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Shonali n Sid were two great friends...She was a Delhi girl n Sid was a student at IIT Kanpur..They were in touch and used to talk frequently even though they were not in the same city.Finally they were about to see each other after a long time..Shonali was waiting for Sid at the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station,excited to meet him..
She just saw him coming out of the Yellow Line...

Hey Sid!!!
Hey! Hi Sho!!

fed up of that crowd at the platform, they sat on a bench n started talking..

God! You wont ever stop calling me Sho,you know I hate that name...
Alright,Shonali Ji.. by the way, you have lost weight...lookin good
Naah,no way,I think I've gained quite a lot of weight...I'm like..such a fatso..
So do you expect me to say,"Sho,you look awesome,incredibly slim" and repeat that sentence n number of times...Whats wrong with you girls..Why dont you just accept that you have lost weight...Why do you have to argue unnecessarily..
Ok,Ok...Ya,you have seen me after so many colour suits you alot..You used to look like a complete nerd,you look much better now..
So...ermmm what...

Both of them were actually wondering how its so very easy to talk for hours n hours through gtalk,sms n phone calls and why does it become difficult to keep a conversation alive when you are talking face to face..

Shona, m starving yaar..lets go to CCD!
Ya..You know what, Shona sounds much better than Sho..
Hmmm, I know that Sho!
Sid!!! you are... you are

This time,Sid just smiled...They were there at Cafe Coffee Day now...'

Sho, I jus forgot,you hate coffee, dont you?
Ya, i hate coffee.. I'll have something else..When are your friends coming..You guys are going to watch a movie, right?
Yup.. Raajneeti at PVR Plaza... What bout your friends..Lemme guess..You must be going to Janpath or Kamla Nagar or some kinda mall..I cant understand why girls love shopping..
Shut up Sid, shopping is fun..n ya, m waiting to watch Raajneeti too.. As always,Ranbir Kapoor is looking awesome..he looks cute in every other movie,this time he is looking really smart too.. n for a change, even Katrina is looking fine...
What do you mean... she always looks beautiful... everytime..

For about 15 minutes, they kept on talking about Raajneeti, Katrina Kaif, latest music,latest movies n endless stuff...then all of a sudden, Shonali said..

Sid,whats up with that girl in your college..Did you talk to her again?
Shonali, what the hell made you think of her...You keep saying that I go out of the topic while talking,that all guys go out of the topic.. tell me, when we were talking about movies n all, why the hell did you start talking about her all of a...
Look, I'm really really really sorry Sid, I just asked coz.. I mean..
Its ok Sho, I can were concerned about me..I told you, I can see things cant be the way I want them to be n m really disturbed about it..She takes me for granted, as if I dont exist..
Sid, its better if you move on.. really..I mean, remember I had gone through a similar phase once..about 10 months ago..You had told me to accept n move on ..thanks for the way you had supported me then n sorry for asking this stupid question now..
No need to thank me Sho..I always tell you bout everything because no one else understands me the way you do..I can share every damn thing related to my life with you..You are a true friend,Shona..Its great to talk to you..I have never seen a girl like you..
Siddharth Sharma..Listen.. To hell with her now.. really, you are a perfect guy..She was unlucky she lost a great guy like you...n m not saying so coz you are a close friend, m saying so because I know this..
Finally, there exists a girl who thinks I am perfect.. thank you Sho..
Shut up Sid...(This time, she blushed n smiled as if she didn't actually mean what she if she wanted Sid to speak even more n tease her even more...)

N then,Sid started talking bout something else...

How is your younger brother doing.. Is he still making those sketches n playing cards of those Japanese cartoons..Naruto n all...
He is as irritating as ever..Keeps disturbing me all the time...n he has finally sold those cards to his friend for a thousand bucks..
Stop talking bout that idiot now..
Yaar, I just received a message from a friend, I guess we'll have to leave now..
Ya, even my friends must be waiting for me...We should leave now...

While they were coming out of the Cafe Coffee Day..Shonali started talking again..

Sid,it was nice to see you after a long time...
Yeah, it was good to see you Shona!
I just noticed something bout you..You call me Shona whenever you are emotional..
Ermm.. really..You think I am an emotional guy?
Of course..n dont you dare challenge my observation..

So they were standing near the F-Block of the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station.. Shonali just said "Goodbye, Sid".. ...... n then, Sid just hugged her, n noticed the way most of the people at the Dwarka platform of the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station were staring at them, God knows why..

So Shonali enjoyed every bit of the day, meeting Sid, hanging out with her friends..Before going to sleep, she recalled everything..She started thinking about that conversation.. She could recall it word-to-word.. She enjoyed thinking about the way Sid had said, "I have never seen a girl like you.." n then, she herself did not realize when she started imagining about something else .."Why were all those people staring at us at the Metro Station.. All friends hug each other, whats the big deal.. Anyways, is Sid really a perfect guy, well, he is a perfect friend for sure.. but then, he is such an idiot, he's absolutely hopeless, pathetically stupid..Why am I thinking about it.. Is it like, I have a crush on him or something..Naah, no way, for God's sake.. Me n Sid together.. as a couple.. Not possible..... Oh crap, what the hell am I thinking..Well, Sid and I, best buddies, everything is just so beautiful..He understands me well and then, I am what I am when I am with him..Had he been my boyfriend,I guess, probably things would not have been as beautiful as they are..So, I am lucky enough to have a friend like Sid..We'll always be friends..always and forever..God knows why I had started thinking like a silly bimbo..

