Sunday, September 5, 2010


The best lines by Khaled Hosseini after 'For you, a thousand times over'... Zendagi Migzara.. so true!!

Its funny how everyday we follow almost the same routine,we think about similar stuff, we use words like 'monotony' n 'boredom' to describe our daily lives, we want some adventure, some fun n above all, some changes.. yet when we look back after a few years, everything is different..Sometimes I feel that life is actually a series of transformations..every other phase in your life comes up with something new, with a transformation in you, in your circumstances.. People come n go, things change, we move on through both good n bad phases n life goes on..With this, I should start with this blog..


Two years back, just two years back............

She used to be a Daddy's good girl after passing out from school... Now she feels she is ready to face the whole world, having realized its impossible to survive being a naive, innocent person...
She used to wonder why people talk so much about terms like personal life, unofficial breakups, love hate relationships n all, because they never made any sense to her.. Now she can actually write both fiction n non-fiction blogs about the same, she is bored of advising n number of people and as a matter of fact, some of them actually call her 'Love Guru'...
It took her two days to understand the route from her home to college.. Now, she often hangs out with her friends and has explored places in both Delhi and Noida her parents haven't even heard about..
She was completely tomboyish, used to think that kaajal and maskara are synonymous words, and never had a clue about words like danglers,crimping,tic-tacs,and used to wonder why girls spend money on weird accessories.. She still hates to be girlie, but she has started thinking a bit about her looks,she likes to experiment with her hairstyle once in a while ,she loves it when people around her say she looks good..
She was an ideal student at school, sincere and hardworking... Now, she initiates mass bunks, studies for minors just a week before, thinks of new ideas for farrebaazi..

.......... And she is the writer of this blog, a girl who was, is and will always be crazy.. Right now, while writing this random blog, she knows that every person of her age must be able to relate to this..She is thinking of the way how she is just the same and yet, so very diferent..the way she faced weird situations that she could have never even imagined two years back.. the way she has learnt to accept, to forgive and to move on.. and the way she realized that life goes on... and above all the way she realized the beauty of the lines " Shayad bhagwan shagwan naam ka item waqai me hai jo ultimately sab kuch set kar deta hai.. " ( This line actually summarizes all her experiences)


The next two years.....

Being a third year engineering student, I always see confused faces around me.. Almost every other person talks only and only about future plans, entrances, career options, jobs, placements and everything related to his future..
Sick and bored of hearing the lines " Kahaan phas gaye yaar.. pata nahi kya hoga hamara..."
It was just a month back when even I was kinda worried ,and a close friend said..." Look, you haven't lost your decision making ability..Dont think so much about your career or your future..Dont worry.. Just explore all options...Some day, something great will strike to you, once you take a decision, start working, be focussed and trust me, you'll rock !"
We all have this tendency to think a lot about future..we become addicted to it in a way, we keep on thinking about it all the time.. We day dream, we over think, we over analyse and ultimately the result of useless analysis and useless thinking is- more confusion, more anxiety, more worries, more tension.......

At the end, no matter what, in spite of all the hardships, in spite of all the terrible tough phases, life will move on, as the Afghans say, zendagi migzara..
Part 3
The Present
Ultimately..Koi na jaane apna future kya hoga...then why the hell do we need to think of it.... All I know is that, two years later, my life would be different, with new people, new faces, new places.. As of now, I am already into a new phase, really excited and enthusiastic, ready to work upon things and devote time to myself.....thats it
I am listening to my heart, I feel that,wherever I'll go, whatever I'll do, I'll give it my best shot..
P.S. This is a random blog, written without any planning, in simple words.... This is just an attempt to express what I feel.... and finally its dedicated to all those people who dont enjoy their lives being worried about the future... Live in your present.. Love yourself.. Love people around you.. Love your life!!!
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Anonymous said...

Hey!! This is Ajay...

Great blog!
I am sure every engineering student must be able to relate, AWESOME

shreya srivastava said...

Awesome work sonia!!! Really, I could connect with it.....

Priya said...

Loved it
absolutely amazing..
You write real great stuff girl, you rock

Anonymous said...

:D nice reading it.

Sonia said...

@ ajay, shreya di n priya

thanks alot!!!!

@ Sharma Ji
You know its all because of you that I wrote this blog.. Without your advice, this blog would have been incomplete...
thanks for the random talk..the inspiration.. thanks for everything :D

Anonymous said...

nice...yup i can relate too... :-D

Anonymous said...

hmm, i too realised my own advice after you acknowledged it :P

P.S. My pleasure

Anonymous said...

kya baat hai!
bachchi badhi ho gayi :P
keep it up sonhiya :)

Sonia said...

@ nina

@ shashank
:-) :-)

@ anonymous
:P who is it by the way

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Great Post. I have subscribed to the RSS -
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Artsdeco said...

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Dr.Hafiz Aeymon said...

we all are the same... everyone of us try to b different from others to standout to prove our existence to others but that again makes us all the same, trying to be different in our own ways :)

karla camille foronda said...

WOW! you really have a nice blog here..
i've been reading some of your older posts, Only the best.
goodluck with life, and keep on posting.
you are inspiring people:)

try to visit my blog too. thank you:)
much love♥

Sonia said...

thanks everyone!!

Its good to see new readers..
@ karla
will read ur blog soon... thanks :)

Naman said...

Awesome !!!!
Loved it.. so very true

rachit said...

good one..

Shahbaz Akhter Laraib said...

good thinking..........

Asian Models Agent said...

nice blog......

Sonia said...

Thanks a lot everyone :)

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