Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Still Blaming Your Life n Luck??

Before I commence with the post, let me share a quote..

"Happy moments, praise God.. Difficult moments, seek God.. Quiet moments, worship God.. Painful moments, trust God..Every Moment, Thank God.."
This is a very popular quote, with around 300k likes on facebook..You all might say that you like it, but then, ask yourself, why do we blame our life and luck for every small thing that goes wrong? Even if you are an atheist, even if you think that the entire concept of the existence of God is pointless and illogical, simply ask yourself,  "Am I not lucky? Why shouldn't I thank goodness, thank my stars for being happy? And if you do not believe in destiny or luck, if you believe in karma, why do you conclude that your life isn't good when things don't go your way?"

I had written a 55 fiction blog with the same title once, and a discussion about "people with mental and physical disabilities" made me feel that I am not only lucky, I am blessed, blessed with life and liveliness, and here is a list of reasons why I feel so :
  • While I can enjoy the luxury of sitting in an air-conditioned room and writing a blog, there are many kids who would never be able to read or write, not because they are underprivileged, but because they cannot even sit or talk or listen, because they were born with an incurable physical deformity..
  • While I admire nature and its beauty, while I enjoy looking at the moon, the sky, the rains, there are hundreds of blind men and women, who cannot experience the same..
  • While we all talk of women and their rights, there are some mentally challenged girls who are molested, raped by their own relatives and unfortunately, in cases where they become pregnant, they are blamed and disowned by the families..They are thrown into mental hospitals and shelter homes so that they can survive somehow and those inhuman criminals who abused them continue to live freely..
  • While we crib about breakups, lost friendships and misunderstandings, there are many kids who need artificial limbs to survive, people who look really ugly or unusual because of horrible, rare diseases and as far as the mentally sick kids are concerned, they are actually treated as a threat, as a danger, people feel afraid of them..Observe how their mothers cry looking at their faces, and you'll realize, being a normal kid is being lucky in itself..
  • While I write blogs/read novels/watch movies about life and philosophy, there are hundreds for whom, surviving itself is a struggle..hundreds who are going through a lifeless life, in such a critical state that their own family members pray for their death..Imagining what they go through, scares the hell out of me..
And when you read this blog, please don't feel pity for all these people..People with physical or mental disabilities need your love, care, affection and support..You need not sympathize, but you ought to empathize..The next time you see a pregnant teenager, for God's sake do not call her a slut, she could be a rape victim..The next time you see a child with a disability, instead of feeling pity for him, feeling scared or sad, go and play with him, or simply give him/her a hug!
I have decided that I will celebrate every special occasion of my life, every festival distributing sweets and toys to kids in orphanages and asylums.. Mind you, this is not social service, this is for my own contentment..Believe me when I say this, the biggest source of happiness is to know that you are the reason behind someone's smiles..

Now, the main purpose of writing this blog is to make myself and others realize that no matter how tough situations may be, at every point of time, we ought to know that self-pity is absolutely useless and cursing our life or luck solves no purpose other than making us weaker..Here goes a second list, a list of people who can always inspire you :

  • Nick Vujicic, the famous preacher and motivational speaker who was born with no legs and no arms wrote a book called "Life Without Limits".. He is an inspiration for millions today, I actually wanted to write a complete blog about him..these words by him, say it all, “I believe in a God who can do all things, but if He chooses not to give me arms and legs, I know it's for the better. And I may not understand it, but all I need to know is that He's going to carry me through, that there is a purpose for it.”
  • Sudha Chandran, Natalia Patryka, Helen Keller, Stephen Hawking.. these names do not need any introduction, even they had an obstacle of a deformity, a disability..yet they achieved what people with perfect health aren't able to..
  • A blind girl works at my dad's office..She is a great singer, so lively, so bubbly, so sanguine that its almost unbelievable for everyone..All of us meet such people, you may feel pity for the hardships they face, you may feel inspired by their spirit, choice is yours !!
And to sum up, this is what the year 2012 has taught me, sharing an old status update here :

Above sadness and happiness, there exists a virtue of goodness, governed by acceptance and patience..People walk away because whenever someone leaves, someone else is about to arrive..You feel hurt so that you can learn to let go, people do not put in efforts to get you back so that you can experience that your life is equally beautiful without them..You fail to crack an exam because someone else had worked harder than you, and if you had actually struggled, you would get more than what you expect,in some way or the other,unexpectedly..Your family members face serious health problems so that you can realize the importance of faith in God..No matter what you go through, you are definitely doing better than many others, and therefore, there must be no space for self-pity in your life..After every tough phase, you would see how perfectly and beautifully life moves on.. And there's one n only one style that's perfect, that style is to smile, to smile and be thankful to God, to your parents, to everyone who ever made you smile, to smile and live every moment to the fullest, to smile and celebrate life!

Cheers !!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Awesome!! Awesome!!!
Feeling inspired :-)

Santhosh Kumar said...

Sonia.. This is a very good post.. I am really touched and inspired..

Sonia said...

Thank you very much :)
I'm glad that it inspired you !
Keep reading!

palak said...

It's amazing!! loved the way u've written :) ma first visit to your blog :) n i m highly impress :) keep going! :) truly inspiring indeed!

Prerna Subramanian said...

Very great! And thanks for commenting so beautifully in my blogpost of friendship Do spread a word for my blog. Very great. Thanks. Cheerio!

Sonia said...

Thank you so much Palak :)

It was my pleasure :) Thanks for the visit and the comment.. Keep writing, keep reading :)

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