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Sensual Songs & Musical Seductions

Ever wondered what can be mesmerizing, surreal, soft, sweet, soothing, sensuous, erotic, crazy, loud, sexy, classy, emotionally arousing at the same time? There's one and only one answer- music !!
And when I say I can't live without it, I really mean it ! My day starts with a song daily (I love to call it 'Song of the Day').. I can keep on talking about my favorite songs for hours!!
And as far as genres are concerned, right from old Hindi songs to romantic English tracks..right from appreciating nature's beauty via awesome lyrics like "Kaisi hai ye rut" to dancing madly to the beats of foot tapping Punjabi songs..right from sad songs to the ones that get you high..I enjoy everything..but I personally believe that nothing can be more alluring than seductive songs for they appeal to your senses in a way that can't be described in words and I really love most of the songs of the genre..Here goes a list of the top 8 Hindi seductive songs!! Hope you enjoy it !!

#8 Aur Ho - Rockstar

Click here to download 
While I'm writing this blog, I'm listening to the song simultaneously, and falling in love with Mohit Chauhan's magical voice all over again..Check out the lyrics here..
"Ras hasrat ka nichod doon.. kass baahon me aa todh doon" This song describes longing and craving for someone at its best..The bebasi, the burning desire, the passion, the sighs make it a real seductive track..Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri add to the sensuality of the video..Hats off to every artist who was involved in making this song.. In one word, it really is "surreal"

#7 Aa ja piya tohe pyar doon 
Listen to the original track by Lata Mangeshkar here  and this is the link to the lyrics 
"jal chuke hain badan kai piya isi aag me, thake hue in hathon ko de de mere hathon me" 
Perhaps real satisfaction and pleasure lies in giving the same to someone and this is what makes this song so unique and so beautiful, so sensuous yet so pure..The theme of the song isn't 'you are all mine', it is, 'I'm all yours'..More than seduction, it talks of love, care and affection..The original video stars Rajesh Khanna and Asha Parekh but I wasn't able to upload it, and I didn't want to share any remix..

#6 Bedardi Raja 
 Listen to the song here .. I'm not sharing the video for I don't really like it..
Undoubtedly, the best part of the song is the wonderful desi lyrics and Sona Mohapatra's unique voice adds on to the flavor! "Rom rom daude re bijli, marode kalai jab tu, marode kalai" 
Her voice, her expression and her style completely lived up to the feel of the song and the seductiveness of the lyrics! "Bedardi raja, jara paas toh aa ja" Amazing track!

#5 Aao Na, gale lagao na 

Asha Bhosle's voice is absolutely superb, no wonder people call her an Enchantress..
"Tumne jo agan lagayi hai, wo chhoo ke dekho na, kahan kahan.. Dekho, seene me kaisi hulchul machi hai, o saajna" 
This is what you call a flawless song with perfect lyrics..The theme itself is so seductive, with great music by PanchamDa..Helen looks totally sexy in the video

#4 Jaadu hai, nasha hai 

Click here to download and listen 
I am in love with Shreya Ghoshal's voice, I am in love with lyrics, I am in love with the song!
Bipasha Basu looks really hot in the video, and the line "Dekhti hain jiss tarah se, teri nazrein mujhe.. main khud ko chhupaun kahaan" says it all..
I can't find words to describe how sensuous, how exhilarating this song is! Goes without saying, it is magical and intoxicating, jaadu hai, nasha hai !

#3 Tip Tip Barsa Pani 

You may forget the song, you may forget the lyrics, but you can never forget the video, the rain dance and Raveena Tondon's sari !!  She looks super hot in the wet yellow sari.. Her dance, her sexy attire and the lyrics, "teri yaad aayi toh jal utha mera bheega badan".. Seriously, as far as this song is concerned, pani ne waqai me aag laga di.. The music gets you high and the video gets you higher! Enjoy the song, check out the lyrics here 

#2 Raat Akeli Hai, Bujh Gaye Diye 

People may call Asha Bhosle 'The Enchantress'.. I call her 'The Queen of Sensuous & Seductive Songs'
Her voice is mesmerizing, intoxicating, captivating and what not! It gets you high, it really does..I start singing this song, I try n feel it, try n enjoy it, and I actually start acting as if I'm drunk !! That's the impact of the song! "Tum aaj mere liye ruk jao, rut bhi hai fursat bhi hai..Tumhe na ho na sahi, mujhe tumse mohabbat hai, mohabbat ki ijazat hai, toh chup kyun rahiye, jo bhi chahe kahiye" 
I can never forget these lines, for this song is a timeless classic !

#1 Roop Tera Mastana, Pyar Mera Deewana 

No matter what, this song is unbeatable, it was/is/will be the most seductive song in the history of Indian music! I swear I can write a complete blog about it.. First of all, Kishore Kumar's voice is matchless, he sang it so beautifully that right after the song starts, you begin to enjoy the feeling.. Secondly, S D Burman's music is like a treat to your senses..The lyrics is completely seductive..Check it out here..Everything about the video is awesome, the fire, the rain, the expressions, the mood, the chemistry!!
Sharmila Tagore looks sexy, and of course, no other actor could have performed it better than Rajesh Khanna! Some songs are unforgettable for all generations, this song is one of them!
Click here to download and listen 

Three out of eight songs were picturised on Rajesh Khanna..And its very unfortunate that Roop Tera Mastana's hero is no more! He was not only the first superstar of Bollywood, he was a charismatic personality, the king of romance, the heartthrob.. He gave us so many movies full of life, so many unforgettable songs, so many wonderful performances..This blog would have been incomplete without this tribute..May his soul rest in peace! But as they say, the show must go on, we continue to listen to his songs, watch his movies and smile!! 

Many songs fall in the same category. The list would always remain incomplete. Some other sensual songs that I really like are Bheege Honth Tere, Zara Zara Mehekte hai, Baahon mein chale aao, baahon ke darmiyaan, lag ja gale and many more!! Please suggest similar songs, feel free to post any kinda comments!

A sincere and humble request.. please do not attach words like cheap, vulgar, offensive to the words seductive and sensuous..Music, in itself, is so pure that it should never be associated with such adjectives.. It makes you happy, it heals you! Sensuality and seductiveness is just another genre, I really like it and therefore, I wrote this post about my favorite songs from the category! Enjoy the music! Cheers!!


A Crazy Music Lover !! 
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Karthikeya Ramesh said...

Every Rajesh Khanna song on a list like this deserves its place. Though again, a list like this is never complete ... I'd suggest a couple of 50s tunes as well (when they still composed melodies worth listening to, i.e.).
What's your take on the songs in Anand and Pyaasa?

Rohan said...


Sonia said...

@ Karthikeya
Yeah! A list like this is never complete..True! And of course, 50s music was the best! Do suggest :D I would love to talk bout it :D
I really like 'Hum aapki aankhon me' and 'ye duniya agar mil bhi jaye' :D
I really love songs from Guide, Tere Ghar Ke Saamne :D :D

@ Rohan
:-) :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

Add Labon ko, kuchh khaas hai to your list :)

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