Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dude, GET A LIFE !!

Its Valentines Day, love is in the air.. People who are in a relationship are happy because they get a chance to celebrate, gift shop owners are happy because they can sell bouquets worth 500 bucks for 5000..But there are some people (read : some guys) who are frustrated and devastated, who feel dejected, gloomy and melancholic.. I dedicate this post to the same very same psychos.. Re-read the title, Dude, GET A LIFE !!

Before I start writing, here is a list of reasons why I'm writing about them :

1. All sick and desperate guys are posting hopelessly boring status updates on facebook, that talk of their frustration, that talk of the fact that they're single..
2. I've been receiving irritating messages by donkeys (Donkeys, according to my blog, GUYS cLASSified), .. Most of them asked the typical questions, "When are you free?", "When can we meet?", "Do you have a boyfriend?" But, one of them actually asked, "Valentines day pe single ladkiyan bhi peeti hain kya..hum log toh devdas ban hi chuke hain..".I mean, how should one react to such sick statements for God's sake!
3. Most of the male students from co-ed engineering colleges keep cribbing about the pathetic sex ratio in their colleges..Some of them also claim that this promotes homosexuality.. Well, they can expect empathy, yes, I can empathize..but why the hell should we sympathize? Recently, I read a blog by a student from IIT Kharagpur, which was written as an appeal to boycott Valentines day, just because it happens to be the reason behind the uncontrollable and incurable depression among students ! People might find it funny, I myself feel that he is a great writer, but the very idea behind his post is the root cause of the way I'm writing this post right now..

Had these guys been like normal and sensible human beings, 14th February would have been just another Tuesday for me, and I would have never written a complete blog about the same..Well, I ask myself, why should I give a shit to the tharkis and the despos? Its simply because, I feel pity.. I pity every other person who cares for them being a friend..

As I say, people, nowadays, have forgotten the meaning of love, forgotten the meaning of relationships, leave alone love..Both guys and girls want a relationship in their life, just for the sake of being committed.. Some guys want a girl in their life, just because they wish to say, "Yes, I have a girlfriend too".. Guys who are blessed to have true girls with them, prefer to be with the so-called better girls (read : hotter and more popular girls), so that they can experience the joy of getting a hunk's title, so that they can make other guys feel envious of them..

Before you start assuming things about me and start forming opinions, let me make things clear.. No, I do NOT hate men..No, I do NOT even hate the desperate guys..Its just that I want some male members of the society to realize that their desperation might just be the initial phase of becoming a frustrated psycho..Period.

If you say that you wish to experience the magic, the beauty, the feeling of being in love, if you wish to experience how awesome it feels when a girl is all yours,..Yes, I can empathize.. But, if you think that guys who hang out with hotter chicks are studs, if you think that your life is fucked up because you don't have a girlfriend.. if you suffer from an "inferiority complex" because you're single..Dude, GET A LIFE !

You might say that a girl can never relate to what a guy goes through, simply because, she cannot realize that a guy's image is dependent on what his relationship status is, on how hot or how cool his girl is.. She cannot realize that each guy is surrounded by similar guys and there is something called peer pressure.. She cannot realize what a guy's life is, because she never faces the hardships involved in 'being a guy'..You might say that, we cannot help it, its testosterone..
All I have to say is that, sensible guys do exist too.. If you think that the above lines hold true, let me tell you, you aren't one of them..

If you're lonely, and you wish to find a person to get rid of the loneliness, and when your search for that person who can 'fill the emptiness' is over, you call it love..No, its not love in the first place..Desperation, frustration, craving for a relationship can never make you feel what true love is..Love will happen when it has to happen to you..
Happiness is a state of mind..So is sadness..The smallest of the things can make you happy, right from a century by your favorite cricketer to watching a nice movie.. But happiness, surely, does not depend upon your relationship status..One feels depressed when one is hurt or betrayed, for we are human beings..But, love and relationships are all about destiny..When destiny has it in store for you, you will be blessed with someone who loves you, someone who truly wishes for your happiness, someone who puts in efforts for your smile..You ought to live your life the way it comes to you..

