Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mumbai Weekends : Keep Walking

Reminiscing the year 2013, I can't stop thinking about the way the year marked the beginning of a completely new phase - a new job with a totally unexpected job profile, all the great people I met and goes without saying, the city that has been the pivot of all my fascination, introspection and reverie - Mumbai.

Like all other Delhiites, even I had my own reasons to dislike a hell lot of things about Mumbai..But then, the year 2013 gave me many unforgettable moments, cognizance of my own desires. And amidst the plethora of emotions, amidst the changes and phases, I started liking this city for a really weird reason..They say that Mumbai never sleeps, I say that Mumbai never stops..
The people of Mumbai always happen to inspire me. I was amazed at the way the hopelessly heavy rains never seemed to stop them. I love the cosmopolitan culture and the zeal that Mumbaikars have for each and every festival. I like the way they travel in local trains, standing at the gate and enjoying the wind.

This city taught me to be fearless, to set myself free when I needed it the most. I met the best of the people in my life when I was at my worst. Its beaches gave me tranquility whenever I was anxious. I felt surrounded by a cobweb of uncertainties, but as they say, "you may be lost in ways more than one, but I've a feeling that sometimes it is better than knowing exactly where you are."

 The crux is that nothing should stop you. Life is like a long sexy road..And to keep driving on it, keep enjoying the beauty, with open windows and soothing music, must be its only purpose. You stop, you worry about the traffic, you feel afraid of accidents, you keep thinking about the road gone or the road ahead and you're gone, you're screwed.

When you feel afraid of your own desires, when the only way out seems to be forbearance and detachment, you never really understand how destiny has its own secret plans to introduce you to someone who would take you to who you really are and make you fall in love with yourself, in spite of your imperfections all over again, in such a manner that your past, your apprehensions and fears would become totally insignificant. Never regret anything at all that ever made you happy, for one day, you would be able to connect all dots and smile. The key is to keep hoping, even when everything is uncertain..keep thanking those who are with you, keep smiling even when nothing seems to be right ..keep forgiving, for your own peace..keep loving, for love gives you strength to have faith beyond all insecurities and apprehensions..keep walking, with no restrictions and no regrets!

Mumbai has been a new chapter for me, a new life with so many life lessons, and a change.. a change that taught me something, Keep Walking !!


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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

That Girl With Blood Red Eyes

"Your daughter's beauty will mesmerize the whole world", the old astrologer had told her mother when she was carrying her. Her mother smiled, touching her belly. The man continued, "She would be born with a beautiful face, a milky white face, but.."
"But..but what?"

"But the moment she will open her eyes, people will be scared to death. She is cursed. Her eyes, as red as blood shall make her cursed." 

Her mother's eyes were blazing with fury. She abused the mad man and walked away, but for the next one month, his words could not let her sleep. Everyday, she convinced herself that he was a mad man, yet, his words made her cry. Exactly one month after the day that still haunted her, her baby daughter was born. Her baby was sleeping, when she took her into her hands for the first time, she felt beautiful, she felt blessed. Then the baby cried, she heard her voice for the first time. And then, she fainted out of fear. Her worst nightmare had come true. She had a baby daughter, with eyes as red as blood. 

She was born with an exceptional beauty- beauty that scared anyone and everyone. Any man who saw her once would fall for her beauty, any man could be intoxicated, but any man who looked into her eyes would run away.

She was taken to hospitals and all eye treatments resulted in only one thing- more and more blood falling from her eyes. Her parents stopped making any more attempts and it was accepted that she was born with a curse- a curse that scared people to death, whenever she laughed, whenever she cried, whenever she opened her eyes.

She was forced to live in isolation in her room, for people believed that she was born with a curse. She was known as the girl with blood red eyes. Nobody knew that the reason why she cried, nobody cared. She always carried a red rose, she always wore red clothes, she grew up playing with red chillies. She never had any friends. The only things she cheered in her life were these three things.

