Saturday, October 30, 2010

That Beautifully Weird Thing Called Love - Part II

This is a sequel to the last post, although it talks about an absolutely different aspect of that beautiful yet weird thing called love...all new readers should read the previous post first..
Arnav was waiting for the most unforgettable moment of his life, at the farewell party for the 2008 batch at FMS.. All his classmates were enjoying themselves, talking to each other, exchanging parting gifts, but he was standing all alone, still waiting for Sneha, and thinking about what he would say, how he would say it..He had recalled the dream at least a hundred times, the way she had said, 'Of course I love you too dumbo !'.. Somehow he felt that she had been much better than him so far, that she liked him, admired him and loved him much more than what he deserved..He wanted to tell her everything..tell her about the way he himself didnt realize how much he loved her, tell her that he could not imagine his life without her now..
He was waiting for her, but Sneha was nowhere to be seen..He kept on calling her, but she did not even pick up his phone calls..He called at her home, she had left long back.. Now he was getting nervous, restless and worried at the same time.. Someone like Sneha could never be late for a farewell party...
Finally, after two hours, she arrived at the party, wearing a black sari, exactly similar to his dream..Arnav simply could not wait to talk to her...
"Hey, you look beautiful in black.."
"Thanks Arnav.. "
"But where were you.. and you were not even picking up my calls.."
Words could not express Sneha's excitement and happiness at that moment..As always, out of excitement, she did not even listen to Arnav and started talking...
"Arnav, I need to tell you something... You know, I met Kartik today.. He had called me yesterday..I mean, it was like...."
This was like a huge shock to Arnav.. Kartik was a guy she had a crush on when she was a first year student at her engineering college and she had put an official end to their friendship because of the fact that he was a self-obsessed, inconsiderate guy who always took her for granted..How could he be back after five years..and how the hell could Sneha be happy about it..Arnav wanted to ask all these questions, but all he could say was..
"Sneha, I don't get this..You had told me that you had stopped talking to him because he was not worthy of your respect, that he never deserved being your friend...So..."
"Yes..I had been selfish then...I never tried to understand what he had gone through..Even though he had been rude, he had ignored me badly.. I could have given him another chance.. You can't imagine how much I had missed him, I tried to convince myself that I have moved on..I tried to forgive him, but somehow I could not even forgive myself.. "
"Sneha, for God's sake, why do you need to forgive yourself.. Remember you had once told me, 'You can be happy with a person you don't love but you can never be happy with a person you don't respect'.."
" You know, I had never lost my respect for him..Whatever I said was out of anger and frustration, I always expected a lot from him and never tried to understand him..I feel guilty for the same.. Five years back, I let him go...I let him go because it was required..but now I feel that I have to be there for him... Err, maybe you won't get it,Arnav.. probably because you have never gone through such a phase, you've never been in love.."
"You need to be practical... Think about it, what if he repeats the same,and you say I don't understand you because I have never been in love?"
" Listen, Arnav, I am sorry, I know I shouldn't have said that.. but you know, you cannot imagine what he means to me, so what if he brought some tears into my life, so what if I had to spend a phase of my life being really sad..His presence, the fact that I met him, those memories.. everything makes me happy...You know what, two people who are meant to be together,meet towards the end no matter what..We misunderstood each other, we fought, we broke up,but eventually, we realized that destiny...."
" How can you be so concerned for a guy who never cared about you, Sneha?"
" You don't love people if they love you too..True love is unconditional..Love cannot be selfish, Arnav...There is no reciprocation, no retaliation in it..."
Arnav did not get how to react, he did not know what to say.. He simply wanted to forget the whole conversation, to forget what Sneha said and to take his own words back.. He wanted to escape and get rid of it.. All of a sudden, a classmate called them for a group photograph, Arnav was least interested, but he did not have any other option.. Sneha started talking to other friends and classmates around..Arnav decided to go away, to leave that place.. It was one of the most unforgettable days of his life indeed, but not at all similar to what he had expected...
He couldn't stop thinking about it... the way Sneha had said, 'probably you won't get it because you've never been in love'..the way he wished to express himself at least once...the way he imagined what Sneha would have decided if he had told her all this last year...Things could be different then... And then,would he get to talk to her that often..He could not sleep that night...

A page from Arnav's diary, that was full of pages about Sneha,her talks,days spent with her... Arnav wrote :
" Life comes up with weird phases... Till now, it used to revolve around Sneha... From now on, Sneha's life would revolve around someone else...I really don't know how to describe how it feels..I did call her ..I wanted to apologize for what I had said, but then I decided against it.. I told Sneha that I was happy for her, that I had complete faith in her decisions and I hoped that she would be happy forever...She was about to cry...She told me she would always miss me..Once again, I could not express myself...
Am I happy or am I sad? Probably it does not matter at the moment..I don't know how I could not notice her eyes, her smile, her happiness.. as if everything was telling me how much she loved Kartik...they were destined to be together for sure...
Sneha is right...We don't love people because they love us too.. It is the only feeling that goes on without any reciprocation..Sometimes, love is not about being happy with someone, sometimes its all about watching her go away from you and being happier for her happiness...
I thought that it would be difficult to move on, but today, something made me realize that there is no such thing called moving on.. She will always be a part of my life, even if I'm not in her life... Yes, I feel her presence even when she is not around me..She will always be there for me, through her unforgettable talks, through her philosophies...How can I ever forget whatever she has done for me...
I just realized what she had said, so what if love brings a few tears into your life, it gives you a reason to smile for a lifetime..It asks you no questions, it has no reasons, but it gives you endless support...
That support, that care, those life lessons, that friendship and that beautifully weird feeling called love, it was all a part of my destiny.. Thanks to a crazy girl called Sneha, unknowingly, she had taught me what friendship means, what true love is and above all how to live life !!