For all those who still think that their life is screwed up, because they're single, for all those who still can't understand that being single is a hundred times better than being with a wrong person..Once again, I repeat, I know a small blog can never inculcate conscience in a loser.. Dude, GET A LIFE !

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Hiding In said...

Blunt, honest, hurtful but true. Relationships for the sake of relationships aren't going to get you anywhere. Love will find us all on it's own time.

Lakshay Nanda said...

14th February was India versus Sri Lanka! Who cares about the humane love when you are committed to cricket past many years. That match had excitement in final overs, tension when Gauti went run-out, love when the whooping sixes came, probably everything that a relationship needs. So, a cricket despo was booked on a date with match since 0850 to 1700 hours. Rest about your post, kitna time lagaya itni research maarne mein! :p

Sonia said...

@ Hiding In
Thank you very much :) feels great when someone is able to understand what you wish to convey :)

you are cricket-obsessed ! :P Really :P
n tujhe toh pata hai..main jo mann me aye likhti hoon..research kaahe ki :P

Ramon A. Alves said...

I like that!!!!

Anonymous said...

Blunt, direct and absolutely awesome

Dilip Kumar said...

First of all let me be honest about one thing that On V-Day I updated my status on FB with this Shayari :
" Ek Aur V-day Pe Status Single Kiye Betha Hoon,
Kuch Aur Na Mila To Haathon Mein Jaam Liye Betha Hoon " .( BTW I don't drink , hey!! don't judge me, it just tastes weird.)

and yes I was a little depressed that day but this doesn't mean that I was sick, frustrated and desperate to have a gf.
You know, when you click on 'update status' it says "What's on your mind" and at that time that's what was on my mind. So I think this doesn't apply to all.

Secondly, Do guys really do that? I mean why would I irritate you if I want to impress you. I really don't get these guys.
Anyway you might find this post interesting. http://chintangupta.blogspot.in/2012/02/stalking-stalkers.html

But on the whole I liked this post. Specially this line : "Being single is a hundred times better than being with a wrong person". Just loved it.

P.S: Congrats on your 200 followers. :)

Sonia said...

@Ramon, anonymous : thanks!

@dilip : first of all, it feels great to read such 'honest' comments!!
Well, I was never against drinking or people who drink..I do not support drinking to vent out frustration, its a sign of weakness..
Secondly, the very fact that you were depressed, and you're accepting that..shows that you were sad coz you're single..

how and why does your relationship status affect your happiness?? Why? Why do you have to be sad?

Thirdly, yes, guys do so.. no word of this blog is exaggerated.. Yes, its not applicable for everyone, I don't believe in generalizing..but it holds true for many guys..

Yeah, I've read all her blogs and I'm a fan :D

P.S. Thank you, my 200th follower :)

Javed Khan said...

Should be nice and honest.
for it news

Chim's World of Literature said...

true and agree with the statement.

Dilip Kumar said...

"how and why does your relationship status affect your happiness?? Why? Why do you have to be sad? "

Don't know whether I am supposed to answer this or think about it.

But yes I can tell you one thing that my relationship status does n't affect my happiness. It's just that sometimes you want to lean on someone... some one who really cares about you... someone who fills your stomach with butterflies, have you floating on air... someone who is world to you and vice-versa.

Does wishing for such things makes you a sad person?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sonia said...

@ Dilip

No, wishing for this can never make you a sad person, not at all.. this is what I wanted to convey via my blog..
It was only against guys who irritate girls around them and/or are 'desperate' to be in a relationship.. That's it!

Glad to see your comment again :) Thank you !

@ javed, chim
Thanks :)

Fowl Ideas said...

You sound like someone who would appreciate this:


Hotel Nami Residency said...

this is what I wanted to convey via my blog..
It was only against guys who irritate girls around them and/or are 'desperate' to be in a relationship

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Sonia said...

@ Fowl Ideas

Interesting stuff !

@ Hotel Nami
First of all, please avoid such comments with advertisements, this is a personal blog and I do not like any such ads/spam comments!
If you had written such a blog once, you can share the link !

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