Saturday, January 15, 2011


Recently I realized that the virtue of faith is the most important virtue...Relationships can never survive without faith.. You need to have faith in your partner..You need to believe that the other person loves you as much as you do..You need to trust him..You cannot accept and move on unless you have faith that everything will be fine..You are bound to have courage,hope,strength, patience and fortitude when you have faith.. When you live in faith, you have a greater momentum towards your goal, you do not consider any obstacle in your path,rather you simply see it as a part of overall perfection ..Faith actually draws and attracts happiness..It attracts what you wish to achieve, what you want from your life, and disbelief pushes all that away..

I realize the importance of faith in life,in relationships..but something that I really want to explore and apply, is the power of faith in God..

Being an agnostic, I do not believe in any religion at all..My post Simply Ask Yourself says it all.. but then, being an agnostic and being an atheist are two different things..I do believe in God,
I believe that there exists a divine power, you may call it God, the almighty, the spiritual power or anything at all you feel like..Now, believing that God exists and having faith in God are two really different things again..

I support rationalism, and therefore, when I talk about faith,I do not consider those cases where people die in pilgrim stampede, where people slaughter lambs in the name of worship.. This blog does not talk of blind faith..

This is an attempt to explore the way some people believe that no matter what, everything will be perfect because they have faith in God..

I always wonder how diseases get cured, blind people are blessed with eyesight, just by a pilgrimage or by anything that people have absolute faith in.. all these miracles do happen..Most of you must have seen or must have heard about these...But then, we follow rationalism..We say that science does not justify this..We say that there is no possible reason for this..but then, the heart has its own reasons that reason does not follow at all..There is no reason to explain absolute faith, just like there is no way to define and explain love..
I started believing in miracles ever since I witnessed one myself.. I saw a man, who was dumb n crippled ever since he was born..He had complete faith in God n he used to stay in a temple..I saw him speak and walk properly,all of a sudden, as a result of a miracle.. It was when he saw his Guru..It was his faith in him that made the unbelievable happen..Yes, miracles do happen, but only n only for those who have absolute and unconditional faith in God, the ones who are happy in spite of all the adverse situations, because they believe that one day, their prayers will be answered...Perhaps, the sub-conscious mind does play a role in it, faith is all about how your sub-conscious mind attracts all positive energy towards itself..

We all pray to God..We all thank God when we achieve something we had really wished for..but we talk to God the most when we are sad, when we feel we are betrayed or we are deprived of something that we deserve..Asking for things to be in our favour, praying for everything to be perfect and wishing for our happiness is not faith..Faith lies in believing that we will be happy because God is there to support us, even when we have n number of hardships to face..

They say, spirituality is an unusual inner path to discover the essence of life, to discover the real values and to comprehend ourselves in the deepest manner.. Some say its meditation, some call it prayer.. but can one inculcate faith through spiritual experiences.. Can absolute belief be acquired merely by meditating or praying?

The toughest of times can sail through easily, miracles can happen, we can live with happiness and peace.. I do believe that God exists, I do believe that my prayers will be answered, I do believe that everything happens for a reason.. But do I have absolute faith? I really don't think so.. I wish to have faith, I wish to inculcate it in me, I wish to follow the path of eternal faith in God for eternal peace.. But is this possible for anyone and everyone? Is this possible given that I cannot leave the materialistic world I am addicted to? If yes, then how?

At the end, just one more thing to say, I might not have absolute faith, but I do realize its importance, I might be an agnostic, but I communicate with God in my own ways and that makes me feel relaxed n happier daily..Have faith.. It actually has that power n it surely is the most important virtue !

This blog comes to an end abruptly..for I wish to seek answers..I genuinely wish for some good comments n I hope that you all would share your views..

Next blog soon

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

FLASHBACKS- The Longest Semester Ever !!

