people living in metropols.. This blog is based on our very own Delhi Metro..which has become an integral part of the lives of all Delhites.. No, this is not at all based on its speed, new routes, connectivity, crowd n stuff like that.. You can always read all that in newspapers.. This blog comes up with the observations and experiences of a passenger..Yes, I have been travelling in the Delhi Metro since I took admission into college, and on an average, I spend about two hours in the metro or at the metro stations daily.. Ya, even I am fed up of the crowd of the F****## Blue Line, even I am sick n tired of the technical problems..but then, I still am a fan of the Delhi Metro..This blog is dedicated to all the people who travel in the Delhi Metro n the DMRC.. In fact, I have divided them into categories.. Here are the types of people you'll find inside the metros :-

1. The Aunties: Rarely found in the yellow line, these auntys are always sitting on the ladies seat (even if a seventy year old man is standing with crutches in his hand, these ladies wont let him sit on the seats reserved for them.) They are the only ones who never sleep even though they have a seat, because their favourite time pass is to stare at college students.. Yeah, even if a boy n a girl discuss a mathematics problem, they'll stare at them as if they are kissing each other in public.Sometimes, they actually start commenting on the kinds of dresses teenagers wear.. they keep discussing the daily soaps n disturb you the most when you are studying before an important exam.. N you feel like saying "Aunty, will you please shut up?", the most interesting scene to watch is when an aunty talks to people of the next category, well this reminds me
that I should stop describing the boring auntys n should come to the next category..

2.The Couples : You'll find them on every possible route, walking together..hand in hand..they never disturb students because they speak slowly and are lost in their own world, still they are really irritating.. They dont really have to reach a particular station.. They just keep roaming around from C Sec to Jahangirpuri, from Dilshad Garden to Rithala,,its the cheapest kinda date you see..n the most irritating part.. the so called PDAs( public displays of affection).. people are actually fed up of them all..but probably they would never get that..

3.The DU guys : Well this is simply the most interesting category, n this is going to be the longest paragraph too! I dedicate this category to all those B.Tech guys who think that they are losers n the DU guys are cool studs.. Now I guess, I should start..
Hmmm, DU guys, always there in the Yellow Line of course..They are sitting on the seats reserved for ladies n senior citizens all the time, n like the aunties, you can never expect the DU guys to offer seats to physically handicapped people too..They have the weirdest kind of dressing style.. In most of the cases, they're wearing loose T-shirts with capris n they actually go for girlish accessories (bands, earrings,red n yellow chappals)... I don understand how one can call them to be cool.. Most of the time, they are actually sleeping.. people with no energy..I am still trying to figure out why people think that they are smarter than the engineering students..
Anyways, here goes the most unforgettable incident related to the Delhi Metro..I was travelling in the Yellow Line, a guy,a DU guy, came up to me n directly said "Are you interested in me?"..I had the obvious reaction, "Excuse me,come again!"..It was like a huge shock. He was a physics honours student from DU, knew my name, my college n my branch too...Well,I could have never imagined that even DU guys could be such 'Despos'.. I dont know if writing this publicly is right on my part or not, but I jus felt that this blog would be incomplete without this...It made me understand the logic behind the silly announcement 'Kripya kisi anjaan vyakti se dosti na karein'

Well,no offences to DU guys..I know that all of them are not the way I have described them in this blog..

4. The Uncles : Now these are the people who think that no one else knows anything at all about metro... They keep repeating the rules, God knows why.. They keep irritating you giving all kinds of instructions "Beta, zara us side pe ho jao..Baki logon ko khade hone ki jagah mil jayegi..",they stare at you when you are studying,n they keep discussing political issues as if they are the leaders of the nation..

5.The Bimbos : Well,these bimbos are always there to irritate you...anywhere at all.. even in metros..Yeah,they wear those 4 inches pencil heel even if they are 5'8" already, n at times they actually step on your foot, you feel like killing them.. Yes, this had happened once. I told you, this blog is based on the experiences and observations of a passenger.. Even inside the metro, they keep combing their hair, they keep talking about cosmetics, hair styles,make up, all the time...


