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Life In A Metro- Part 2

Based on the women only coach in the Delhi Metro, dedicated to all Delhites... (Dilli Meri Jaan)

For all the readers outside Delhi and outside India, the Delhi Metro had started with the women only coach from 2nd October, 2010.. The first coach is reserved for girls, ladies and kids now..
This post, just like the post, Life In A Metro, is based on my own experiences and observations...Check out the different categories of people and their reactions, one by one...I hope you all would be able to relate..

1.The Aunties : They are overwhelmed with joy and words cannot describe their happiness and pride.. After all, now they have platforms with 'Women Only' written on a pink background, and crowd control barriers to keep the men out of the area meant for them...Now, even if a man enters the ladies coach by mistake, they actually start shouting, "Bhai Saab, ye hamari metro hai, aap jaiye yahaan se varna...." , half of these aunties have started talking to men like Underworld Dons and half of them talk as if they are the guards of DMRC..
Now they can openly carry on their 'really loud' talks about TV soaps, about their families and above all their favorite topic, 'ye aaj kal ki ladkiyaan' .. It has been 3 years since I have been travelling in the Delhi Metro, and I am still not able to understand why Aunties stare at college girls (much more than young guys )... Given that the ultimate bimbos have started travelling in the same coach, Aunties are actually enjoying staring and commenting on their skimpy outfits, which reminds me that I should start with the next category..

2.The Bimbos : Well, contrary to what I had expected, the bimbos are really glad too, and it is not just because of the factors like less crowd, comfort n all...Given that there are no guys around to check them out and they are still happier, I realized something about them..Perhaps, women enjoy other women getting jealous of them much more than other men admiring their beauty...
They get a chance to flaunt their hairstyles, their accessories, make up kits and on top of that, at times, they treat the first coach like a mini beauty parlor, using lipsticks, cosmetics and a hell lot of other things from their handbags..They are as loud as the aunties and often talk to their boyfriends about real personal stuff, as if they wish to flaunt their personal lives too...

3.The Guys : Firstly, this category is really unhappy, infuriated and frustrated ever since this special coach for girls started... Secondly, sometimes I feel that this category must be renamed as 'The Despos' ... Alright, the reasons for their anger are obvious,their coach is more crowded, they cannot look at the 'eye candies', the aunties scold them badly even if they try to enter the ladies coach and then, the list goes on... I heard a guy talking to his friends, he was saying,
'pehle yellow line me jate the to DU ki sari hot girls hoti thi, ab wo sab ladies coach me chali jati hain, jo apne boyfriends k saath hoti hain unhe hum check out nahi kar sakte, saala sara mazaa kharab kar diya metro ka..' This is exactly what he had said and I was not at all surprised for obvious reasons..
And now, an advice for all couples and uncles, avoid the second coach, it is the one with maximum people for all guys love to stand there, looking towards the first coach, full of all kinda girls.. This is like a compensation for all those despos..

4.The Couples : Awww, poor couples, sometimes I feel pity for them...They have to stand more crowd.. There is no comfort, no privacy at all left for them.. They have got rid of the aunties though..Well, the couples were once the talk of the town for their PDAs (Public Displays of Affection), and now, no one talks about them at all...

5.The Uncles : Sad and angry once again.. You can always hear them saying, 'Ek to pura coach reserve ho chuka hai auraton k liye, phir bhi wo ladies seat k liye bolti hain, arre wo apni coach me jayen, hum kyun de unhe seat.. ' and then, they have actually started asking girls to get up from their seats and go to the coach reserved for them, and then they say to each other, with a smile on their face, 'Aur kya, pehle ye auratein bhi to humein hamari seat se uthne ko bolti thi, ab hum kyun na bolein, haq banta hai hamara bhi..'

6. The Infants :Well, I spend almost 2 hours in the Delhi Metro or at the Metro stations almost daily, it has been three years, and to my surprise, I had never even noticed these kids before..So, here comes the new category, the infants, travelling along with their mothers in the women only coach.. Once upon a time, they used to look really cute and girls used to go awwwwwwww looking at them.. Now, they keep on crying, screaming and crying and crying all the time.. Kids who are in the age group of 3 to 6, play games like 'Pakdam Pakdai' inside the metro...They don't let you study, they don't let you listen to music..Describing them in one word, 'Ufff !'

7. College Girls :All of them were happy initially, for the fact that they got rid of the f***ing crowd in the Blue line and Yellow line.. But then, with the aunties gossiping loudly, with all girls chatting on their phone continuously,with all babies crying, with everyone talking about something or the other, they came to two conclusions.. 1. Avoid the women only coach in Green line and Red line (in the afternoon) for there is no crowd.. 2. Say no to the first coach during exams, you won't get a chance to study..
Apart from this, college girls have got a new topic to talk about.. They can talk for hours and hours about the so-called good and bad points of the women only coach.. and then, they get a chance to discuss about girlie stuff, saying, 'Yar tujhe pata hai, aaj maine metro me naye style ki chappals dekhi n ek bandi ne kya handbag carry kar rakha tha yaar.. ' , ' Yar aaj kal ye dress kitni common ho gayi hai, ladies coach me pata nahi kitni ladkiyan dikhti hain is dress me'.. In short, when girls have nothing to study and they are travelling alone just with their headphones and novels, they get a great chance to analyse the latest stuff..

