Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cooking Together : Life is Delicious!

"It's fun to get together and have something good to eat at least once a day. That's what human life is all about - enjoying things." -Julia Child.

Some days are really unforgettable- the day you got your first salary, the day you got married, your first date.. But same days are special simply because you find happiness in the smallest of things, because an ordinary day becomes fun-filled when you are with friends, when you do something together, when you laugh together, when you cook together and when you eat together.

We had met just a few weeks back- four strangers who had now become friends- looking for a house to stay together. It was our first day in a new flat- a new home with new friends. We were excited, we were arranging things, we were cleaning the place, we were totally exhausted and terribly hungry.

We thought of making maggi, maggi with permutations and combinations of all ingredients that we had. But one of my friends, my first roommate, who is a close friend now, told us that the first dish to be made in a new kitchen or a new house has to be a sweet dish. Finally we made custard and added some grapes to it. We made maggi too. They say, too many cooks spoil the broth. I disagree. If I were ever asked to make a list of things one should do together in a group of friends, it would be cooking.

I know a lot of women who do not like others entering their kitchen when they cook. I really do not understand that. The very definition of kitchen, going by a quote, is a gathering place for friends and family, a place where memories are homemade and seasoned with love. All those who love cooking would be able to relate to it. All those who have spent time with their family cooking, talking about food and eating together would be able to relate to this. Nothing unites people like cooking and eating together does. For me, cooking together could be an awesome date too. Yes, I daydream of that quite a lot. 

It's amazing how those little things in life become so beautiful and unforgettable. A little sweet, a little salty, a bit bitter, a bit juicy.. Life has its own flavors.. One of my friends used to say, "Tasty food is the solution to all the problems in the world". Exaggerated though it may sound, but it's not completely wrong either. When life gives us so many delicious, mouth watering things to relish, why shouldn't we spend time cooking something together, to know each other better, to know our tastes and above all, simply to enjoy cooking and enjoy food.

Life is delicious !! Taste every bit of it !!

Cooking is fun! But when friends cook together, nothing like it !

P.S. Coming back to the memorable day, a new house, new life, new kitchen, new food, new cooking stories. Do check out this link for more.

Cheers !!


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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Miss Dum Laga Ke Haisha!

After watching a frustratingly slow and torturous movie like Roy, I had almost lost hopes of finding a story in a Bollywood movie..
And being away from my blogs for almost one year, I had been thinking that I've become too lazy to write something..
And then I watched a movie that made me smile genuinely..I mean, I felt like writing about it from the bottom of my heart..Before I start writing about it, let me tell you, this is more than just a movie review..

1. Beauty is Simplicity

90s' plot, cassettes, Kumar Sanu's voice, land line phones and missed calls..what else could you ask for nostalgia? This movie is all about small, sweet and simple things that would make you smile..It covers the minutest details of the characters, their lifestyles, their circumstances, their mindsets..
You do not always need a hot couple or a perfect cinematography for a romantic flick. The song "Ye moh moh ke dhaage" is simply bound to make you fall in love with the movie..

2. Bhumi Pednekar as Sandhya

You may call her fat, or you may say that she played the role of a fatso..but she was a real beauty..Sandhya was perfectly confident..And as I say, beauty is confidence, confidence is beauty..She loved herself and knew that she deserved to be loved..She was from a conservative family, but she did not succumb to the family pressure of being a part of a love-less, lifeless marriage..She valued her dreams, her aspirations, her dignity..
Hats off to Bhumi for being Sandhya, for performing with an effortless ease..

3. Marriage is not an event, it is a Journey..

Talk to a random girl in India who is about to get married..She'll talk about a Lehenga that costs more than 50k, jewels, accessories and make-up..I find it totally ridiculous when people tell me that I should marry before I turn 25, varna face ka glow chala jayega, dulhan wali baat nahi rahegi..
Talk to a random parent in India who is looking for an ideal bride or a groom.. They'll talk about a decent job, decent looks, decent family background..and yes, cliched though it may sound.."Jodi achchhi lagni chahiye"

Really??? So you think marriage is all about a perfectly beautiful bride, a grand event, ceremonies and two individuals who look good together? Why is it so important for a bride to look young or pretty or slim? Moreover, what would go wrong if jodi achcchi na lage? Are you buying a product with specific dimensions, features and configurations? No. 

Having said that, the movie talks about romance which is not only unconventional for Bollywood, but also unconventional for people like me and you, and that's the best part..

4. Accepting Imperfections

A not-so-good-looking girl with a not-so-educated, good-for-nothing-types guy..
But the movie doesn't preach about compromising, compromise for family or for marriage..

The story talks of giving time, forgiving for mistakes and accepting whatever seemed to be imperfect in the beginning.. As I always say, the first postulate of love is acceptance..If you aren't able to accept someone for who he is, you aren't in love, you have never been in love with the person..
For when you are in love, you accept all imperfections happily..Togetherness gives you immense support..

Overall, Dum Laga Ke Haisha is a cute movie that makes you feel good and makes you smile..

Rating : ***1/2

1. Ayushmaan Khurrana looks cute as Lappu ! :-D
2.Writing a blog after a long long break of 360 days feels awesome !
3. Planning to write more movie reviews.. 

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