Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beauty is Confidence.. Confidence is Beauty


Ananya and Kinshuk were sitting on the ground with folded legs, pulling up the grass, looking at the sky, day dreaming, looking at each other, smiling.. Sometimes, silence mesmerizes you, for memories captivate your thoughts..
And, Kinshuk said..

"Anu, you know, that was the place where I saw you for the first time, the coffee shop.."
"Yeah, and I also remember the conversation we had, word-by-word.. It was hilarious.. The first thing that I had noticed about you was your sense of humor"
"I know! I know! All girls are mad about my sense of humor! Nothing new!"
"Shut up!"
"Hey Anu! I can have a bet that you've no clue about the first thing that I had noticed about you! "
"Oh..Really! What was it? Lemme guess! Must be my simplicity!"
"Well, I admire your simplicity..I feel that its something that defines you..But that's not the right answer to my question.."
"What was it Kinshi? Tell me now! At least give me a hint!"
"Ohk..It is something that everyone must have noticed about you, just like your simplicity!"
"You were right! I'm not getting what you're talking about! What was it? I wanna know..I'm curious now"
" When I saw you for the first time, I noticed that there was something amazing about your face, and that was your confidence..the confidence that I see whenever I look into your eyes, that makes you look so beautiful, that makes everything perfect for you, for me, for us..that drives me crazy about this crazy girl called Ananya Verma! "
"You render me speechless, Kinshuk Sarkar.. I dunno what to say!"

And the two pairs of eyes met again.. The silence was much more enthralling now..

Ananya could not stop thinking about those words..People around her always admired her confidence..She was not only invincibly sanguine, but also a girl who preached about self-love and self-belief, a girl who was an inspiration for those who do not love themselves..But then, she kept asking herself, "Is it Kinshi's love for me that makes him feel so or is it actually my confidence that makes me look beautiful? What exactly makes a girl, a woman, beautiful?"

With the last line of the fictitious conversation, commences the real blog.. What exactly makes a girl, a woman beautiful?

If you talk of a body with perfect curves, a flawless figure, the word is not beautiful, the word is hot or sexy.. If you talk of a sweet smile, chubby cheeks, the word is not beautiful, the word is bubbly or cute..
If you talk of great dressing sense with perfect accessories, the word is smart or stylish..
If you talk of make up and hair styling, the word is pretty..
However, all these women might be beautiful, but these aren't answers to the question, what exactly makes a girl, a woman beautiful? 

When a girl child asks endless cute questions from her father, its her innocence that makes her beautiful..
When a girl says to her best friend, "Don't worry, I'll take care of everything..Smile now!".. its her care that makes her beautiful..
When a girl falls in love, its the ecstasy and magic of love that makes her beautiful..
When a woman gives birth to a baby and takes him in her hands for the first time, it makes her feel that her child completes her, and perhaps, this feeling makes her beautiful..
When a woman makes sacrifices and compromises for her family, and even then, she smiles, its her selflessness that makes her beautiful..
Its her courage, her benevolence, her tolerance, her strength that makes her beautiful..

If you ask me to define beauty.. I really cannot do that, for beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.. but I do know that, in some way or the other, every girl is beautiful, every woman is adorable..

Part- III 

This blog is not about physical appearance vs inner beauty..The reason why I'm writing this post is that some women have actually lost their confidence, the eternal beauty, for they desperately wish to be "physically appealing"..
Yes, I feel pity for those girls who suffer from an inferiority complex, who envy the ones who look better than them.. At the same time, I feel that the ones who live with vanity and narcissism are merely arrogant fools, for physical appeal is always short-lived, unlike self-confidence.. No matter how great you look, if you feel disappointed when you receive less facebook comments and likes on your pictures, if your confidence level is dependent on the number of compliments you receive, if you like to dress up like what others expect, rather than the way you like to see yourself, I pity you ! Above all, I pity girls who have lost their confidence after a guy dumped them for a so-called hot chick, for beauty is not about what he thinks or he likes, its about what you feel about yourself.. 

You may go to a parlor for make up, you may go to a gym for weight loss, you may feel great when you receive compliments, you may try endless beauty products and beauty treatments, you may have a complete makeover, but nothing at all can inculcate the confidence in you, the way you yourself can.. And confidence is something that adds on to your beauty like nothing else does..

Confidence is the first postulate of what we call style..You cannot be a stylish person if you follow what others do, a style statement is something that uniquely identifies you!
With your head held up high, with perfect optimism and self-belief in your mind and heart, being confident about who you are, what you are and what you can do, is the secret to eternal beauty..Yes, there is no beauty that is attractive without confidence..
When you feel confident, you are not only more beautiful, but also you radiate the beauty, you make the whole world around you beautiful.. You mesmerize, you influence, you shine, you rule!

So, always smile and make the whole world smile with you!
Cheers !!!

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Wow! Absolutely true!

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Damn true!!!!!!!!!

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@ Chaotic Musings, Riya
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