Tuesday, December 27, 2011


[ For the first time, I am writing a semester blog only for myself, for I really need to recall the different phases of this semester..
Unlike all semester blogs, there won't be any messages dedicated to any of my friends this time..
The only reason why I'm publicly posting this blog is that, all those people who feel connected to me, in any manner at all, like to read about me, for they can automatically empathize with whatever I write and to my surprise, even unknown readers are always able to relate to my semester blogs, even though they are based on my personal life, experiences and so-called life lessons !]

So, I finally start with the blog based on my second last semester..The first part of the blog is dedicated to all final year students I know..

You know you are a final year engineering student when :
  • The most commonly used word by you, by everyone around you, is nothing else but 'placement'.. All you talk about is companies visiting your campus, visiting other colleges, your friends and friends of friends who got placed in great companies and so on..
  • Half of your time is wasted in debating over factors that influence job satisfaction as you keep on comparing different companies in terms of their location, job profile, packages, work culture, dress code, crowd and what not !!
  • You always claim that you are busy like hell, you are fed up of your hectic schedule, fed up of projects, preparation for post graduation entrances, but at the same time, you always take out time to pamper yourself, for you believe that this is the last year of your college life and you won't get a chance to be with your friends again..
  • Procrastination reaches a whole new level.. You know that it is one of the most crucial years of your life, you know you should work hard but you do not feel like studying at all, and you simply can't help it, for reasons unknown to you..
  • Day dreaming about your life post college becomes a part of your daily routine, even when you don't really know where you'll land up..
  • Nostalgia rules your heart ! Nostalgia about your college, when you say that you wanna get out of the place asap even though you know that you'll miss it and miss your friends and the unforgettable moments of your college life..
Phase 1 : This sem gave me a job offer, some awesome days and beautiful moments, some new friends and great experiences.. It had a perfect beginning with the busy schedule of the placement drive, Anna Hazare's movement and an amazing birthday..
Gradually, the second phase of the semester started, which was definitely not as good as the beginning, and the reason was that I had started missing myself..For the first time in life, I had started giving a damn to people and things around me..I was missing the way I used to be a naive, innocent girl, least bothered about the whole world..I was missing the way I used to be in love with everything and everyone around me, I missed my carefree, practical side..
I had decided to face it all and come back to myself on my own.. I took a net break for a month and that's how the phase 3 started.. I devoted time to myself, I realized the importance of self-love.. I realized how nothing lasts forever, sometimes life actually tests your patience.. All you can do and must do in certain situations, is to let things be and give time the time to sort things out.. The more I devoted time to my health, my career, my family, the better I felt, and gradually I came back to the girl who really does not need big reasons to be happy, who is a true person to herself, to everyone around her, who feels happier while doing something for others' happiness,who believes in simplicity and honesty, and feels proud of all those unique and crazy characteristics that make her the person she is..

And here I am, back to square one, back to being what I used to be, and really happy about the same.. Finally, let me start with the things that I learnt and realized in this semester, in my typical style of writing in points, I know that there is no coherence at all, here goes the random list :
  • Being busy is eternal bliss..Spend time with yourself.. Observe yourself.. Introspect.. Retrospect..Let everything else go and devote some time to feel the exhilarating effect of the blithesomeness associated with solitude..All you have to do is to make sure that the solitude phase does not stretch for a long time..
  • Sometimes, in the process of valuing others and considering them to be a special part of your life, we tend to forget that we, ourselves, are special too.. No one is above your own dignity.. Hence, you should never cross the thin line that exists between attachment and addiction..Never let go off the things that make you who you are, for you are special, and you deserve your own love and respect.. My blog Love Yourself says it all..
  • I have seen people walking away and going into isolation many times.. It does hurt when people close to you start avoiding you,out of frustration.. It does hurt when a best friend starts becoming just another person.. But you have no other option other than accepting that they wish to be alone, all you can do is to give them the time to be back to themselves.. I have taken a firm decision that come what may, I won't ever go into isolation and won't ever avoid people who wish to be with me and genuinely care for me..
  • Never try to stop or control the flow of your feelings.. Let them go on and on.. You don't need to prioritize people in your life, their importance and worth is automatically dependent on how they have been to you and what role they have played in your life.. If you give infinite chances to someone who does not give a damn to your happiness, you're being fooled, while if you continue to take for granted someone who has always been caring and loving, no one can be as inconsiderate as you are..
  • I may not be able to define a perfect relationship, but based on my observations, I have concluded that certain characteristics, signs and signals that clearly indicate that your relationship is not worth the effort..One, if a relationship is a secret, you should not be in it.. Two, if there was an insecurity in your mind right from the beginning, no points for guessing that without faith and trust, it will come to an end soon..Three, if you keep trying to sort things out all the time, and the contribution from the other side to make you feel better and happier is zilch, you definitely deserve something better, for I truly believe in Marilyn Monroe's words, "Its better to be unhappy alone than being unhappy with someone.."
  • 90% people are not able to achieve great things in their professional life, not because they are not talented, able, intelligent or deserving.. but its because of their inability to concentrate, and unfortunately, I fall under the category of those 90% people.. I wish to channelize my capabilities and be focused in one direction, but, somehow, I could never really do so..I resolve to give my best to whatever I do, in the year 2012, for not being focused is the only thing that I always regret..
  • Sometimes it becomes important to let go..Sometimes, life is all about letting things be and happiness is all about accepting whatever is meant to be..
  • Nothing can alter what destiny has in store for you..Life is always unexpected..In spite of whatever you plan or desire,things will always be unpredictable and fortuitous..Something that's meant to be will always find a way..Leave things to destiny, have patience and have faith in God..He will handle all your problems and make you realize why they say that everything happens for a reason..
  • People often misunderstand you and tag you with adjectives that do not describe you at all..I was tagged with the words 'haughty and self-centered' when I refused to go out with a guy who was lying and faking things to impress me..I was tagged with the word 'dominating' just because I'm straightforward and talkative, and worst of all, I was tagged 'cheesy' when I expressed my care to a close friend who was like family to me.. Its easy enough to say that you don't give a fuck when the person who misunderstands you does not matter to you, but if its someone who has always been close to you, you have to sort it out and make things clear to him/her, but there is a limit up to which you can justify or explain yourself, for people who actually trust you, do not need any explanations, they ought to believe that that you will always be true to them..
This semester taught me the importance of self-love and dignity, taught me to let go and leave things to destiny.. It made me a much stronger and much more sensible person.. I saw people going away from me.. I was misunderstood.. I saw doubt in the eyes of persons who used to trust me blindly, but at the end of the day, I don't have any regrets as far as my personal life is concerned, for I know that have always been a true person and a true friend..

