Friday, June 3, 2011

In Retrospect : Semester Sixth

This blog is dedicated to each and every person I know.. irrespective of the fact that they loved me or hated me, made me smile or hurt me...for every person, whom I've ever met, has taught me something or the other and has contributed in making me what I am today !!

Well, the title of this blog says it all...The reason why I love to write the so called 'semester blogs' is that, when I look back into time, I feel I'm not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.. for I get a chance to relive those unforgettable experiences and feel happy about the fact that the sad phases are finally over...

Some days and some phases of this semester were really beautiful, would talk about all those one by one..

Prerna's Di's Wedding : Shopping with your friends, enjoying every bit of the atmosphere, the music, the non-stop dance and the awesome food... Indian weddings are awesome..
A day with Paro : Pranati Pandey aka Paro, who happens to be one of the best people I have ever met in life, came back to Delhi after 5 years.. and this was, undoubtedly, the best day of the semester.. Thanks to Ali, Heena,Eshan, Raja, Megha, Anubha n Vrinda for making it even more special for me.. We missed Aka, Kshipra n Menaka though.. When you spend time with old friends, you tend to go back into the old phase, you simply enjoy, laugh your heart out and above all you feel relaxed, calm and extremely
Xebec 2011 : Honestly, I can actually write a whole blog based on Xebec, our departmental fest.. Those were the days that I'll miss the most, the days when I used to attend at least 50 calls daily, run around the whole campus at least a hundred times even though I was unwell.. I still miss my Non-tech events, I still miss being exhausted, I still miss running around and abusing all those first years who were nowhere to be seen, I still miss bunking classes for the whole day, I still miss the way we used to sit and relax in HOD's room... above all, I miss the celebrations, the cake cutting ceremony and the list goes on and on and on..
WOW : Worlds of Wonder, that is, WOW, was actually a part of our after Xebec celebrations... I was back to being a kid that day.. I still feel proud of the fact that I had taken the 180 degrees twister ride twice, though I had screamed at the top of my lungs, it was an amazing experience in itself... We screamed, we danced, we took every kiddish ride, WOW was simply WOW !!
ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 : If you are not able to relate to the next few lines of this blog, you do not deserve to be a citizen of India.. Cricket fever was at its extreme best in this semester, thanks to the CWC... Everyone had bunked college on 31st March, the Indo-Pak semi final.. We witnessed some great matches, great cricket and at the end, WE WON ... I still remember the way I used to send and receive calls and texts after every match, the way I felt so happy for Sachin Tendulkar, the way everyone used to celebrate and party... Cricket, in India, is not just a game, saying that its a religion is also an understatement, for its the one n only thing that unites the whole nation !
Farewell : The week before farewell was perhaps the worst week of the semester, for n number of reasons..but as they say, all's well that ends well.. I loved the response of the crowd while I was the anchor, I loved Pallavi's dance performance, and hats off to Surbhi, Chankey, Apeksha n Sushumna for the great job.. All our seniors actually came to thank us.. Its nostalgia at its peak for the batch that passes out every year and its an amazing feeling when you can do something to make them happy.. Shreya Di, Disha Di, Garima Di, Prarthna Di n Tanvee Di.. I'll miss you all..