She cried and shouted whenever someone came to see her. She continued to live with her blood red eyes, red roses and red chillies. She had stopped crying, she had started laughing. She had got used to people being afraid of her. She used to show her red roses to her mother before going to sleep. She used to smile at her and all she saw was tears in her mother's eyes. 

Few years later, her mother was pregnant again. And this time, it was another daughter, a daughter who was a normal baby, who was not cursed. She was locked into her room right after her sister was born. She was not allowed to see her, touch her. She cried and cried, she wanted to show her red roses to her mother. She did not open the door to her. 

One fine day, she ran out of the window and went to see her mother. She started playing with her sister. The moment her family saw her, she was beaten brutally and she was locked again. 
Next morning, when her mother woke up, she saw a red rose in the new born baby's tiny hands. Her heart skipped a beat. The baby's face was covered with a blanket. With trembling hands, she removed it and saw something worse than the biggest shocker of her life. Her eyes were enucleated and removed, all she saw was blood falling. 

That girl with blood red eyes had finally proved that she was born with a curse- but what was the curse about, her blood red eyes or the curse of being called cursed? She never realized this, she simply ran away! 


This story is an outcome of a horribly scary nightmare! And this is for the first time that I am writing something for a competition, I know its crazy!

Do check out this link, its really cool..#Jacob Hills on Amazon 
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Monday, August 19, 2013

A Tale of Three Cities

On 18th August 2012, from Hazrat Nizammudin Station, along with some college buddies, I had started a new journey, away from the city I love to call my birthplace and hometown.. 
Three hundred and sixty five days gone..And I still remember everything like it happened yesterday..I still remember how my parents were anxious and worried, I still remember the endless packing, I still remember our gossip sessions, smiles and tears throughout the train ride.. I remember every damn emotion associated with the commencement of this new phase.

Now when I think of writing a flashback post, trust me, its really hard for me to decide where to begin from.. One year, two completely different jobs in two different cities, independent life away from home, new people, life lessons, what not..

I used to feel that every time one retrospects, the pattern remains the same, the flashback is all about changes, about people coming into and going out of your life, experiences and turning points,smiles and tears..But this is for the first time that I realized how much your life changes just because you shift a few hundred kilometers, as and when you come to a new city! And both fortunately and unfortunately, I have seen such changes twice in the last 12 months..I dedicate this post to the three cities I have lived in - Delhi, Pune and Mumbai..

Dear Pune, I simply love you! 
I don't know how to put this into words, but there is a feel good factor about this city that words can't describe..I may be biased for whenever I was in Pune, I was happy, I was calm, I was free.. 
Coming from a city like Delhi, I tasted freedom and safety for the first time in Maharashtra, I fell in love with the weather, I admired the simplicity, I respected the people there..
Right from learning Marathi to doing household chores, right from fun with office colleagues to movies with my roomie, everything was fun.. I saw happiness in the smallest of things! 
I still remember how I used to call the flat where I stayed "my second home"..
The best thing about this place is that it gives you a balance, where life is not 'fast', where you neither run nor escape, where you simply live!!

Yes, I always missed Delhi, but I feel like thanking this city for memories I will always cherish, for four months of sheer peace and happiness and a sense of real freedom! 

Dear Mumbai, the love-hate relationship continues....

Mumbai fascinates me, intrigues me, amazes me everyday..
It has been 8 months in Mumbai now, but the weird feeling that I share a love-hate relationship with this city, does not seem to fade away at all..

I still find it hard to believe that I can roam around freely at 12 AM and nobody gives a damn, I am enjoying every bit of the night life of the city that never sleeps and I simply love that!
But its ironical how the so called glamorous city with tall buildings and beaches totally sucks as far as infrastructure is concerned..Stinking roads, filthy slums, crowded areas everywhere and travelling becomes a real pain..I swear I hate that more than anything else!
Cliched though it may sound, but life here is actually fast! You don't really get the time to understand, think or realize why you don't have time..This city inculcates in you a weird tendency to be emotional yet indifferent..You start dreaming big, but you learn how to detach yourself from attachments rather quickly, you learn how to keep walking, keep moving ahead, yet, there is something that makes your life melancholic, tired and restless..