  • The best excuse for the late comers for the 9AM class : " Sir, metro rajiv chowk pe kharaab ho gayi thi sir, badi der tak ruki rahi, badi mushkil se college pahunche hain sir'.
  • Breaking the rules, something that I enjoy the most- having Bingo Mad Angles n Frootis in the metro, sitting on the floor, obstructing the closing n opening of the doors...
  • I enjoy writing stuff when I am travelling, all these poems n songs that I have posted on this blog, were actually written by me in the metro ( I save all that in the drafts folder of my cell) by the way.. Zarre Zarre Ki Ye Iltija Hai.. Finally a meaningful n unromatic poem by me.. dedicated to those who desire peace n humanity.. coming soon..
  • I love gossiping with my friends in metro.. talking to your friends n laughing a lot..
  • My favourite Metro Stations are Rajiv Chowk,Kashmere Gate n Netaji Subhash Place.. Studying at the Kashmere Gate McD, simply checking out the posters n books at Rajiv Chowk, Metro MUseum at Patel Chowk, Gol Gappe at NSP.. waiting for your friends at the metro station, its unlimited..
  • Its when you are carrying very thick books, that the security check people say " Beta, ye kitaab bhi checking k liye machine me daalo, itni moti kitaab me kuch bhi chhupaya ja sakta hai", as if engineering students are terrorists..
  • Funny announcements by the driver like," Gaadi abhi nahi chalegi,takneeki kharabi k kaaran hui is asuvidha se jo khed hua hai uske liye humein khed hai "
  • I am in love with this city, Dilli Meri Jaan...n I cant imagine Delhi without the Delhi Metro..
  • Finally the Green Line would start in March, eagerly waiting for it.. I will get rid of the blue line..

At the end, just one thing to say, wish we had Commonwealth Games every year..n wish we could get rid of these technical defaults n problems forever..

Next Blog Soon

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Dil Khush Jahaan.... Teri To Manzil Hai Wahin

[ Sometimes you get to discover your own weird side, maybe once in six months...n when this crazy side comes up, even if you are a person with great positive attitude, you become upset for no reason.. even if you have an infinite capacity to speak.. you prefer to be silent...even if you are a very sensible person, you act like a perfect dumbo...Yes, the biggest idiot and the ultimate genius both are within 'you'..

I used to think that the list of mysterious things was limited to Life After Death, Existence of God, Love n relationships only.. But a few days back, I realized that our mind, or maybe our sub conscious mind is really mysterious too.. ]

Wo din kuch khaas tha,
kuch bura bhi tha,
par kuch sikha gaya wo din
kuch samjha gaya tha wo din..

mood nahi tha music sunne ka,
na kuch khaane peene ka,
na koi book padhne ka,
na kisi se baat karne ka..

sab khaali khaali tha,
kuch adhoora sa tha,
koi kami thi shayad,
ya kisi ki kami thi shayad..

phir messages kiye ek friend ko,
ek ghanta pareshan kiya usko,
khud ko hi nahi pata tha kuch,
phir bhi bak diya dimag me tha jo kuch..

usse baat karke hua ye ehsaas,
k uske jaise dost hi hote hain khaas,
apni khushi se zyada kisi ki parvaah mat karo,
jo tumhari parvaah kare use kabhi ignore mat karo,,
jo tumhe ignore kare uske baare mei bother mat karo,

kuch achchha lagne laga,
halka halka types lagne laga,
dost ne bola
"dont wish so much for one particular person
no one, absolutely no one is above your own happiness.."
ye to main pehle se jaanti thi,
sabko bolti bhi rehti thi,
phir pata nahi kyun bhool gayi thi....

main apne aap pe hairan thi,
apni weirdness pe hairan thi..
hasi aa rahi thi khud pe,
hasi aa rahi thi apni dumbness pe..

kabhi kabhi dimag saala hil jata hai,
kuch samajh mei nahi aata hai..
funde dene mei chahe koi expert hi kyun na ho,
free advice k liye wo bhi tarasne lag jata hai..