[ This is a personal blog.. In case if you don't know me, you will not be able to relate..]
The fifth semester, just like all other semesters, came up with new people, some beautiful experiences and of course life lessons !!
Unlike my blog on the fourth sem, this is not divided into different phases..This comes up with all those things that made the fifth semester special, weird n beautiful, good n bad..I would simply write about all those by one..

THE ULTIMATE DISCUSSION : The very first week of the semester,when we actually realized we are into the "third year", started with a damn serious topic and an endless discussion... MBA vs M Tech, placement vs post graduation, private jobs vs PSUs, scope vs interest and so on.. Every other person was talking about one n only one topic n that was 'future plans n career options'...I realized that I can actually become a career counselor, given that people easily get convinced n influenced by my style of talking,I would be great at it..Anyways, I was sick of that atmosphere, everyone around me was confused, worried and all those discussions led to more confusions..n then, thanks to a friend's advice, I decided to listen to my heart,to live in present and start with a new enthusiasm..The post Zendagi Migzara says it all..

THE BIRTHDAYS : This was the best part of the entire semester- the most beautiful days and the most unforgettable experiences.. I had really enjoyed Chinese food at Bercos n Fa Yian, hanging out with friends, celebrating n above all getting those gifts.. My 20th birthday was awesome.. All thanks to Richa, Radhika n Tanya for the greeting with those beautiful messages, to Lattu n Neha for that amazing poem, n of course to Kriti n Mehra for the bag :-)

THE RAINS : Delhites had witnessed the worst rainy season ever in 2010.. I still remember the way it used to be difficult to walk because of heavy rains, the way we used to be completely drenched even after carrying an umbrella..I still remember all those news reports about the river Yamuna's danger levels..n above all, those rumors "Kashmere Gate ISBT pe busein doob chuki hain, baadh aane wali hai,, ho sakta hai campus me chhutti declare ho jaye, ho sakta hai minors postpone ho jayen.."

COMMONWEALTH GAMES : Right from Suresh Kalmadi jokes to debates on corruption in India, right from the CWG interviews to the Closing Ceremony.. the first half of the 5th sem kinda revolved around CWG...Delhi had a makeover, so many student volunteers got a chance to work for it, a chance to attend the spectacular ceremonies...The best part was that it got great reviews and we all felt really happy n proud..but then, the worst part was that even though we had vacations, all our exams were postponed and the reason behind the title of this blog is nothing else but the commonwealth games..

POSTPONE, POSTPONE n POSTPONE : Every damn thing in this semester was postponed again n again.. We had to wait for so many days for a bloody five minutes' viva... Apoorvi's words after our practicals "Kitni jannaton ke baad hamare practicals khatm hue hain.." .. n today, it feels as if I had never felt so relieved in life ever before.. I find it hard to believe that this sem is finally over... Phew !!

  • I used to think a lot about my being tomboyish, I used to hate bimbos...and in this sem, I discovered my girlie side..I used to think a lot about it for no reason..My friend Shashank must be fed up of discussions about the same..Gradually I realized that it really does not matter, the words 'girlie' n 'tomboyish' are mere adjectives and I am what I am.. Some people like me for the way I am this sweet n sensible girl trying to help everyone around and some like my cool n crazy side..but the ones who really know me, like me for what I am, and thats what matters!
  • The most beautiful people are the ones who need you the most, for the greatest need in the world is the need to be needed.. Never let those people go, they matter the most!
  • For the first time, I saw groupism in IGIT..but even then,even to this day,I feel that I get along well with almost everyone..I like people around me and I have enjoyed every bit of my college life.. I had made some new friends in this semester, I had interacted a lot with some old friends too.. One must always welcome new people in life..Every person comes with a new charm into your life..
  • At times, you get angry with people who happen to be your closest friends..You feel that the other person does not devote time to you, or does not care for you as much as you do..This complacency, this misunderstanding can never come up if you understand each other..Trust the other person.. How can you forget all those moments when he/she had made you smile..Learn to accept ! Learn to understand and learn to forgive..
  • Faith is the most important virtue... You cant carry on any relationship without faith.. I have faith in people close to me, I have faith in my capabilities.. but I am still trying to figure out the aspect of having faith in God.. My Next Blog.. The Power of Faith.. Coming soon..
  • There are just two people in the whole world who will always be happier than you when you are happy..n they are your parents.. Once again, at the end of a semester, a promise to myself..One day, I'll make them feel proud..
  • I really don't understand the reason why people say friends must never thank each other and must never apologize.. You must always express what you feel, being expressive is important.. and therefore, I'm gonna dedicate a few messages to some people, for I couldn't have imagined this sem without them..