Well, in spite of these amazing experiences, sixth semester had been really tough for me, for various reasons.. Sometimes you are forced to face some situations where you cannot do anything other than waiting and hoping for the phase to get over... Such phases make you realize the importance of the 8-letter word called patience.. This semester, like all other semesters, came up with a lot of life lessons, n this time I have divided them into categories.. lets talk of love, friendship and relationships to begin with..
  • Even if someone becomes complacent, even if misunderstandings come up, in spite of all the low phases n weird phases.. when two persons know that they need each other and they trust each other, things always come back to the same.. every time.. You just need to have faith and trust the other person..
  • Its living and loving that matters, when being together becomes the ultimate source of happiness, the name given to the relationship does not matter at all..
  • You meet hundreds of people in your life, you interact with so many people.. Out of those hundreds of people you live with, the ones who actually know you and understand you are just a few people, who happen to be the closest to you.. Ever wondered how two strangers become best friends, how two individuals realize they can't live without each other.. Next blog.. "Laws of Attraction and Natural Frequency".. Coming soon..
  • Nothing else, absolutely nothing else can be as important as communication in a relationship.. Some people might disagree, but this is what I have realized in this semester..
Finally, a few messages dedicated to some amazing friends.. Semester blogs are incomplete without this..
Shashank : My advisor, my philosopher-cum-guide-cum-patient listener, the person who knows me better than everyone else, and to cut the long story short, my best friend.. Sharma Ji.. You rock !!
Nina : Just one thing to say, missed you, throughout the semester..
AC : First of all, thanks for the way you never misunderstood me even when I was at my extreme worst..thanks for every little thing you did for me.. for making me smile with your filmy style of talking whenever I was sad.. Learnt a lot from you..I enjoyed irritating you, keeping nick names, kid fights over your hopelessly pathetic phone and addiction to facebook.. Always be the same crazy, sweet and caring person I know..the ultimate idiot..typical AC style !
Paro : Abe Delhi aa ja wapas !
Litsi : Teddy... You are my biggest source of entertainment.. I laugh like anything daily, thanks to our meaningless conversations.. Keep up the good work..
Pallavi : Whenever I talk to you, I feel as if I am talking to an intelligent-cum-crazy person and thats the best part.. In one word, you are simply 'awesome'.. Enjoyed talks with you in this sem.
Tanya : I used to be a fan of your latkas and jhatkas.. In this semester, I became a fan of Tanya Arora's patience.. \Respect/
Radhika : I love the way you are always concerned about your friends and put in efforts to make them happy.. glad to have a friend like you..
Neha : Three words to say.. Thank you Guruji !
Prerna : A kid at heart, innocent and really sweet, thats what you are.. love you buddy!
Richa and Mehra : Loved the gossip sessions, enjoyed hanging out with both of you.. Richa, you are a lot like me...n Mehra, as I had promised, you will get a note from me soon!
Surbhi : You are a wonderful human being, and no one else could have been a better partner for anchoring.. Thanks for everything buddy!
Kriti : There is something special about arguments with you Kriti Dua, I always enjoy them a lot.. n ya, nothing like our talks about Hermione and Ron :)

In this semester, weeks had passed faster than minutes, days had passed faster than seconds.. It was fast, but it came up with great experiences, it was tough, but it taught me a lot..So, here comes the next category of life lessons...
  • As Chetan Bhagat had said, the word 'balanced' comes before the word 'successful'.. I feel pity for all those over-ambitious and workaholic people who are not only compromising with fun, leisure and pleasure, but also with friendship, relationships and happiness.. One should give equal importance to his personal and professional life.. If you are a hosteler, call your parents daily.. Take out time and text old friends.. Devote time to people who care for you !
  • According to my dictionary, the word simplicity is almost a synonym to the word beauty.. Life is simple, we tend to make it complicated, live it simply and enjoy its simplicity !
  • Most of us, dream of a perfectly balanced life.. and of course, most of us do not even say that life's good, leave alone saying that its perfect, this is because somewhere in our minds, we have that image of that so-called beautiful life, which makes us forget the importance of whatever we possess right now..
  • Nothing at all is kiddish or crazy, as long as it makes you happy.. I feel proud whenever I hear people saying that Sonia is weird or Sonia is crazy, and thats because, I love myself the way I am and of course, life is incomplete without an element of madness in it..
  • Sharing your problems, crying and venting it out when you are sad is never a sign of weakness or sympathy seeking, for when you share things with someone who actually cares for you, you often find a solution.. Always speak your heart out, say whatever you feel is right, for the ones who matter don't mind what you say, and the ones who mind, do not matter..
Three years gone !! The most crucial year of our career and perhaps one of the most crucial years of our lives, is just ahead of us..
As I always say.. there are just two people who love you unconditionally and selflessly, and they are your parents.. After the end of each semester, I make a promise to myself that one day, I'll make them feel proud, but today, while writing this blog, I felt that, in these three years, I haven't done anything that could make them feel so.. Perhaps, I have lost that determination, that diligence, that sincerity after coming to college.. This year, I have to bring it back.. I have to be focussed no matter what..

