Monday, January 11, 2010

Dil Khush Jahaan.... Teri To Manzil Hai Wahin

[ Sometimes you get to discover your own weird side, maybe once in six months...n when this crazy side comes up, even if you are a person with great positive attitude, you become upset for no reason.. even if you have an infinite capacity to speak.. you prefer to be silent...even if you are a very sensible person, you act like a perfect dumbo...Yes, the biggest idiot and the ultimate genius both are within 'you'..

I used to think that the list of mysterious things was limited to Life After Death, Existence of God, Love n relationships only.. But a few days back, I realized that our mind, or maybe our sub conscious mind is really mysterious too.. ]

Wo din kuch khaas tha,
kuch bura bhi tha,
par kuch sikha gaya wo din
kuch samjha gaya tha wo din..

mood nahi tha music sunne ka,
na kuch khaane peene ka,
na koi book padhne ka,
na kisi se baat karne ka..

sab khaali khaali tha,
kuch adhoora sa tha,
koi kami thi shayad,
ya kisi ki kami thi shayad..

phir messages kiye ek friend ko,
ek ghanta pareshan kiya usko,
khud ko hi nahi pata tha kuch,
phir bhi bak diya dimag me tha jo kuch..

usse baat karke hua ye ehsaas,
k uske jaise dost hi hote hain khaas,
apni khushi se zyada kisi ki parvaah mat karo,
jo tumhari parvaah kare use kabhi ignore mat karo,,
jo tumhe ignore kare uske baare mei bother mat karo,

kuch achchha lagne laga,
halka halka types lagne laga,
dost ne bola
"dont wish so much for one particular person
no one, absolutely no one is above your own happiness.."
ye to main pehle se jaanti thi,
sabko bolti bhi rehti thi,
phir pata nahi kyun bhool gayi thi....

main apne aap pe hairan thi,
apni weirdness pe hairan thi..
hasi aa rahi thi khud pe,
hasi aa rahi thi apni dumbness pe..

kabhi kabhi dimag saala hil jata hai,
kuch samajh mei nahi aata hai..
funde dene mei chahe koi expert hi kyun na ho,
free advice k liye wo bhi tarasne lag jata hai..

ultimately ek nahi,
kai lesson mile,
kuch us dost se,
to kuch khud se..
realise hua k main kitni lucky hoon,
thodi si insane bhi hoon..
but at the end of the day,
i realised come what may,
one should never let that smile go away..

well socha nahi tha pura blog likh dalungi,,
likhte likhte prasoon joshi ki lines bhi likh dalungi
'tu dhoop hai chham se bikhar,
tu hai nadi o bekhabar!
beh chal kahin, ud chal kahin,
dil khush jahaan teri to manzil hai wahin'

This blog post is dedicated to

Some really close friends : They know the blog is all about them ;)

Myself : Well even I am a great friend .. yes, my friends can always count on me n they are always welcome for my 'funde n free advices' (they work) ;) I know zyada tareef ho gayi, but kabhi kabhi immodesty bhi zaruri hoti hai

[ This blog post was written within just 25 minutes... written without any planning n without any motive.. in a totally casual style.. I just hope people would be able to relate to it.

One more thing.. Two thieves.. will fall in love.. will dig their own graves.. check out Ishqiya.. I told you Vishal Bhardwaj had himself asked me to promote it through my blogs..]

Sonia Bhatia
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sanjeev said...

great post,enjoyed reading and i could relate to it completely

neha said...

hey!!! mann u write sum awesum stuff!!
keep it up!!
dere fr u always :)

missingyouloads said...

simply awesome

Anonymous said...
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Sonia said...

@ neha

thanks alot..... m there for u too :)

@ missingyouloads n sanjeev

nice to see that people can relate to this post

prerna said...

nice yr... this is the truth of life.. hum sabko pravachan dete rehte h n jab apni turn aati hkhud hi bhul jaate h un sab baaton ko... hehe

Anonymous said...

kuch kuch yaad aaya :P
O teri
tu to mujhse chat kar rahi thi...
"dont wish so much for one particular person
no one, absolutely no one is above your own happiness.."
ye to main pehle se jaanti thi,"
Ye tune mujhe mail me likha tha
nice :D Nice :D
Dost ho to tujhe jaise ;)

Sonia said...

@ prerna


@ shashank

yeah,...its thanks to neha n u...

actually kai baar aapko pata hota hai kya sahi hai kya galat, bas remind karane k liye friends ki zarurat hoti hai...
thanks for the lovely comment :)


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