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Recently I realized that the virtue of faith is the most important virtue...Relationships can never survive without faith.. You need to have faith in your partner..You need to believe that the other person loves you as much as you do..You need to trust him..You cannot accept and move on unless you have faith that everything will be fine..You are bound to have courage,hope,strength, patience and fortitude when you have faith.. When you live in faith, you have a greater momentum towards your goal, you do not consider any obstacle in your path,rather you simply see it as a part of overall perfection ..Faith actually draws and attracts happiness..It attracts what you wish to achieve, what you want from your life, and disbelief pushes all that away..

I realize the importance of faith in life,in relationships..but something that I really want to explore and apply, is the power of faith in God..

Being an agnostic, I do not believe in any religion at all..My post Simply Ask Yourself says it all.. but then, being an agnostic and being an atheist are two different things..I do believe in God,
I believe that there exists a divine power, you may call it God, the almighty, the spiritual power or anything at all you feel like..Now, believing that God exists and having faith in God are two really different things again..

I support rationalism, and therefore, when I talk about faith,I do not consider those cases where people die in pilgrim stampede, where people slaughter lambs in the name of worship.. This blog does not talk of blind faith..

This is an attempt to explore the way some people believe that no matter what, everything will be perfect because they have faith in God..

I always wonder how diseases get cured, blind people are blessed with eyesight, just by a pilgrimage or by anything that people have absolute faith in.. all these miracles do happen..Most of you must have seen or must have heard about these...But then, we follow rationalism..We say that science does not justify this..We say that there is no possible reason for this..but then, the heart has its own reasons that reason does not follow at all..There is no reason to explain absolute faith, just like there is no way to define and explain love..
I started believing in miracles ever since I witnessed one myself.. I saw a man, who was dumb n crippled ever since he was born..He had complete faith in God n he used to stay in a temple..I saw him speak and walk properly,all of a sudden, as a result of a miracle.. It was when he saw his Guru..It was his faith in him that made the unbelievable happen..Yes, miracles do happen, but only n only for those who have absolute and unconditional faith in God, the ones who are happy in spite of all the adverse situations, because they believe that one day, their prayers will be answered...Perhaps, the sub-conscious mind does play a role in it, faith is all about how your sub-conscious mind attracts all positive energy towards itself..

We all pray to God..We all thank God when we achieve something we had really wished for..but we talk to God the most when we are sad, when we feel we are betrayed or we are deprived of something that we deserve..Asking for things to be in our favour, praying for everything to be perfect and wishing for our happiness is not faith..Faith lies in believing that we will be happy because God is there to support us, even when we have n number of hardships to face..

They say, spirituality is an unusual inner path to discover the essence of life, to discover the real values and to comprehend ourselves in the deepest manner.. Some say its meditation, some call it prayer.. but can one inculcate faith through spiritual experiences.. Can absolute belief be acquired merely by meditating or praying?

The toughest of times can sail through easily, miracles can happen, we can live with happiness and peace.. I do believe that God exists, I do believe that my prayers will be answered, I do believe that everything happens for a reason.. But do I have absolute faith? I really don't think so.. I wish to have faith, I wish to inculcate it in me, I wish to follow the path of eternal faith in God for eternal peace.. But is this possible for anyone and everyone? Is this possible given that I cannot leave the materialistic world I am addicted to? If yes, then how?

At the end, just one more thing to say, I might not have absolute faith, but I do realize its importance, I might be an agnostic, but I communicate with God in my own ways and that makes me feel relaxed n happier daily..Have faith.. It actually has that power n it surely is the most important virtue !

This blog comes to an end abruptly..for I wish to seek answers..I genuinely wish for some good comments n I hope that you all would share your views..

Next blog soon

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Ritu said...

well,you do not need to leave the materialistic world.connect with your inner soul

nice blog!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful post....

miracles do happen, but only n only for those who have absolute and unconditional faith in God, the ones who are happy in spite of all the adverse situations, because they believe that one day, their prayers will be answered...Perhaps, the sub-conscious mind does play a role in it, faith is all about how your sub-conscious mind attracts all positive energy towards itself..

Absoluely true !!

I wish to seek these answers too Sonia

waiting for your next !!

