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Nostalgia Relived - MY FOURTH SEMESTER

A semester- a five months long period of time that comes up with ups n downs,some unforgettable experiences,some beautiful memories, some new friends n above all a lot of life lessons!! Describing fourth sem in one word is not at all difficult-It was simply 'Weird'....The best way to retrospect n share is to here goes my blog post on the fourth sem...the weirdest semester so far!!

Phase I DISCOVERED MY WEIRD SIDE: Well at times you actually know what is wrong n what is right,you know what you are supposed to do, but you are not able to do so.. You become upset for no reason, you start giving a great deal of importance to certain things that happen to be completely insignificant..The same happened to me during the Phase 1..Well,there were
three people who were there as great friends all the time..My cousin Nina, who knows me better than anyone else in the whole world, my classmate and friend Neha Aggarwal, who is the sweetest girl I have ever met in life.. n then my friend Shashank,well,I can actually write a comedy blog describing typical hilarious,crazy n stupid things bout him n I could write an article on how understanding,sweet n sensible he is..In short, he is as good as I am..Well, these three people have been my ultimate friends, guides and saviours not only in the phase 1 but throughout the semester..More than anything else, I am sure they must be fed up of my 'Thanks a lot' messages..

Phase II HAPPY DAYS WERE BACK:Hmmm, 4th sem had just started, things were pretty boring..I couldnt enjoy the subjects..We had C++ programming in 3 subjects God knows why,an utterly useless subject called NA and a boring CSE subject called LAN n Networking.. So I was kinda missing the core mech feeling...Auditions for Anugoonj 2010,our annual cultfest,were pathetically hopeless..Anyways we got this news that IGIT had won a cash prize of rs 1 lakh at BAJA 2010..It was a great achievement, congratulations to the BAJA team members...N then we got this great news that Euphoria would be coming for Anugoonj...4th Feb was one of the most awesome days of the entire semester.. I still remember the way Palash Sen was jumping n singing simultaneously with an incredible energy..For the first time,Kashmere Gate campus looked so beautiful that it was almost unbelievable... Above all, I enjoyed a lot wit my friends..It was just awesome.. Then we celebrated Radhika's birthday after 2 days.. We had attended hardly any classes during Phase II, thanks to the pathetic Anugoonj auditions, the fact that most of the lectures were not worth attending n a new trend called D*****n or H******i started by one n only Priyanka Bhadani (well, only IGIT MAE 08 students would get that!!)

PHASE III MINOR 1, FINALLY BACK TO STUDIES :Hmmm, the one n only thing that always happens is that when a semester starts,you promise yourself that I would definitely study this time, but you always end up wasting time..I guess I really dont need to repeat that I had not studied anything at all till 6th Feb, n we had the minors.. It was a week of sleepless nights..

PHASE IV XEBEC 2010: Well..this is worth writing a series of blogs!!Before coming to college,I used to think that organising n coordinating events is easy enough,its your participation that counts..It was in the fourth sem that I realised I was so wrong..Organising a fest..well it is actually difficult to describe how difficult it is!! I had to work along with the fachchas for publicity..There were some 'perfect nerds' among the first years who actually had 100% attendance even in an even semester which is more like 'Semester of Fests' in all engineering colleges..While talking to them, I actually discovered my own rude side, I had to like scold them all everytime, I had to be harsh..Finally, I have just one message for all those girls.. "Get a life, you losers "...but then, there were these people among the first years who helped me out alot..Kaveri,DJ,Rashi,Mohini,Shankey,Akanksha..I used to love the way Kaveri n Mohini used to send messages "Sonia Di, Ye kaam ho gaya hai, koi aur kaam ho to bata dena"... Right now, I am actually missing the way Disha Di used to tell us bout her 4th sem,the way Garima Di used to handle all those fachchas n she used to scold people around (I used to enjoy observing her)..n the way Tanvee Di had that sweet smile on all the time..Yes, I still remember every damn thing related to Xebec..our first poster,NIS,those events,the cycle rally..the fun..the one n only thing that I myself cant recall is the number of free message coupons,night talk coupons and Recharge Coupons I had purchased during Phase III

Something that I like the most about tech fests is that you get to interact with your juniors n seniors simultaneously, you feel proud to be an MAE student, you feel great when almost everyone in the campus knows you well.. you have a few fights n arguments (quite a lot of them actually),but at the end of the day, you all feel happy when your fest is a success,n you yourself get to learn alot!!! Now talking bout the actual action for the three days..