Now when I look back, I feel glad for I did not curse life during the tough phases, I never blamed my luck and I continued to have faith in God.. At the end of this post,I thank him for all the good things that happened to me, for all the awesome people I met not only in this semester but throughout the journey of my life..

The mere feeling of the fact that the seventh semester has come to an end is making me feel happy.. Just 6 more months to go and I will be at a new place with new people and new experiences and I'm already excited for the same !!
I know that the eighth sem is also not gonna be easy, but come what may, I'm ready to face all challenges !! Bring them on !!

The dialogue from the movie Love Aaj Kal, still happens to be my favorite.. "Shayad bhagwan shagwan naam ka item waqai me hai, jo ultimately sab kuch set kar deta hai"

Live your life without attempting to understand the HOWs and WHYs of it, simply accept it as it comes your way !!

Cheers !!


1. Many readers and followers had asked me to write a complete series of blogs for the most popular posts of this blog, HUM TUM and THE RETURN OF HUM TUM, for they feel that the story is incomplete.. I wish to inform all of them that I am not planning to write any other sequel for the same.. HUM TUM and its two characters, Sid and Sho symbolize friendship..I had written those posts in an attempt to describe the fact that a girl and a guy can be best friends, in a relationship with no expectations, no insecurities, no demands..that is, friendship..Recently I realized that nothing lasts forever, but I do feel that one should always celebrate the happy moments of one's life..I won't use the words that the story is over for its pretty close to my heart, but I wish to say that the two characters are just friends and HUM TUM is NOT AT ALL like the movie JTYJN.. Cheers to friendship !! Cheers to my characters Sid n Sho, I'm really glad that they touched so many hearts..
2. I might have not dedicated messages publicly, but I will be sending mails and messages to my friends.. If you have been a part of my seventh sem, you might just receive a random text or mail from me anytime..
3. A story of two perfect strangers, who met in the weirdest possible manner and realized how destiny has its own ways to offer happiness to us.. Coming soon.. Next fiction series !
4. Music had been a saviour in this sem.. Right from awesome songs from Rockstar to comedy stuff like Kolaveri Di, we all checked out many amazing songs !! But the award for the Song of the semester goes to the Airtel Advertisement, Kyunki har ek friend zaroori hota hai !!

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Lakshay Nanda said...

Chalu hai tu toh!
Apne puraane blogs ki fir se publicity kardi isme. :p

Sonia said...

Ha ha ha ha ha !
Pure sem ka blog hai.. usme purane blogs bhi ate hain.. blogs are a part of the sem's experiences ;)

Anonymous said...

If you give infinite chances to someone who does not give a damn to your happiness, you're being fooled, while if you continue to take for granted someone who has always been caring and loving, no one can be as inconsiderate as you are..

Absolutely true !!

Disha said...

Sonia...please be like this forever...at least try to do so :):)

Anonymous said...

You're awesome !


Asad said...

"For the first time in life, I had started giving a damn to people and things around me..I was missing the way I used to be a naive, innocent girl, least bothered about the whole world..I was missing the way I used to be in love with everything and everyone around me, I missed my carefree, practical side."

----------thts how people change------ not realizing what they are becoming...awesoome post!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sonia said...

@ Disha di, anonymous (whoever you are)

Thank you so much !! Such comments give me strength, I'm so sorry I simply forget to reply to comments!

@ Asad
Yeah! But we do come back to being ourselves! Thats the best part :)

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