Two years later...
Arnav was a successful popular author now... His first novel was a work of fiction and of course was a huge hit...
His second novel was titled 'That Beautifully Weird Thing Called Love'... The very first page said, dedicated to my best friend Sneha, who made me believe I would be a great author one day..


1. I was really happy to see that great response for Part-1.. I don't know how you all would react, but this is what I wanted to express through fiction, love is beautiful... be in love with it !!
2. On popular demand, Life In A Metro - Part 2, regarding the women only Coach... coming soon..
3. This stupid message is exclusively for Shanks....Mujhe pata hai tu kahega, kahani poori filmi hai, par kahani filmy tab hoti jab Sneha apni shaadi k mandap se uth ke bhaag k Arnav ke book k release pe pahunch jati ;)
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Friday, October 22, 2010

That Beautifully Weird Thing Called Love - Part I

Arnav was sitting on his bed, looking at some old photographs, day dreaming and thinking simultaneously about the two beautiful years at his college, life with his friends, with Sneha, his new job and the new phase....

For the past two years, while he was doing his MBA, he himself didn't realize how everything used to revolve around this crazy girl called Sneha..She was his classmate,his best friend,his advisor,the girl who used to entertain him, irritate him, encourage him, support him, understand him and above all was there for him all the time..Everything just flashed before his eyes..those days when they used to hang out together, those combined studies before exams, those random conversations with her for hours and hours..the awesome surprise she had given to him on his birthday,the way she knew him so well that she could predict every damn thing about him..

And tomorrow is their farewell party..He will be going to Bangalore and Sneha would be right here in Delhi..He always knew that once they pass out of college, things will be different.. They would get to meet just once or twice in a year and they would be busy in their own jobs, their own lives.. He always believed that, people come n go, and life goes on..

But somehow he could not stand that restlessness, that fear, the fact that Sneha might go away from him.. He started talking to himself all of a sudden " Why cant I be as expressive as Sneha is..sometimes she sends ten back to back text messages to me just to say sorry and writes blogs and notes just to say thanks..Why is it that I am never able to express what I feel..Whatever I have achieved today, my first novel that I am about to complete, the awards that I have won, its all because of the fact that she made me believe I could do it..She helped me out in moving out of difficult phases.She made me realize that true friendship is rarer than true love and I was lucky to be with someone like her..I wish I could tell her..tell her how much her presence in my life means to me.. I want her to be happy, to see her cute smile, to make her laugh...I might have not realized this before, I still do not know what this weird feeling is, but I simply cannot imagine being without her and I gotta say this... I need to express myself now.."
He got up, looked for his cell phone and he called up Sneha..God knows why she was not picking up his calls..He was completely restless now..thinking about what he would say to her, how would she react..Finally, after hours and hours of day dreaming, he slept off...
And he saw himself going for the Farewell party the very next day...
He saw Sneha wearing a black sari... She was looking gorgeous..She was over-excited as always.. chatting continuously n not giving him a chance to speak..Finally he gathered that courage and said..

"Sneha, I wanna say something to you"
"I need to say something as well.. I, I will miss you..Will miss you badly..I mean, you were always there.. to listen to me, to make me smile, to make me laugh at your stupid jokes..You have been an awesome friend.. Sometimes I feel my college life had been so great only because of you, Arnav..Thanks for being there.. You know, its like......"
"Sneha, listen...I wanna say something very important.. dare you say a word and I'll kill you.. Let me complete what I have to say.."
"Alright, alright Arnav Basu.. continue, I promise I wont say a word"
"You know, its really difficult for me to say this,I have a hundred things to say, but I will try to be straightforward..As you say, its the best way to express your feelings..I might have taken you for granted at times, I might have taken a hell lot of time to realize this but..I am addicted to you Sneha, addicted to your talks, your smile, your weird philosophies,your childlike innocence,the way you take care of my health when I am ill, everything about you, your very presence in my life..I cant describe in words how much you matter to me ,Sneha, I donno how you would react or what you would say, I cant give any reasons or explanations to this...all I know is that I love you.."
" took bloody two years to say this.. of course I love you too dumbo... and I can have a bet that no other guy would have proposed to a girl this way, 'dare you say a word and I'll kill you'.. You are crazy!.. I mean, guys propose to girls like... "
"Yes, I am crazy about the craziest girl alive... Cant believe this is and I together, life is beautiful.."
Now they were walking around, talking continuously, Arnav couldnt stop noticing her cute smile and the way she was blushing..He asked her,
"You were always jealous of all those girls I used to flirt with, right"
"Naah, those bimbos, those dumb girls.. Why would I be jealous of them at all.. "
"Oh really, by the way, you know you look irresistible in black.."
"Shut up"
"When a girl says 'shut up', it actually means 'I love you'..."

And Arnav woke up with that sick alarm tone.... Fuck! It was just a dream... but the most beautiful dream ever, taking it as an omen, he decided he would definitely say whatever he had in his mind, today itself...
Would Arnav be able to express himeslf? How would Sneha react? Would that dream be true?
What will happen?
Check out the sequel that talks about unconditional love, that talks about the way destiny plays a role in our lives, the way two people who are destined to be together meet towards the entirely different aspect of this beautifully weird thing called love...

Coming soon...
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