THE DAY 1 : I had to coordinate an event, it was designing on pro e, the event was pretty good, but I couldnt take part in some other events :( .. Everything went on smoothly..the green talks were good, the seminars were good again..but I was fed up of the Xebec vs Impulse thing, n then the USCT idiots started interfering in our announcements..It was shocking to see the way they behaved..Xebec actually taught me that there are certain people who will always be going for
politics, unfair means, anything at all while targetting for being better than the others... If you really want to succede,aim for self improvement!

THE DAY 2: It was way way better than day 1.. I was there at the campus at 8 o clock.. the dumbest thing on my part was that I wore 2" heels on the day when we were supposed to do so much of work..I took part in many events..Each and every event was really amazing, day 2 came up with a hell lot of fun..Nothing else can be more interesting than cryptography..code breaking
rocks..but I felt like killing USCT guys,I was late for crypto just because of a GD that was cancelled later on.. both Sanshlation n the USIT fest( m really not able to recall the name) were very poorly organised,Xebec n Impulse were much better..(IGIT rocks!)

The tech events were great on DAY 2,Robotics...simply awesome..n then we finally had the Treasure Hunt, I wasnt officially a part of the team,but I really wanted to be a part of the fun...those clues,those riddles,those puzzles n the ultimate tasks n challenges...I felt as if we were all Roadies..for the first n last time in life,I ran carrying a 2" heel,had blisters n cuts on my feet,Neha was injured...I enjoyed the way Richa fought with the USIT guys,Priyanka encouraged all of us,n not to forget Tanya's ultimate energy n enthusiasm..I learnt that you tend to enjoy things better when you take part just for fun and not for a certi or a cash prize..

THE DAY 3: NIS was conducted really well..Another great event..Day 3 had real technical events, I enjoyed a lot! I really wanted to take part in an event called 'Green Junkyard', but all my friends were busy, I finally took part with two guys called Manu and Sugeet, they were perfect strangers to me..but we did a great job as a team n won the first prize..Manu
actually made a perfect conveyer belt out of complete chunk within just 10 minutes..I enjoyed every bit of it.. the way Sugeet suggested n number of names for our team, the way the coordinators were fed up of them.. those high fives..the way everyone thought I knew these people well although I had met them just half an hour back..n then I realized that Sugeet is as crazy as I am, crazier than me for that matter..A guy who is fond of writing, extremely intelligent, much more talkative than me with an amazing style of talking, an agnostic, a foodie..I was like shocked to notice so many similarities with a person..Junkyard was the most enjoyable part of the fest for me..One more thing, would love to be the Non-Tech head for Xebec 2011..

PHASE V: GOD! THAT WEEK: Right after Xebec was over,we had the practicals..Well practicals at this university dont really impart any practical knowledge to you, they are just for the sake of scoring marks n flaunting your cheating skills..We were fed up of completing those files n assignments and on top of that our college authorities had decided to take up internal
viva twice for no reason..On top of that, my classmates used to think that I am better than everyone else during vivas..I know that most of my classmates are more intelligent than me, its just that I love vivas..Most of them keep thinking about the marks they'll score,n I simply enjoy Vivas..
It was during this week that our third sem result was out,most of us had a pretty good result..I was more than just happy, finally hard work paid off.. We hugged each other,some people were actually jumping..It was perhaps the best day of the whole semester..
N then, this week came up with the BAJA 2011 debate, cycle... no no car.. official BAJA interviews.. no its Srijna's team.. no no its something else altogether.. It was something that spoiled the atmosphere of our class badly... I have just one opinion... " I dont have a right to say decide was right n who was wrong,I dont care about what others think n say but I truly respect Srijna's efforts,her fighting spirit,her determination, for I could have never done whatever she is doing.."

PHASE VI: BACK TO MY CRAZINESS : This was the best phase...Almost everyone had realised that classes were worthless in this sem,the topper of our class, Isha, had started initiating mass bunks. I used to be a permanent first bencher in 3rd sem,but I was actually a last bencher as well as late comer throughout this sem.. I used to either sleep or read novels in the MM class..Something that I still cant believe is that I did a few girlie things too..he he..n then,I clicked pics of the campus animals,I love those cute puppies n monkeys..I learned to cook..I did a lot of things that I avoid doing otherwise..Well,everyone knows that I really love this Kash Gate Campus,in spite of the fact that the infrastructure sucks.. I love this place because of the people here..Yes, it feels great when you get along well with everyone around, I enjoy the way my juniors like Kaveri,Prerna,Nikita,Anshika, Mohini,Shankey talk to me n ask for advices.. I wouldnt have got addicted to bunking classes n roaming around the campus without that Chahal-Pahal..I wouldnt have enjoyed dancing in the GCR,having junk food at Handa without my friends..the way the USIT n USCT guys fight with you, the way you get to learn a lot when you go for GDs along with the MBA n Law guys..You get a chance to interact with people from every kinda field..Two years are over, n I still dont feel that I am studying in a girls college..Everyone wants USS n IGIT to be together, m really very happy USS people are not going to Dwarka in the next sem :-)