ultimately ek nahi,
kai lesson mile,
kuch us dost se,
to kuch khud se..
realise hua k main kitni lucky hoon,
thodi si insane bhi hoon..
but at the end of the day,
i realised come what may,
one should never let that smile go away..

well socha nahi tha pura blog likh dalungi,,
likhte likhte prasoon joshi ki lines bhi likh dalungi
'tu dhoop hai chham se bikhar,
tu hai nadi o bekhabar!
beh chal kahin, ud chal kahin,
dil khush jahaan teri to manzil hai wahin'

This blog post is dedicated to

Some really close friends : They know the blog is all about them ;)

Myself : Well even I am a great friend .. yes, my friends can always count on me n they are always welcome for my 'funde n free advices' (they work) ;) I know zyada tareef ho gayi, but kabhi kabhi immodesty bhi zaruri hoti hai

[ This blog post was written within just 25 minutes... written without any planning n without any motive.. in a totally casual style.. I just hope people would be able to relate to it.

One more thing.. Two thieves.. will fall in love.. will dig their own graves.. check out Ishqiya.. I told you Vishal Bhardwaj had himself asked me to promote it through my blogs..]

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji

Whenever I read 'Listen To Your Heart?' now, I feel like laughing at my own fact I feel like deleting it.. This blog has got nothing to do with the story described in it... its something new, something fresh n comes up with answers.. answers to the idiotic n immature queries in our minds n hearts!!!!
Third semester was going on smoothly.. Still it was like a 'hulchul bhara sem', hulchul in my mind ..hulchul in my heart too!!! There was this dumb guy, I hardly knew him three years back, but I got to know him better in the third sem.. Wait..I never had a crush on him or something.. You see, such stupid things are not meant for a person like me..But somehow I felt that there was nobody like him, I still donno the reason for the same.. From his sense of humour to his cute looks, from his intelligence to his style, I had started liking everything about him..The one n only thing that I used to dislike was the way he talked..he never talked much bout himself, I used to hate that..I used to keep thinking bout our conversations on gtalk n through messages, I used to try my level best to help him out every time he was worried or upset.. Shit.. Crap..F**k It took me bloody so many months to realise that I was in love with a guy.. No,somehow my mind was still not able to believe that this was true.. Was I really in love??
Darr lagta hai tanha rehne mein ji.. Dil To Bachchaa Hai Ji!!!
Part -II
I used to hate him... yes, I started hating him for n number of reasons.. He used to ignore me at times,he didnt pick my calls,he used to ignore my text messages.. I used to hate him for the way he used to make me laugh at his silly PJs.. for the way I was crazy bout his weird style n his not-so-good cute looks..I used to hate the way he never talked bout himself, coz I wanted to know him better.. n the way I used to like him for no reason... He was the most hatable person I knew, yes he was self- centered,least bothered bout me.. but I could not hate him at all coz I loved him so much.. He made me realise what 'nostalgia' means...why the hell should I love him without any expectations, why should my love be unconditional, why doesnt this idiot realise how much I love him... that he is so very lucky.. that someone is crazy about him... I should tell him that, or should I not?
Dil sa 'kamina' na koi hai ji.. Dil to bachcha hai ji!!!
My mind tried to convince me that this is sheer stupidity n nothing else..My mind kept on reminding me that you are a mature person..a tomboyish, intelligent girl..You cant be crazy about a guy like him.. Moreover, third sem isnt easy.. you need to concentrate hard..So I decided to accept that he doesnt like me the way I do n move on.. I decided that things like love n relationships cant affect a person like me.. Am going to enjoy my life unlike those idiots who waste there time thinking about a person.. I love my friends, my family,they all love me too... n above all.. I love myself.. So why do I need a dumbo like him in my life..Logically,he doesnt deserve me.. Yes, I decided not to call him.. not to send any messages to him, not
to reply to his mails, not to comment on his blogs.. I decided to do exactly what he used to do.. Moreover, I didnt have the time to think.. November and December are like really busy months in an engineer's life... But still, Was I right?
Darr lagta hai usse kehne mein ji.. Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji!!!
Part- IV
It was December end.. Majors were also over..Forgetting him wasnt easy.. I used to miss his messages in my inbox, his scraps in my scrapbook.. his presence in my life!!I used to re-read our conversations n number of times in a day,but I had stopped replying to his new mails.. probably there was this ego.. ego somewhere within me..Then it was on the very first day of the year 2010, early in the morning, that he called me up..somehow my heart was excited, it was happy..
He said "Hi! Happy New Year".. "Same to you" I replied... For around two to three minutes, both of us didnt speak anything.. Finally , he said "long time!"
"So, yar you didnt reply to my messages..."
" I can understand... I called to say sorry for the way I didnt pick your calls"
"Its okay.. I am sorry too"
"No, you don need to be sorry... listen.. I wanted to say something"
"I missed you alot", he said.
"I missed you too"
"not like this... Can we... Can we meet.. tomorrow, please?"
"where ?"
"any place .. Rajiv Chowk?"
"Ok.. When"
"2 o clock"
I felt as if I was suffering from if this was a hallucination..I still remember I couldn sleep that night...Then we met,yes,we met at the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station.. I wont give the details of what happened there..Let it be a secret.All I can say is that those were the most unforgettable 40 minutes of my life..Now I dont hate him for the way he talks.. I know thats the way he is.. I dont hate him for anything at all.. He is happy.. I am happy.. Life is beautiful!
Kya darr hai dil ki yun sunne mein ji... Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji!!!