With this, the blog comes to an end, some more things to say...

1. I never had an intention to make fun of the women-only coach, its just that it was worth writing a blog.. In spite of all the technical problems, in spite of all these people who disturb you at times, Delhi Metro rocks !! I cannot imagine this city without it..
2. This is NOT at all a work of fiction, imagination or exaggeration..
3. There are n number of lines in Hindi, sometimes translating into English spoils all the fun and the style of writing..
4. (For IGIT girls) In case if you feel that this blog is incomplete, please write about whatever you feel is missing in the comment box..

Enjoyed writing this post after back to back romantic blogs....

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Sonia Bhatia
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Aditya said...

but you should not rename guys as despos..all guys are not despos
Aunties wala part best hai
Sharde ur post on facebook.. its great

Akanksha said...

haha..liked it..!!!
n nowadayz u hf d women coach crowded more dn d general.. uff.. d odr day one of d aunties said 2 a frn of mine.. " beta aap agli metro mein aa jana.. ghar hi toh jana hai.. " jabki itni jagah thi metro mein.. nonsense aunties..!!!
sum1 ask dem unhe kahan jana hai woh bhi shyam k 6 baje..if dey arent gng home i hf serious doubts on dem..!!

nina said...

haha...awesome...the bimbos part and the despos part was the best....guys really act as despos now when the keep staring from the second coach to the first coach...hehehe

Sushmit said...

Dear DMRC,

I have absolutely no qualms with the pink coach, but if you could add two extra coaches to a train for every ladies compartment, that would be perfect. Because,on a microcosmic scale, the interior of the other 3 coaches looks like the population situation in India in 2050.

Yours sincerely,
Non-uncle and non-despo ordinary check-shirted boy. :)

Anonymous said...

awsum guyz(despos), cupls,aunties part is THE BEST!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome.. Simply awesome..
And absolutely true!
You are a great observer Sonia di!

prerna said...

yar tu ek baat bhul gai... igitians life.. tarvelling in a women's coach to go to a girls clg... hehe...

Sonia said...

Thanks for all the likes and comments everyone!!

lol.. i have serious doubts on them too ;)

What a comment really!
lol..rofl...ha ha ha ha
one of the best comments on my blog so far!!

@ Prerna
yeah... really does nt matter now,
was about to mention but decided against it :/

Anonymous said...

good sonia.... g8 wrk..:)

meenu and supriya.

kriti said...

gret sonia!!
aunties n bimbos wala part bhot fun hai!!!

cass22 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Deepika said...

Interesting post.... Very Well analysed.. :)

Priya said...

rofl.... lol...
great post !!!
u r a great observer girl

Akanksha said...

this is even better than the original post..
bimbos part is best
keep it up lady

vivek_enzo said...

enjoyed reading a lot

Featured Future said...



Wow .. good post. You have an awesm eye for detail really. Reminded me of many of my "categorical" blogposts.

Loved the Auntie & bimbo bits the most (So true!) .. scoffed at the 'despo' guys bit (irrational generalisation) .. loved it overall.

Cheers...... DG

pRasad said...

First time on your blog and found it entertaining :)
This post especially is really interesting.

'साहिल' said...

Well this is interesting analysis! nice reading!

Sonia said...

Thanks everyone!!
:-) :-) :-)
@ DG
yeah..I was kinda exaggerated..

vikas said...

Its kinda weird that i'm commenting on this post which's presumably dead for over five months now! But yeah, if I dig deeper into all your posts(and not only this one), i can make a one-to-one mapping from my posts to yours! Terrific indeed!!
Liked your style of writing. I prefer writing in the third person, generally, and seeing your posts written in the first person was a refreshing change!
P.S: I like the template of your blog too. Which one is it?

Anonymous said...

m proud of u..
kya likhti hai yr tu..

aditi rastogi said...

how come i missed this blog??
so awesomely written:D
humour is so ur forte..:D
keep it up:)

Sonia said...

@ vikas

as i always say.. blogs n blog posts are never dead.. n are never old.. i still get visits on the oldest of my posts !

@ aditi
yeah..i like writing comedy stuff once in a while :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sonia said...

@ anonymous

well.. each and every post, and each and every line of all posts here are absolutely original !

The reason why i removed the content of your comment is that i don't want my readers to read such meaningless comments.. However, in case if someone else has copied content from my posts, I would like to know and report the same to blogger!

Lakshay Nanda said...

Thanks to this coach, now we can study with ease during exam time. :D
Saara shor machaane wala crowd toh ek jagah pe concentrate ho gaya. :p

Sonia said...

Ha ha!
I swear, it was really difficult to study in the ladies coach :P

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