Monday, April 11, 2011

And.. My Life Changed

She used to say, "Once in a lifetime,if you are lucky enough,there comes a person in your life, who divides it into two phases,the one before you met him and the one after you met him"

And she was so right..
yes, she had always been right..
And my days used to revolve around her endless talks..
and I listened to her, and I smiled..
And... My life changed..

She used to say, "You never need big reasons to be happy..Sometimes, cute little things that someone does to make you smile, mean the world to you"

Her presence was the biggest reason for me to be happy..
For she taught me how to live,
For she taught me how to love..
And I loved her beyond words..
And.. My life had changed..

And she knew me completely,
And she understood me perfectly,
And she loved me selflessly..
And ever since she had entered my life..
My Life had changed..

She used to say, "Life is simple, live it simply,enjoy its simplicity and you will realize how beautiful it is !"

And sitting beside her grave,
I saw her beauty,
I saw her simplicity,
I recalled everything she did,
I recalled everything she said..

Yes, she is no more...
She left me alone..
And I do wonder,
I do wonder about,
the simplicity of life she used to talk about,
I still try to find,
her beautiful voice,
her beautiful smile..
And I do smile..
every time I think of her..
And I do cry,
every time I think of her..

She happens to be my life,
She was the girl who changed my life..
My Life had changed..
Yes... My Life Changed.. Twice !!

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