Sunday, July 12, 2009


The most unforgettable four years of your life
Yes, the days of your college life……

You meet new people,
You make new friends,
Friends who are always there with you,
People who laugh with you,
People who cry with you,
You discover new places,
You see new faces
The most beautiful four years of your life,
The days of your college life…

Its when you say…..
“Why aren’t they takin any classes,
no one teaches us here….”
N when you say….
“why the hell are they takin classes,
I’ll sleep if he doesn stop teaching here”

You go to canteen during lecture bunks,
You hang out with friends during mass bunks,
It’s when you feel ‘life is just so sexy’
Thanks to the people who mark your proxy..
The coolest four years of your life..
The days of your college life.

Then you have exams,
Loads n loads of exams…..
Everything is pathetic,
Your schedule is so damn hectic,
You know nothing,
Still you aren’t worried bout anything,
Its on the day before your exam,
That you jus start preparing for everything
You get to know the art of scoring…
“ one night stand before exam
n then Ratte, fatte, jugaad n some cheating…”

You are always relaxed,
You’re always chilled out……
But its when the results are out….
You say, “these profs suck…”
“Look at my marks, What The F*** ”
You hear all those reactions….
“Shit, I ve passed in this subject,
I thought I would fail…”
“F***, this was the easiest subject,
how the hell did I fail”
Yes, its weird like anything….
Its messed up like anything.
Yet it happens to be
Your college life…

Then you have the college fest,
Everyone working with complete zeal n zest,
Its before these fests that…
You don attend any classes,
Still you’re way too busy…
you don have any exams
still you’re feeling dizzy….
You give auditions,
You attend auditions..
You have fun with friends
You make fun of friends..
Its during these fests that
You enjoy a lot
You dance a lot..
You take part in events n competitions..
N of course, with ur friends, the photo sessions.

How can one forget all this…..
The coolest, funniest, weirdest days of your life…
Yeah…. The four years of your college life…..
The most unforgettable days of…..
Your College Life…. Widget on
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litsi said...

m really gona miss dis place
mmm gonaa miss my colleg dayzz
welll saidd..
lyff iss tooo sexy .....
bag off mixed feelingsss nn instances

shweta said...

good one girl!!!!!

Anonymous said...

:) good

Neha Goel said...

u have summed up our college lyf so beautifully in this poem..!!
Luvd it:-)

navnina said...

yup...its really true...but by my experience its only the first year that is soo beautiful...

Menaka Joshi said...

This is the clg lyf man!!!!
u kno how to write things wid gr8 emotions soniye.
its just amazing

prerna said...

grt yaar.... this is really too good.. i luved it

Anonymous said...

enjoyed every bit of it. hope this poem remains unedited for the next three yrs

Sonia said...

thanks a lot everyone........

@ anmol

yeah... i hope so too.......

esan said...

ok igottaq admit this poem on college life is reeeeeeeeeeeally goooood. you really are a goood writer. you must send in your poems for publicaqtion in a newspaper, or join some poetic group to encourage ur kinda passion. your good man your truely awesome. itna jhoot kafi hai ya aur boloon.

eshan bhatt

Pallavi said...

u hv actually peeped into every coll. students heart yaar...u write amazing stuff girl!!!

deepak said...

yeah... this is what college life is all about

you reminded me of the four years of my college life. really nice

Love TJ said...

m reading ur back to back post.... its awesome ..

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