But then, you visit Marine Drive, you feel the sea breeze, you observe the sea waves and you smile continuously! Your restless mind discovers peace, your impatient heart feels calm and relaxed.. You are blessed with an amalgamation of tranquility and exhilaration and I love that feeling beyond words!

I saw the worst of myself in Mumbai, it was un-Sonia-ish-ness at its peak in my words..But then, Mumbai gave me people who always loved me, who chose to stand by me even when I was at my worst..

I still happen to be a part of the crowd living in this city and I am continuously exploring it..Mumbai has been challenging so far, but it makes me feel proud all the same!
Back to back blogs dedicated to Mumbai, coming soon!

Dear Delhi, all I have to say is that..

It does not matter where I go or what I do, it does not matter how many years pass by, I hate it when people associate me to any caste/religion/language/community, but I call myself a Delhite, I belong to Delhi... Speaking directly Dil Se, my heart belongs to places inside Delhi, and that's the reason why I call it "Dilli Meri Jaan"

Somewhere close to the Kashmere Gate Campus where I had spent four unforgettable years of my college life, somewhere close to its classrooms and walls where I used to laugh out loud and gossip..
Somewhere close to the Metro Stations and somewhere inside the Metro trains..
Somewhere close to the roads of Rajiv Chowk where I used to hang out with friends..
Somewhere close to the tranquility of Bangla Sahib..
Somewhere close to the delicious Gol Gappe, Tikki and Chhole Bhatoore you won't find in any other city in India..
And of course, somewhere close to the place I call my home, with my mom and dad..

Yes, my heart belongs to you !! 

Next Blog soon!

Wishing myself a happy 'Life in Maharashtra' anniversary!


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Thursday, June 20, 2013

If Every Child is Legitimate Now, I Support Madras HC

Madras High Court order on pre marital sex and marriage has sparked a controversy which is going viral on net. I have lost the count of the different versions, opinions, judgements, views and above all interpretations that I have read about the same.

Let me just begin with sharing the links for the news :

Couples who have premarital sex to be considered 'married' : says HC

However, I still believe that the title by The Hindu for the link above was somewhat misleading.
Therefore, I would also like to share TOI's article. Its an interesting read.

The very statement "If a couple in the right legal age indulge in sexual gratification, it will be considered a valid marriage and they could be termed as husband and wife." has raised eyebrows, made headlines, been the hot topic for debates all over the country.

While people have been criticizing and ridiculing the verdict, while there have been funny facebook posts "trolling" the pre marital sex=marriage part (without looking at the exact interpretation), while people are questioning the fact that there can't be documentary proofs for sex between a man and a woman, while some say this would actually mean polygamy for those who casually sleep with more than one woman, I feel that considering the present case, there is one aspect that simply can't be ignored, and that is, according to Justice Karnan,

" the petitioner’s rank has been elevated as the `wife’ of the respondent and likewise, the respondent’s rank has been elevated as the `husband’ of the petitioner. Therefore, the children born to them are legitimate children"

And, this statement, precisely, is the reason why I am writing this blog.

No Child Should Be Called "Illegitimate". Period.

For a moment, forget the case, forget the verdict, forget the controversy and the endless articles and blogs about the same. Consider a case where a man and a woman have sex, but they are not married to each other, the woman gets pregnant and eventually gives birth to a child. Now, since they are not a married couple, the child born to them would be an "illegitimate child" for s/he would be born out of wedlock, where the marriage is invalid or void in the eyes of the law. More importantly, such children would be termed as "naajaayaz aulaad" in the eyes of the Indian society forever!

