Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Love Yourself !!

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.
- Buddha

This is, perhaps, one of the most popular quotes I've ever read..The reason why I quoted this, before starting with the blog, is the fact that I always found it kinda obvious, something that goes without saying..Every individual does love himself..Why did Buddha have to preach that after all?

Mother Teresa had said, "There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread" .. Absolutely true, but we all talk of seeking love from others, loving others, caring for others, and we often tend to forget how important loving ourselves is..
How can you expect others to love you when you don't even love yourself? How can you even think of making someone happy when you aren't happy being the person you are? How can you love others when you cannot even love yourself? How can you think of achieving something when you keep on blaming your luck?

I have seen many people who tend to avoid the whole world when they are sad..They do not even talk to the closest of their friends who wish to listen to them and help them out.. No, they do not have any intentions to disrespect or ignore people who care for them..but it is the lack of "self-love" in them, that makes it difficult for them to accept love, care and affection by others..They feel guilty, they start despising themselves, they feel that they do not deserve all those who care so much for them, they start avoiding them again and the cycle continues..

Everyone says, "The first postulate of love is sacrifice" .. I disagree.. The first postulate of love is "acceptance"... You cannot love a person unless you accept him for who he really is.. If you keep on searching for perfection, if you keep on searching for qualities, you won't ever find true love..
In the same way, you can't love yourself unless you accept yourself as a person..We often feel jealous of others..We often wish to be popular, we often seek attention..Many of us suffer from inferiority complex.. And sometimes, while trying to impress others, we stop being who we are, we tend to change ourselves, not because we want those changes, but because we think of becoming a more lovable and likable person in someone else's eyes.. Once again, we forget self-acceptance, self-love and self-respect !

I always say that I believe that I am an awesome person and I love myself the way I am.. A friend had once said to me, "Saying that 'I'm crazy, I'm awesome' again and again does not mean that you are happy..It rather means that you are so hollow a person that you are filling it on your own in a futile attempt to be happier"

For all those people who feel that his words hold true, I wish to say that saying that I'm awesome does not mean that I feel I'm a perfect person..There are endless flaws in me..I know that I act hopelessly dumb at times, I am brutally blunt, honest and straightforward and often speak without thinking.. I have that irritating habit of getting into the minutest details of every damn topic while I talk.. I apologize much more than what is actually required..In spite of being an intelligent and sensible person, I am extremely crazy and childish..

But,I say that I'm an awesome human being, for I am a true person, I say whatever I feel is true, I portray whatever I genuinely am.. If at all I happen to care for a person, I would give my best shot to cheer him up, I would do anything it takes to make a close friend happy.. I value each and every person who has been good to me..I have been really great a person to a lot of self-obsessed and frustrated people and my care for them was rarely reciprocated, I don't give a damn to
them..in fact, I still have faith in friendship, relationships, people and destiny..
Saying that you are awesome does not necessarily mean that you are doing so in an attempt to be happy.. Yes, believing that you are amazing, pampering yourself, flattering yourself can act as stress busters for sure... But, accepting yourself is the first step towards self-love.. Self-love does not always make you happy, for there are things that aren't there in your hands, but it always gives you strength.. It helps you to make sure that you do not become a pessimist, that you do not try to escape and that you do not waste your time being sad for people who are not worth your tears!!

Learn to love yourself, for you are the only person who will always be there for you, throughout the journey of your life.. Self-love is a life-long romance !!
Love yourself, you will fall in love with your life and the world will fall in love with you !!

This blog is dedicated to three guys :-
1. A fellow blogger, a complete stranger and the one n only person I ever talked to online, for he made me recall things about destiny and life that I had temporarily forgotten.. Sincere thanks to him..
2. Someone who has been a close best friend, for the past fourteen years, who always makes me feel how special I am, who is, perhaps, my greatest admirer ever !!
3. A guy who was had been one of the best friends I ever had, though, all of a sudden, he stopped loving himself for some reasons unknown to me..I wish people like him stop despising themselves and learn n realize things I wish to convey to them..


Main apni favorite hoon !!
A dialogue from my favorite movie.. this blog was incomplete without the same !!

Cheers !!
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