Life is always unexpected.. 7 years back, I did not even know that a place called Vidyamandir Classes does exist, and I was lucky to be a part of it.. 4 years back, when I was at school, I had never even imagined that I would enter an all girls college one day.. and similarly, I have no clue about what life has to offer in future, but I am all excited now.. Job interviews, new places, new people, and an altogether different life, and above all, a lot of challenges.. bring them on !!

At the end, just one thing to say.. Life is really really sexy.. Live life so completely that when death comes to you like a thief in the night, there will be nothing left for her to steal..

Enjoy !!

Keep reading !!

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apoorvi said...

nd sum1 said main dhire dhire likhugi :P
one more nostalagic blog...loved it lyk everytym,...nd had goosebumps at d tym f readng abt xebec..seriously man wat fun it was..all in all yet anothr memorable semestr nd u jst made me realise dat.!! thanx 4 d blog. ♥ <3

Ajay said...

Hey this is Ajay
hope u remember me
I am your biggest fan
I loved this blog
The life lessons are awesome and you are even more awesome
Thank you for writing

tarunima said...

a lot of memories haan!:)
lovely write:)
and i agree every person in our life leaves his or her footprints on the cement of our heart:)
i especially like the last line..we definitely should live our life in that particular way..and all the best for your life ahead-job interviews and stuff..
and maybe you are making your parents proud,cuz you are appreciated bt total strangers like me..
you are awesome,just believe that:D

Anonymous said...

Again i have to use word "WOW"..

Just waiting for your blog from last one and half month.. And as usual your way of describing things was amazing.

Now someone has wrote that Next blog soon.. so i think in a week we will able to read that blog :)

Sonia said...

@ Apoorvi
Loved your comment <3 <3
yeah !! Xebec was awesome !!
@ Ajay
Yes.. I remember you.. Thank you so much for such great comments.. Keep reading
@ Tarunima
One feels proud after reading such a comment.. Thats the best thing about blogs, one can connect to complete strangers !!
And that was an amazing comment.. Thanks a tonne

Cheers !!


Sonia said...

@ Anonymous

Is that the same person who keeps commenting on the about the author page??
Well, I always like it when unknown people are able to relate to my blog,but I don't understand why u guys need to write anonymous comments..
There is some problem with blogger, as soon as it gets over, I'll disallow anonymous comments!

Ankur Bansal said...

Hi Sonia..

Yeah he is the same person.. and thats me.. now i have to finally write a comment with my id..

Now i think its ok for YOU :)

Aastha said...

Amazing is the word... Absolutely amazing !

Anonymous said...

wow :-)
wonderful read :-) . there wouldn't be a single person who reaches the last line without a smile on his/her face :-)

amazing .


Disha said...

The last line is just too good...and thanx for mentioning me in your Semester blog:-):-D

Sakshi said...

mast as usual yar.."Life is really really sexy.."
3rd yr was d best sem!
as i ws ging thru ur blck i realized last yr SHIT!!!" m really gonna miss dis place,m gonna miss my clg days":)
keep writing dearo:*

Anonymous said...

\m/ nice.
Nothing filmy this time ;)

Phod de 4th year me :D

madhuri gupta said...

i just love reading your always make out tym 4 it and manage to write so your blogs and d last line z superb..!!!

Sonia said...

@ Aastha, Disha Di, Madhuri
Thanks !! :)
@ AC
Yeah !! Will miss college a lot !

Romeo Das said...

Beautifully written Sonia. Your writing has a smooth flow in it. I really enjoyed visiting your blog!

Keep blogging :)

harsh said...

nice blog yar

Ana Maria Nedelcu said...

Jyoti Mishra said...

These are immortal memories..
Nicely summed up.
Keep writing.

Vijay said...

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shafiq said...

nice writing realy your story remmber me golden days !!!! last day maney stories i saw live on a website at but you write good one


lakshay nanda said...

Although I'll fail to relate, but it seemed as I can see all events in slideshow in front of my eyes. You are a great observer of thoughts. :)

*^_^* said...

Vigorously nodding my head in agreement!

Sonia said...

Thanks for your comments everyone :)

junayad khan said...

Hi, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this post. It was
practical. Keep on posting!

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