Was it the fault of the child that s/he was born as a result of pre marital sex and not sex after marriage? Why should the child be devoid of proper education, nutrition, bringing up and care? Why should the child carry the psychological and emotional burden of being called 'naajayaz' throughout his/her life?

If Justice Karnan's verdict implies that such children deserve a life beyond the tag illegitimate' ,deserve financial support,education,love and affection ,deserve a life like that of so-called legitimate kids whose parents had had sex only after getting married ,I support such an interpretation of the case!

Yes,I understand that two individuals cannot get married just because of a sexual intercourse and a one night stand. I admit that people,particularly women ,might use such laws for blackmailing others, this may lead to forced marriages too. I do believe that if a woman or a man wishes to be a single mother or a single father to the child, s/he can't be forced. But then, the child will have to suffer because of the word 'illegitimate' as long as he is alive, and may be his own children will also have to suffer for the same.

Thus, in spite of everything, this verdict does hold good for cases where pre marital sex leads to pregnancy and/or child birth. Many girls in India commit suicide in case if they get pregnant and they can't abort the child. Many men in India still use and throw women for lust in the name of love and commitment. Almost all kids born out of sex without marriage go through the mental torture of "being illegitimate"

And the worst part is that irrespective of laws and legal terms, indian society would continue to be equally rigid. Gays and lesbians are still not accepted in our society even after Section 377. Do you think we will ever accept pre marital sex and unmarried pregnant women? Even if a law is introduced to support such kids in all similar cases , society would continue to call them "Naajayaz Aulaad", unmarried pregnant girls would continue to go for illegal abortions and suicide attempts!

The irony is that Indians do not condemn something as brutally illegal as rape as much as they condemn pre marital sex which involves mutual consent. And just like they have no sympathy for rape victims, they have absolutely no acceptance for the "illegitimate children". Perhaps people in India have decided that they would keep their notions, their so-called values and culture above all logics, all ethics, all sympathy and humanity.

Justice Karnan and his verdict has been like a proof to the fact that we, the people of India, love to look at only one side of the coin, and that side is the side which deserves criticism, blames and sarcasm.
If at all we could think of accepting children born after sex without marriage, if at all we could let unmarried pregnant women live their own lives, such a verdict would not have been needed in the first place.

Every newspaper, every blog writer, every other person may have come up with his/her interpretations and views. I have just one thing to say.

I reiterate my words.. "No Child Should Be Called Illegitimate. Period"

Sonia Bhatia

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Friday, April 19, 2013

जो लफ़्ज़ों में न हो पाए बयाँ

जाने क्यूँ वो पूछते हैं हमसे हाल-ए-दिल की दास्ताँ

बेबाक धड़कनों को सुन सको तो जानो

नज़रों का नूर नज़र आये तो जानो

वो जज़्बात ही क्या जो लफ़्ज़ों में हो पाएँ बयाँ

जो ख्व़ाब का हिस्सा हो

जो तसव्वुर का किस्सा हो

वो जो हकीक़त बन जाए तो जानो

वो जुनूँ ही क्या जो लफ़्ज़ों में हो पाए बयाँ

जो अश्कों की हो रही हो बरसात

भीगी पलकों की ख़ुशी समझ सको तो जानो

अधूरे से अल्फाज़, अनकही सी बात

महसूस कर सको तो जानो

वो ग़म, वो ख़ुशी ही क्या जो लफ़्ज़ों में हो पाए बयाँ

जुज़्व-ए-ज़िन्दगी हैं वो पल जो हँसा के जाते हैं

जुज़्व-ए-ज़िन्दगी हैं वो पल जो रुला के जाते हैं

न जाने कितनी मरतबा ये मोड़ आते हैं

न जाने कितने शक़्स आते हैं जाते हैं

ज़हन-ओ-दिल पे मग़र बस कुछ लम्हे छा जाते हैं

वो लम्हे, वो एहसास , वो जूनून, वो सुकून-ओ-सबात

वो हर एक जज़्बात

जो लफ़्ज़ों में न हो पाए बयाँ

This poem is dedicated to all those moments that render us speechless, when the plethora of emotions, the nostalgia, the surreal feeling intoxicates us!
Life is perhaps a summation of all these turning points- those unforgettable moments, when you could not find any words to express yourself !!