PHASE VII: EXAMS,GUILT,SOME TOUGH TIMES,GUILT N EXAMS AGAIN: Throughout this semester, I behaved like an immature and irresponsible person, I gave importance to some insignificant things, I ignored some great people and bothered a lot about those who used to take me for granted.. The second minors were over.. n I was occupied with the feeling of guilt( nothing can be worse than it).. I felt guilty for not being a sincere student, for not being a good daughter, for not living up to my own expectations, for taking certain things lightly and casually.. Thanks to Radhika, for the way she always inspires me to study hard.. She is not only a sincere student but also a sincere human being..
It was when the final practicals were about to start I took a tough decision, a difficult step but absolutely correct on my part..I left some things behind n moved on..I was back to myself n I knew that I would have to work really hard to cover up for everything...
Then we had those external practicals..As always, I loved the vivas.. Would love to quote Surbhi's words.. 'Bhatia, tune kabhi socha hai agar bluetooth jaisi technology na hoti to hum practicals me pass kaise hote yar'...
The week before the majors..Being in IP University, you get used to that routine of exams daily..but I had to prepare for that hatable subject called ES along with the rest of the subjects..Things were not that easy..Neha was suffering from typhoid, yet she was confident enough, her attitude motivated me a lot.. Finally the majors started.. Just like everything else, the exams were weird too.. out of syllabus, patterns changed, what not.. but I found all that funny (I myself dont know why..)

  • The most lovable friends are those who love you the way you are and are always there for you..There are some people who take you for granted no matter how much you care for them, all those so called friends who dont respect you, are simply not worth you..
  • Your good friends might be those who admire you, but your best friends are the ones who say, "Tu pagal hai, tera kuch nahi ho sakta junglee", thanks to Lattu, for the way she used to scold me for taking my tomboyish nature as an excuse for being lazy.. Thanks to Prerna, for the lovely lecture when I felt guilty for no reason.. and to Rads to give me constant reminders to study properly..
  • I was tired of hearing, "Sonia, you must be a writer, you could be a great RJ, not able to understand why you chose engineering as a profession"... Well, here goes the story.. I had this craze for astrophysics and maths when I was at school, I always wanted to be an engineer..At the same time,I love writing,I love expressing myself, but then I am just a beginner and I write just for fun.. I love my branch, MAE rocks, its just that I am fed up of the system here..I started thinking that the fact that I am interested in way too many things simultaneously, the way my mind is equally inclined towards both technical and non technical things.. is not good for me, but I was wrong, I was underestimating myself,now I am confident that whatever I go for in future, I'll be good at it, n come what may, I wont ever stop writing blogs, singing and talking like an RJ, n doing all such crazy things..
  • People of my age give a hell lot of importance to their crushes and so called relationships, well of course you cant control your feelings for the person you like,there is nothing wrong in loving a person truly and doing anything at all just to see him/her smile.. But often, we forget the golden rule, 'No one,absolutely no one, is above your happiness'..You cant force someone to care for you just because you care for him,but yes, you can always expect the person to respect you..Accept it and move on, move on without any expectations, without any regrets..How can you regret anything that ever made you smile..Leave that phase behind and cherish those beautiful moments..
  • Truth is stranger than fiction..You face certain weird and tough phases, when you have to accept things the way they are..Life might have something else in store for you and it will offer it to you in its own unpredictable ways..Sometimes, its better not to try,it actually becomes important to let certain things go, to leave them behind..
  • Human mind has that tendency to over think, introspect and day dream way too much, but its a fact the best of the things come to you when you least expect them, my next blog "Unexpected Expectations"... Coming soon.
  1. A note on Facebook, Award Ceremony 2010, coming soon..
  2. ONLY FOR MY CLASSMTES.. totally illegal,irrelevant and inappropriate for outsiders... Well,I am planning to gift a FOOTBALL to Litsi, an APPLE i-pod to Neha, a FAIRYtale book to Sakshi, a Line FOLLOWER robot to Apoorvi, a STRIPES shirt to Richa and Radhika..and then, I admit, I enjoyed every bit of D****** and H******* in this sem..

This blog is dedicated to the two most lovable people in the whole world, My Parents.. a promise to myself, one day I will definitely make them feel proud..

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