Nina : You are one of those people who love me the most, ultimately caring.. You're the best..
Shashank : Thanks for those hilarious, random and weird conversations..for sharing those awesome songs..Thanks for being the friend who knows me n understands me the best..Thanks for your words of wisdom, for making me laugh even in the worst of situations n the worst of my moods..Thanks for everything buddy!
Radhika : The person I texted the most, the person I talked to the most, throughout the semester..Enjoyed conversations with are on of those few people i can talk bout anything at all..
Richa: We have a lot of things in common, right from our likes n dislikes to our opinions in case of most of our are really cool...ek dum mast !!
Litsi n Neha : Dunno why, jus felt like writing your names together..Lattu the kidnapper n daku haseena, just one thing to say to you.. no matter how much we fight, no matter how much we tease each other, i'll be the same 'junglee' for you..
AC : When this semester started, I didn't know you at all, but now I know you n understand you really well.. You are an extremely emotional person,really crazy, n expressive like anything..You are a true person, you value your friends a lot AC, n I'm glad I'm one of those now !!
Prerna : Enjoyed hanging out with you buddy..Enjoyed celebrating our birthdays together..You are ultimately sweet n I really like the way you try to sort out things whenever we all fight..
Mehra : You are lively, bubbly n worldly wise at the same time.. Who the hell says engineers can't be stylish!! Whatever you do, you do it with an amazing style!!
Tanya : I am a fan of your Latkas n Jhatkas now... You are an awesome dancer and an amazingly lively person..
Pallavi : Enjoyed all those interesting and intelligent discussions with you...n hats off to your time management skills.. never seen such a workaholic person ever before! A sincere advice, take out some time n chill out in these vacations..
Kriti : I really like the way you take care of people around you, the way you love Chubby, the way you get excited n happy over small things, always enjoyed arguments n debates with you too.. he he
Priyanka : Xebec Non- Tech events will be rocking this year.. Good luck partner!!

A special message to all my school friends... Megha, Paro, Eshan, Aakriti, Kshipra, Menaka, Abhishek, Preeti, Mayank, Vrinda, Anubha..
No matter how much I hate that school, I really miss you guys, I miss Sharma Mam's double meaning statements, I miss KBC 3, I miss Madipur jokes, I miss Sharma Mam's hilarious classes.. I miss you all :( .. feel like writing a comedy note on Fb..

Well.. The blog ends here.. Overall, the fifth sem taught me to be bold and carefree and to be emotional and caring at the same time... It taught me the importance of being in the present. It taught me to be happy n peaceful even in the worst of the circumstances..

The end of the 5th semester is like a new beginning for me, with a new enthusiasm... 5 semesters gone, 3 more to go!! Lets see what life has to offer in future...
And I do believe that everything will be awesome.. Life is really sexy.. Enjoy !!

1. Apologies if any names or things or anything at all is missing in this post.. Its all random.. Writing a semester blog is not easy as it may seem..
2. This had been an amazing semester for blogging... Visits all time high..
3. When I look back, I realize how foolish n immature I had been in my 4th sem.. I feel happy about whatever had happened in this sem.. No guilt, no regrets!!
4. 2011 has been great so far.. taking this as an omen.. hope this continues!!

Next blog soon!! Keep reading !!
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