Being speechless is an amazing experience, always !!

Feels great to be back to Urdu :)

Next Blog soon !!


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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Marriage MATERIAL or a LIVEly Daughter??

Ever since I have started working in a government organization, people around me keep saying, "your prospects of getting married to a nice guy are brighter and better now " I always feel like laughing at this illogical statement and I fail to understand why a job or its type is linked to marriage in India, more importantly, why is every fucking thing treated as an eligibility criteria for being an ideal marriage material for Indian girls? Right from her looks to her education, right from her health to her job, everything perhaps has one primary objective- to make her eligible for getting married, to make her perfect in every sense, not with an intention to teach her how to be a good citizen/woman/daughter/wife/mother, but with a fear in their minds, a fear that one day she has to get married and her future in laws expect her to be perfect!!
Confused?? Read the following points one by one, please note that every word is TRUE and REAL
  • She is a school kid, like all kids of her age ,she loves playing and watching TV much more than cooking and other household chores, but her mother always tells her that if she does not learn how to cook ,she will be in deep trouble after she gets married, in fact ,this would act as a hindrance in their path to find a suitable match for her.. Why do we have to teach our kids in such a fashion that inculcates fear in them, that makes them feel scared of marriage and in laws at the age when they don't even know what marriage is? Why can't we simply tell them that they ought to learn things for their own good ?
  • She is a bright student. She has always been a hard working and sincere girl. However, one fine day, when she could not score well in an exam, her mother warned her about competition for jobs , telling her that everyone 'asks' and 'demands' for working women these days..People say that nowadays parents consider education of their daughters as important as education for their sons, the exact reason lies in the previous statement! Can't she have her own ambitions? Shouldn't we ask her to work hard and be independent? Perhaps her own ambitions don't exist for all those people who think she should work only to meet the 'demands' of people looking for a working wife for their sons!
  • She was a lively,bubbly college kid, she never cared about what others thought of her, her friends used to call her 'fatty' for she was slightly overweight, it never affected her much! One fine day , her mother told her, " Nobody would marry you if you continue to gain weight like this" and that was the first time when she was affected by a comment! Why can't we ask our daughters to take care of their own health and fitness in the first place? Isn't her well being important otherwise? Why is her being perfectly eligible for marriage more important than her being perfectly fit and fine? Aren't we responsible for making them feel confident ?
  • She was a talented, creative fashion designer working for a boutique ,she wanted to have her own startup, but her family insisted that she should think of getting married now for she was 25 already! Why is society's pressure valued more than a girl's dreams and plans? Doesn't she have a right to be ambitious? Who makes these ridiculous rules? 

A mother can never even think of doing something that makes her daughter sad, yet,without realizing the emotional and psychological impact of all these things on her daughter, she continues to do so..why? The answer is simple. Indian parents are the victims of Indian society, they can't stand their daughters being not suitable in the eyes of the society! Sadly, even TV serials and movies promote the same culture, the same ideologies that preach that a girl's life is all about one major life event- marriage and her parents ought to prepare her for that right from the day she is born.

Marriage, undoubtedly , is like the biggest turning point in a person's life! But why do we expect a person to be perfect when we think of getting married? I find it incomprehensibly difficult to believe that people totally forget things like compatibility and mutual understanding! The irony is that they fail to realize that they are looking for a daughter-in-law, who is a human being, with her own flaws, her own qualities, her own beliefs, they are not going to buy a product with desirable configurations and specifications!