Eshan Bhatt said...

To begin with this one is awesomegrowsomelyfantabulous…….
This one, Sonia just reminds me of myself. You see what faith means is not just going to the temple and bowing your head. Faith is something that comes from inside, here is something I would like to tell you about me: whenever I’m in a state of doubt or I do not know the answer to some question, I tend to ask myself what could it be, and all of a sudden its something or the other that would happen and I would have the answer with me. I don’t know how and who does this but I always tend to have the answer. As an example I was complaining about all the suffering that goes in the world, I just asked myself why God made the "PANDORAS BOX" if he didn’t want it to be opened and today I was amazed I read this article that appeared around 20yrs back (the time I was just born) and it answered all my questions. This is why I have a blind faith in my God, I know that he would always answer my questions, and believe me or not he always has; indeed he has.

Over the past few years (precisely 2) vie learnt that my faith in what I do and my God has driven me this far, else I don’t know where would I have been. Your saying that God does exist is indeed true in the holistic sense and it is true that science is just too immature to reason out his existence. But the true sense of God (this is my personal opinion) has never been understood, God is not an entity that can be found, He is the summation of all the entities that he has created. He is the ultimate power that can only be felt and not found at just a holy place, he is omnipresent. And it is only faith that can bring this energy be felt. I’ve heard a similar story about a man being cured just by his faith, another one living for about a 100 who had been declared nearly dead at the age of 40.

"I do what I believe, and I believe what I do, my faith will always carry me on" although grammatically incorrect this motto that vie carried for a very long time has a very deep rooted meaning.

And I would thank you Sonia for bringing this topic on...

Hope to hear from u soon.

Sonia said...

Thanks everyone !!

@ Eshan

First of all, thanks for the great comment !!

Science is just too immature to reason out God's existence.. really true...

I do believe that there exists a supreme power..never knew you really have that faith in God :-)

It was really nice reading ur comment.. will discuss this in detail soon :D


Agreed. Being religious is cmpletely different from being a believer in God. While religion makes us weak and holds us back, logical faith does wonders. The only problem is that ppl would rather be "led" by religious rituals than lead with faith.

Pretty good post...

You might want to check out my take on religion:


enoblog said...

nice blog ;)

melanie said...

love your blog! so glad i found it!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

There is one miracle that we all fail to acknowledge, though we all see it and reap its benefits everyday. Someday I would want to write on this but the bottomline is that a miracle took place, when YOU, happened.
When I happened, when Birth Happens!

Nice read.

Blasphemous Aesthete

curtainz_fire said...

miracles do happen. But sometimes you just make an excuse to yourself by calling it a miracle. its like consoling yourself. I have been in trouble with the same thing called faith. Its hard to deal with and recognize it. But when this faith comes in a package for someone then you would not mind whatever she does. And which comes very often as nowadays life has become faster and rather than seeing in someone's life we need to take a look at what we are doing.

ram krishna said...

Absolutely correct, there is that something which has the power to make us believe that the toils & pains of each day will be rewarded with hope. Every night we close our eyes with an aim of bathing in glorious rays of sun,even though rain is predicted for the day.But again soul is beyond logic, it has its own reasons that penetrates & acts through the mind of the believers.

Really such a great piece by you on a topic which is my favourite

Sonia said...

Thanks a lot everyone !!

Glad that people were able to relate to this blog :-)

galina said...

Как Вы правы!Без веры ничего не получится,за что бы не взялись.Прежде всего, нужно верить в себя, в свои силы и тогда Вселенная придет на помощь.

Anonymous said...

is well

Sonia said...

@ galina

Had to translate ur comment !!
Thanks a lot :)

Linhy said...

Like your blog and your pictures ! def. following you now! when you get a chance by by my blog and check it out and hopefully my writing will send you sparks so you can also become one of my followers too!

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rastreator said...

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Sonia said...

@ everyone
thanks for your comments n likes :)

Anonymous said...

Ms Sonia
u r right ... i recall a dialogue frm ur favourite movie "hum jo actual me chatae h na hame vo hi milta h" .. HE wil hlp u .. :)

Sonia said...

Amen :)
Thank you :)

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