Shonali, almost laughing at herself now, was still not able to sleep, laughing at all her friends who used to think that Sid and Shonali are Made For Each Other types..thinking that its just so great to have a friend who will always be there for you..thinking bout so many things.. and realizing that friendship is the loveliest relationship you can think of..and feeling that life is just so sexy n she could not stop smiling.....

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Sonia Bhatia

This story has got nothing to do with the blog post, Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji..Goes without saying, this was a work of pure fiction.. And all kinda comments are welcome..

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srijan said...

completely agree with the thing in the blue..... u will find many people you wud b interested in romantically.... but its not easy at all to find a true friend who u can really trust with everything....

AMAN BAHL said...

It wasn't a complete story, I was expecting something in the end........and it finished....!!

Anonymous said...

Ye kahaani poori filmy hai. :P

Good nice :)

litsi said...

na na itss nt purely fictitious,...
cn very well relate thhngs...
ahem ahem ahem :P

Sonia said...

@ Srijan

Bingo... finally someone understood what I had to convey..You are what you are when you are with a friend..Its not at all easy to find a true friend :-)
Thanks for the lovely comment.

@ Aman
I know that.. I just wanted to describe the situation, the friendship n above all the lines in blue..Sometimes you love a guy/girl, as a friend only..n thats the most beautiful relationship...
btw what were you expecting towards the end.. really wanna know yar..

Sonia said...

@ Shashank

Hey Bhagwan!!!
filmy kya tha isme yar.. Ye to maha realistic hai..most of my friends were able to relate to it :D.... friendship rocks :D


Kahan se kya relate kar liya tune...Hadh ho gayi..

tum dono ke comments kafi unexpected the :P

AMAN BAHL said...

guy part of the story, he must have thought something that night

Sonia said...

Oh ya ya.. he must have thought something that night for sure and as far as i had imagined the story.. their thoughts must be similar.. but its easier to write things from the viewpoint of a girl and thats why I chose to write bout what she thought that night..

srijan said...

@sonia thnx for likin my comment..... and @ur comment on aman..... doesnt matter if u think of the guy/girl as friend or as something more.... much more important is... which relationship wud u give priority to.... that of a lover or that of a friend... and sometimes that makes all the difference.

srijan said...

btw i am sure u wudnt b able to imagine what's goin on in the guy's mind.. :P

sonia said...

ermmm.. I feel u are what u are when u are with a close friend..u get more than what you can share whatever you want to, the person understands you completely.. you are definitely a lucky person if you have such a friend..this is what I wanted to cant really say bout the priority thing.. feelings are never on the basis of priorities..

n ya.. maybe I could imagine that(not completely of course).. but decided against writing it.. n that was a correct decision :P

thisisankur said...

nice reading through my opinion...

love is love..and there is no point discriminating it in terms of friendship, that kind of feeling etc etc...
we have no right to classify was always love and will remain is above classification and above us..
its just that because you are in a society that you GIVE NAMES TO RELATIONSHIP..! its just WHEN YOU THINK of classifying you GIVE IT A NAME..and am sorry..where THOUGHT (thinking about someone comes) IT, LOVE IS NOT..(vihaar karne se pyaar nahin hota..! )

nothing else i would like to say..!

Anonymous said...

NINA: i can very well relate it with you sonia.. :-P

Sonia said...

@ ankur

Well I really donno much bout this thing called LOVE, as a matter of fact, i don wanna know bout it too..n then this blog was not about was about something called FRIENDSHIP..anyways your comment reminded me of one of my favorite songs from the movie Khamoshi..Yes, we have that habit of giving names to relations...but thats not because of the society..thats because we ourselves become habitual of doin so... but i definitely wanna know bout that THOUGHT wala explain it to me :)

abhianv_ams said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
:D..ulip said...

Very well written zee !! ..

This fictitious writing might make me permanent fixation to this blog ! :P

just loved the lines
"realizing that friendship is the loveliest relationship you can think of."

It is. !!

Keep the fiction alive.
Take care :)

Sonia said...


will be writing some more fiction blogs soon..

keep reading :)

Kikyo said...

Aww...So Cute..Friends...And..Hahahaha!!!..Hum..Hum...A BIG LIKE!

Vikram said...

really really really cute

Sonia said...

:-) :-)
thanks !!

Ritu said...

loved it..this is just so cute..awesome !!

shaik kareemuddin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shaik kareemuddin said...

Awesome !! its really great :)
Most of us goes with the same situation !!
Perfectly described :)

boby said...

hi di,
finally read your 'HUM TUM':D
good work,i was enjoying the conversations and then even started thinking what would crop up next but then it just ended.
write something more too pls, like HUM TUM part 2 :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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