Saturday, February 27, 2010

Zarre Zarre Ki Ye Iltija Hai

Kyun kaagaz ke tukde ki lakeeron ki,
zameen se zameen ko juda karti sarhadon ki,
insaan ki zindagi se zyada ahmiyat hai..
Kyun aadmi ke banaye mazhabon ki,
vatan se zyada ahmiyat hai..

Kyun ek maasoom se,
uska bachpan chheena ja raha hai,
Kyun ek baap k kaandhe pe,
usi ke bete ka janaaja ja raha hai..

Har zarre ka noor wahi hai,
sari kaaynaat ka khuda wahi hai..
kyun usi khuda k bandon k beech hai ye nafrat..
Ki allah ki bakshi inaayat,
Aakhir hai to sirf insaniyat..

Aaj har dil se aa rahi ye sada hai,
zarre zarre ki ye iltija hai..
bas yehi guzarish hai,
aur yehi khwahish hai...
ki charon taraf ho sukoon,ho khushiyan..
Na koi aatank,na nafrat,na hinsa..
Zarre zarre ki yahi,
bas yahi,iltija hai..

[Dedicated to all those who desire peace and finally an end to war n terrorism....... to all those who believe that humanity is above every religion. ]

An agnostic theist demanding peace for the whole world......

Sonia Bhatia

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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Well this has got nothing to do with the lifestyles of the people living in metropols.. This blog is based on our very own Delhi Metro..which has become an integral part of the lives of all Delhites.. No, this is not at all based on its speed, new routes, connectivity, crowd n stuff like that.. You can always read all that in newspapers.. This blog comes up with the observations and experiences of a passenger..Yes, I have been travelling in the Delhi Metro since I took admission into college, and on an average, I spend about two hours in the metro or at the metro stations daily.. Ya, even I am fed up of the crowd of the F****## Blue Line, even I am sick n tired of the technical problems..but then, I still am a fan of the Delhi Metro..This blog is dedicated to all the people who travel in the Delhi Metro n the DMRC.. In fact, I have divided them into categories.. Here are the types of people you'll find inside the metros :-

1. The Aunties: Rarely found in the yellow line, these auntys are always sitting on the ladies seat (even if a seventy year old man is standing with crutches in his hand, these ladies wont let him sit on the seats reserved for them.) They are the only ones who never sleep even though they have a seat, because their favourite time pass is to stare at college students.. Yeah, even if a boy n a girl discuss a mathematics problem, they'll stare at them as if they are kissing each other in public.Sometimes, they actually start commenting on the kinds of dresses teenagers wear.. they keep discussing the daily soaps n disturb you the most when you are studying before an important exam.. N you feel like saying "Aunty, will you please shut up?", the most interesting scene to watch is when an aunty talks to people of the next category, well this reminds me
that I should stop describing the boring auntys n should come to the next category..

2.The Couples : You'll find them on every possible route, walking together..hand in hand..they never disturb students because they speak slowly and are lost in their own world, still they are really irritating.. They dont really have to reach a particular station.. They just keep roaming around from C Sec to Jahangirpuri, from Dilshad Garden to Rithala,,its the cheapest kinda date you see..n the most irritating part.. the so called PDAs( public displays of affection).. people are actually fed up of them all..but probably they would never get that..

3.The DU guys : Well this is simply the most interesting category, n this is going to be the longest paragraph too! I dedicate this category to all those B.Tech guys who think that they are losers n the DU guys are cool studs.. Now I guess, I should start..
Hmmm, DU guys, always there in the Yellow Line of course..They are sitting on the seats reserved for ladies n senior citizens all the time, n like the aunties, you can never expect the DU guys to offer seats to physically handicapped people too..They have the weirdest kind of dressing style.. In most of the cases, they're wearing loose T-shirts with capris n they actually go for girlish accessories (bands, earrings,red n yellow chappals)... I don understand how one can call them to be cool.. Most of the time, they are actually sleeping.. people with no energy..I am still trying to figure out why people think that they are smarter than the engineering students..
Anyways, here goes the most unforgettable incident related to the Delhi Metro..I was travelling in the Yellow Line, a guy,a DU guy, came up to me n directly said "Are you interested in me?"..I had the obvious reaction, "Excuse me,come again!"..It was like a huge shock. He was a physics honours student from DU, knew my name, my college n my branch too...Well,I could have never imagined that even DU guys could be such 'Despos'.. I dont know if writing this publicly is right on my part or not, but I jus felt that this blog would be incomplete without this...It made me understand the logic behind the silly announcement 'Kripya kisi anjaan vyakti se dosti na karein'

Well,no offences to DU guys..I know that all of them are not the way I have described them in this blog..

4. The Uncles : Now these are the people who think that no one else knows anything at all about metro... They keep repeating the rules, God knows why.. They keep irritating you giving all kinds of instructions "Beta, zara us side pe ho jao..Baki logon ko khade hone ki jagah mil jayegi..",they stare at you when you are studying,n they keep discussing political issues as if they are the leaders of the nation..

5.The Bimbos : Well,these bimbos are always there to irritate you...anywhere at all.. even in metros..Yeah,they wear those 4 inches pencil heel even if they are 5'8" already, n at times they actually step on your foot, you feel like killing them.. Yes, this had happened once. I told you, this blog is based on the experiences and observations of a passenger.. Even inside the metro, they keep combing their hair, they keep talking about cosmetics, hair styles,make up, all the time...


  • The best excuse for the late comers for the 9AM class : " Sir, metro rajiv chowk pe kharaab ho gayi thi sir, badi der tak ruki rahi, badi mushkil se college pahunche hain sir'.
  • Breaking the rules, something that I enjoy the most- having Bingo Mad Angles n Frootis in the metro, sitting on the floor, obstructing the closing n opening of the doors...
  • I enjoy writing stuff when I am travelling, all these poems n songs that I have posted on this blog, were actually written by me in the metro ( I save all that in the drafts folder of my cell) by the way.. Zarre Zarre Ki Ye Iltija Hai.. Finally a meaningful n unromatic poem by me.. dedicated to those who desire peace n humanity.. coming soon..
  • I love gossiping with my friends in metro.. talking to your friends n laughing a lot..
  • My favourite Metro Stations are Rajiv Chowk,Kashmere Gate n Netaji Subhash Place.. Studying at the Kashmere Gate McD, simply checking out the posters n books at Rajiv Chowk, Metro MUseum at Patel Chowk, Gol Gappe at NSP.. waiting for your friends at the metro station, its unlimited..
  • Its when you are carrying very thick books, that the security check people say " Beta, ye kitaab bhi checking k liye machine me daalo, itni moti kitaab me kuch bhi chhupaya ja sakta hai", as if engineering students are terrorists..
  • Funny announcements by the driver like," Gaadi abhi nahi chalegi,takneeki kharabi k kaaran hui is asuvidha se jo khed hua hai uske liye humein khed hai "
  • I am in love with this city, Dilli Meri Jaan...n I cant imagine Delhi without the Delhi Metro..
  • Finally the Green Line would start in March, eagerly waiting for it.. I will get rid of the blue line..

At the end, just one thing to say, wish we had Commonwealth Games every year..n wish we could get rid of these technical defaults n problems forever..

Next Blog Soon

Sonia Bhatia
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