The message is simple and is dedicated to all Indian parents with an intention to make them understand something very important. She has her own life, her own identity! She doesn't deserve to be treated like a commodity in a market of cut throat competition! She deserves to be respected!
Love her, care for her , make her feel confident , make her feel beautiful, ask her to respect herself, teach her to love herself the way she is! Ask her to explore the whole world, teach her to be bold, be optimistic! Let her be free, let her discover herself, let her dream, let her aspire, let her strive for success, let her smile, let her be !

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mumbai Weekends : Marine Drive!!

Wake Up Sid, one of my favorite movies, ends with a beautiful song, boondon ke motiyon mein ghul ke ehsaas aaya, waqt se nikal ke lamha dil ke paas aaya..I have lost the count of the number of times I have watched that scene on youtube, but whenever I think of writing a blog about Mumbai, I tend to recall these lines from Konkana Sen's article, 'New Girl in the City', "jo bhi likhti, lagta ki kuchh kam hai, iss sheher ke bare mei aisa kya keh sakti thi jo pehle nahi kaha gaya" ..for now I can relate to these lines completely.. Right from its beaches to its people, right from its tall buildings to slums, right from its glamour to its lifestyle, there is so much about this city that evokes and arouses the observer, the philosopher, the day dreamer and above all the writer in you, that I simply could not put an end to it in just one article..And, hereby, after a hopelessly long phase without blogs, I am back with a series : Mumbai Weekends!!

Everyone here talks of a so-called fast life, where people fail to find time for themselves, time for their family, time to interact with their neighbors, but even with this fast life, you might not realize but you would always have time to think of your problems..So when you are fed up of your job or your boss, when you are heartbroken after a breakup, when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, or simply need a break from your monotonous life, there is just one place that offers you incredible peace..and that is the subject of the very first blog of the series- Marine Drive.

You will find hundreds of articles describing the place, but you won't find any wiki-google-ish article here, I know nothing about its location or its history, for me, Marine Drive is all about desire, tranquility, ecstasy, love, happiness, freedom, inspiration, fantasies, romance and much more !!

You may stride along the beautiful walkway, you may simply sit and keep on looking at the waves, the rocks, the tall buildings, the enthralling scenic beauty of the palm trees, the heavenly breeze and the amazing view of the horizon which seems totally mesmerizing when the sun sets!
At night, the street lights on the C-shaped road look like a string of pearls and diamonds, popularly known as the 'Queen's necklace'

When you sit on the wall and look at the sea waves hitting the rocks, when you are walking along the promenade and the breeze caresses your hair, even when you are surrounded by so many people, you feel lost for you forget everything else and you tend to enjoy being free, emancipated from all inhibitions and apprehensions, all cobwebs of negative thoughts that preoccupy your mind, which are replaced by the feeling of letting yourself go, getting high !!
Your romantic side turns on when you come to this place, perhaps it is the most suitable place for going out for a date, or for simply sitting and talking to someone, or for day dreaming and fantasizing !!

You will always find a lot of couples there, couples with their public displays of affection, groups of friends clicking pictures, old couples sitting and talking, kids jumping around and people like me, sitting and smiling, enjoying the breeze, the freedom, the feeling that can't be put in words..

One may say that I take it as a medium to escape, but sometimes its better to take a break, when the past and the future becomes unimportant.. Perhaps everyone deserves someone like Marine Drive, someone who can make you feel free, someone who can make you forget everything for a while, someone who won't walk away, would always be there, would always stay, for you...
Such places and such people, aren't about escapism, they are about spending time with yourself, being happy and looking forward to life, for it happens to be beautiful, as beautiful as Marine Drive is!
Whenever I tend to forget this, I just walk around this place, and it get the same feeling again.. life is as beautiful as this place!

Cheers !!

Mumbai weekends always have something interesting to offer, next blog from the series from a hard core Delhite trying to explore the city that never sleeps, coming soon!


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