Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Itti si Hansi.. Itti si Khushi

"Itti si hasi, itti si khushi, itta sa tukda chaand ka"
If I say that I'm crazy about this song, it would be an understatement.. I could not let the lyrics off my mind for a month..The reason why I love the song so much is that it reminds me of those small joys of life, those little things that make us smile, that remain unnoticed by us, most of the time, that make us feel that we really don't need big reasons to feel that life is beautiful, all we need is happy moments with small yet great sources of happiness!

Who doesn't feel happy when India wins a match? CWC 2011 wasn't less than a festival for the whole country and the celebration continued for weeks!
Think of those moments when you think of some good old moments and start smiling, when you are with your friends and even the simplest of conversations make you laugh out loud! Don't you feel happy when someone does something just to give you a sweet surprise, just to make you feel special?
For a crazy music lover like me, sometimes, even a song is more than enough to make me happy, to get me high! I keep singing, whistling n humming all the time, and I always have a broad smile on my face, whenever a song is on my mind.
First rain showers of the season..playing with a baby and watching him or her smile at you, holding your finger..receiving naughty, romantic texts from someone and blushing..finding money in pockets of an old shirt or getting free gift vouchers..receiving compliments or listening to simple words of appreciation or praise from people around you, unexpectedly!

I can go on and on with this random list..As the song goes, "dabe dabe paon se, aaye haule haule zindagi", you never know when life would come up with something or someone who makes you smile, you just need to cherish all those moments, the presence of all those people! And, therefore, I respect all festivals and special occasions, birthdays and anniversaries!

Almost all of us must have received "This Diwali, spread happiness" messages from our friends today.. All of us must have exchanged gifts, sweets, chocolates, what not! No other festival comes up with such extravagant expenditure like Diwali does..But, while we spend thousands buying sweets and dry fruits that actually go wasted, while we spend money for crackers that give us nothing more than noise and pollution, there are kids who beg for some food outside the same temples where we go to light candles and diyas..While we decorate our houses, while we get dressed in the best of our traditional clothes, there are rag pickers who wear torn clothes and search for food in garbage..

They say, the best source of happiness is to see a smiling face and know that you are the reason behind the smile! Why don't we celebrate this Diwali trying to give "Itti si hansi.. itti si khushi" to all these kids! While we keep spending money for crackers and sweets and clothes every year, why can't we buy toys and chocolates for kids? Trust me, nothing else can be a better way to celebrate the festival..

From the past half an hour, this blog post was a source of happiness for me! And, I have decided that when I'll go out to a gurudwara or a temple to light candles, I would definitely buy sweets and chocolates for kids there!
For the best way to find "itti si hansi.. itti si khushi" for yourself, is to give the same to someone who really needs it!

A very happy Diwali to all readers! Stay safe, stay happy!

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Sonia said...

Awww.. I had a big smile through out the post.. Barfi is such movie that can melt anyone's heart and the songs Masha-allah kya kehna.. It teaches us million things.. So well written:)

BTW, I love your name ;-)

tahir sumar said...
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Sonia said...


:D :D :D your comment just made me smile :-)

Yeah..Barfi pe toh blog banta hai yaar!!
aur haan.. Sonia might be a common name, but there's something unique bout girls with this name! They're awesome :D :D

Adhi Das said...

written well...GOD<3U

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