[MORAL: Well usually morals of stories are one liners.. but you know me,I just cant cut things short.. I still dont know the difference between a crush and true love, I still dont know how love happens to be unconditional, selfless.. but the best part is that I really dont want to know all that.. Love is something incredibly beautiful, beautifully incredible.. It will find a way and come into your life...
Yes, these crushes are stupid, kiddish, immature.. but at the same time, they are cute.. love is a mysterious thing, let it be mysterious.. dont try to explore it.. It is something meant to be accepted... meant to be felt, experienced n enjoyed..Dil to bachcha hai.. Jab We Met ki baat yaad rakho, bachchon jaisi baat hai na, to bachchon jaisi baat me hi to maza aata hai! Agar ye kamina bachcha tumhe khud hi confuse karta hai.. to mera favourite love aaj kal ka dialogue hai na " Shayad ye Bhagwan Shagwan naam ka item waqai me hai jo ultimately sab kuch set kar deta hai"
Stop analysing about the right n wrong, the good n bad.. Dont waste time in useless philosophies.. If you are a teenager, you are too young to realise what true love is..Yes, you don need to understand every damn thing in this universe...
Express yourself, express your feelings to others... its really important!
Dont be disappointed if things dont turn out the way you wanted them to be.. Something even better will happen to you in future.. there might be someone who loves you more than what you could have ever must be happy if you are single, you must be equally happy even if you are committed.. Love yourself, love everything n everyone around you!!Life is really sexy! Enjoy!!]
PS (Very Very Important) :
1. This story is a work of imagination n fiction.. this has got nothing to do with me or any other person, living or dead..Any resemblance would be a mere coincidence.
2. Trust me, there is no inspiration at all, one doesnt need to have a crush on someone to write such a blog.. if you still dont trust me.. keep wondering about the inspiration!
3. Snehil Basoya, Thanks for posting my comment on your blog :) It made me realise that I am capable of writing such blogs! N thanks for the advice " Hum blogs kisliye likhte hain, Samaaj Seva ke liye"..
4. This post was written without any planning.. I jus listened to the song thrice n felt that it is worth writing a blog, then I started writing all of a sudden n this story came up automatically..
5. Haye zor kare, kitna shor kare..
Bewajah baaton pe aiwen gaur kare..
Dil sa koi 'kamina' nahi...
Tauba ye lamhe katte nahi kyun
Aankhon Se meri hatte nahi kyun..
I love this song.. Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji.... Thoda Kachcha Hai Ji...
[ Vishal Bhardwaj had himself asked me to promote Ishqiya through my blogs.. I could not refuse.. Its a must watch! ]

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